10 Zoom Interview Tips for Job Candidates

Zoom is a video-conferencing platform that has immensely gained popularity for video/remote job interviews and business meetings. It’s free for all job-seeking candidates, and the employer should control most of the system. But there are some crucial things one needs to know to avoid any mistake. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through 10 Zoom interview tips that’ll boost your confidence and impress the hiring executive. So, Let’s go with it!

What’s a Zoom Interview?

Zoom enables its users to connect virtually for voice or video-call sessions with more than one person. You can turn the video off or on, but if a manager hosts a course, they would likely want to see your face.

It’s necessary to treat your Zoom interview just like any other virtual job interview. But you must also get familiar with the technology and platform so that you’re well prepared. Also, one must install the app beforehand. (Zoom’s a downloadable app for desktop and has a smartphone app for Android and Apple).

Zoom Interview Tips for Job Candidates

Top 10 best Zoom Interview Tips

Here’s a list of the top 10 Zoom interview tips that’ll help you ace your interview and quickly grab the job.

Get familiar with the platform & technology

Install the app in advance (it’s available for computers and mobile phones at Zoom’s official website). Don’t forget to ask for the access code and meeting link from the employer too. They must prepare everything up and send this information. 

Additionally, test your pieces of equipment- your webcam, microphone, etc. Ensure everything looks good and working properly so you can avoid any last-minute problems that’ll cause pressure and perhaps delay your interview.

Select a distraction-free place

We’ve discussed testing and setting up your tools above, but it’s also essential to select an area or room of your residence that’s best suited for your interview. So, choose a spot that’s distraction-free and silent.

Remove all visual distractions like items on the wall behind you, items on the floor, etc. A picture or painting’s fine, but ten photos at a time- a BIG NO!

You want the employer to focus on what you’re saying and your answers. But disturbance in the spot will hurt their ability to do so. To eliminate unnecessary sounds like cars, lawnmowers, etc., shut the windows. And if you’ve children, confirm they’re occupied so that they don’t break in during the session. 

Be punctual but not too early

Many hiring agents are new to Zoom and use it for their interviews. As a result, they might use the same meeting link for several job candidates. So, you might enter a room that’s already in use. 

Therefore, it’s vital to remember that as the recruiters conduct sessions for the first time, it might not be as smooth for them. Give them time. Be quick, but not early!

Prepare yourself

Don’t get so moved by arranging the technology that you forget to prepare yourself- mainly how to answer all the questions hiring executives will ask. 

Prepare yourself to address the potential concerns they might have about your past, mainly why you left your previous work, why you’re looking for something different from you’ve done before, etc. Assume the things they’re likely to ask, rehearse your answers, and feel calmer in the session.

Want a demo? Record yourself while delivering your thoughts in the environment that you’ve prepared. Examine the video recording, listen to the sound, and see how you look. According to that, make adjustments before going live with the executive.

Memorize a few questions to ask the employers

Recruiters want to hire individuals who ask smart questions in a job interview. This reflects that you’re excited to work for them and be interested in the work. 

 It’s right in every company, for every sort of job. If you aren’t asking smart questions, it might be why you aren’t acing an interview. Try out these questions to gain some knowledge. This tip is the most important among all Zoom interview tips.

Interview outfit

Your attire should be similar to an in-person interview. This will vary depending upon the position and industry. Women should dress up in formal business attire, and men wear a suit and tie.

Avoid bright-colored clothes like yellow or pink, large earrings, etc. It’s good to look professional, but without anything that’ll disturb the employer. The focus should be on the discussion, and your clothing shouldn’t distract from that.

Speak clearly and slowly

 Before the conference, practice talking clearly and slowly. Even if you have an excellent internet connection, the Zoom session might disconnect for a split second. This will help you understand if you’re talking gently and not hastening through your responses.

This will also make you look more confident and relaxed, which the employer will love.

Work on your body movement

 Avoid tapping your feet or hands, clenching your jaw, looking here & there, and other actions that may distract from your explanation or make you appear tense or nervous.

Eye contact’s also essential. Practice staring into your webcam as you talk, instead of looking at the video. 

Cross-check the time, time-zone, and date

The last thing you want is to miss your session because of the time mix-up. So, check all details and set up your calendar. It’s a routine Zoom interview tips but will help to avoid a lot of hassle and embarrassment.

Ask for clarification if you need

It’s OK to ask for clarification about something or ask the executive to repeat a question once in the session. It’s correct in any job interview and especially a virtual interview.

If you follow the ten tips above, you’ll feel more relaxed and confident in your Zoom interview. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s similar to any other meeting. It would be best if you gave smart answers, ask great questions. Just ensure that you’re comfortable with the technology before going into the discussion to concentrate on those tasks.


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