Active Zoom Coupon Codes, Promo Codes & Discounts

From chatting with friends to organizing a conference with your boss and office colleagues, you can rely on zoom unhesitatingly! Zoom has managed to achieve the title of the best video conferencing app these days. While the basic ZOOM package is suitable for personal meetings, pricey packages like ZOOM PRO, ZOOM ENTERPRISE is the best for business circles and large enterprises.

Here are some of the valid Zoom coupon codes

  1. ZOOMCARES: – You can save at least $60 by using this standard Zoom coupon code. Please note that this code is available only ZOOM pro annual plan subscriptions.
  2. URJ-ZOOM:- Get up to 15% off (sitewide) at Zoom plans using this code. Use this coupon code to get fantastic discounts on your ZOOM subscriptions.
  3. ZOOMCARES20:- Get up to 15% discount on your annual Zoom plans.
  4. ZOOMROTARY– Use this Zoom coupon code to avail your plan at 20% off. This coupon is a verified and tested coupon.
  5. NO CODE NEEDED: – Get surprising discounts on your zoom subscriptions by using this code.
  6. MEETPRO50– Get 50% off on your standard priced order at annual zoom subscriptions (sitewide).
  7. LETS CONNECT– You can get up to 50% off on your regular Zoom video plans using this code (sitewide).
  8. SYMMETRY FINANCIAL-ZOOM: – Use this Zoom promo code while purchasing your annual plans and get great discounts and offers.
  9. SECURIAN-ZOOM: – This zoom promo code is excellent for availing special discounts on your expensive zoom video packages.
  10. PRIMERICA-ZOOM: – This code is quite popular among customers, as it provides reasonable offers and discounts.
  11. DOTERRA-ZOOM– This is again one of the most widely used coupons, helping the customer save their money.
  12. AFFINITY-PARTNER-ZOOM– Get up to 20% discount by copying this code while making a zoom purchase.
  13. CETERA-ZOOM– Used by at least 200 users, this coupon code is loved by the customers, and the code provides good discounts.
  14. INVESTORALLIANCES-ZOOM– Save up to $17.24, by using this Zoom discount code. At least 400 users have used this code.
  15. CONNECT50:- Paste this code while buying your plan to get a 50% discount.
  16. 2020PRO: – Get up to 90% discount on any Zoom plan you purchase using this Zoom code. Please note that that there are some terms and conditions applied to this code.
  17. KUMON: – This promo code helps you get a 25% discount while buying any plan of your choice.
  18. PORTFOLIOPARTNER– Get up to 15% discount by using this code.
  19. SIGNUP10:- Score up to 25% discount by using this code at checkout.
  20. SUMMIT20OFF: – Get at least 50% by availing this code while buying a Zoom subscription.
  21. HAPPY50– This Zoom coupon code makes you happy indeed, as it offers a 50% discount on any zoom video plan you purchase.
  22. ZOOM50– Get up to 20% discount by pasting this code at the checkout.
  23. HUDDLE50:- Save up to 20% by using this promo code.
  24. 6EA3261A: – No matter how odd the code is, it will give you a 50% discount on your annual zoom subscriptions.
  25. ZOOM25: – Save up to 30% by using this Zoom code.
  26. SPRING20:- Spend $99 and save 20% by using this promo code.
  27. SAVE30:- Use this code to get 30%off on all annual plans of zoom.
  28. maxcdncoupon: – Get up to 25% off sitewide.

**Note – Some codes might have expired or may not be working at the present moment. In that case, please use another code from above.

How to Use Zoom Coupon Codes and Promo Codes?

The person must be a zoom account owner or admin to use a Zoom coupon code or a Zoom promo code.

Zoom Coupon Code


  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  • Click “Account Management” in the navigation menu. Then, click on ” billing.”
  • Click on ” Upgrade Account”
  • Select the plan which is best for you.
  • You can modify the plan if you want to by changing the number of licenses or the billing cycle frequency, which can be monthly or annual.
  • Next, click on the “Order Summary Section” below.
  • Enter the code in the “Coupon Code” field.
  • Click “Apply”
  • Click “Continue”
  • Click “Upgrade Now”
  • Fill out your billing address, review the discount applied, and then click ” Upgrade Now.”

Which Plan Is Best for Me?

Are you confused about which Zoom plan to choose? We are here to help you. The Zoom meeting plans are-

Zoom Pro-

  • This plan is best for handling small teams.
  • The meeting duration limit is 24 hours.
  • The admin can control the meeting by enabling and disabling recordings. He can modify the chat features as well.
  • You can record sessions in the zoom cloud. The recorded meetings are available in MP4, M4A, and txt formats, and they can be streamed from a browser.
  • The plan allows you to assign someone else to set up a meeting for you. However, that person must have a Zoom Pro plan as well.
  • In includes 100 participants. If you want to add more participants, you have to pay an additional charge.


Zoom Business-

  • This plan is best for small and medium businesses.
  • The admin dashboard allows administrators on the account to view information ranging from overall usage to live in-meeting data.
  • You can create your customized URL.
  • You can use your company or email address domain to add users to your account automatically.
  • You can add your company’s branding to your page so that your users can join a meeting.
  • You can create a branded email template and send invites to attendees.
  • The plan allows you to login using your company credentials.
  • It includes 300 participants. Additional capacity can be availed on-demand.


Zoom Enterprise-

  • This plan is best for big corporations, which consists of thousands of employees.
  • It has unlimited cloud storage
  • It has excellent discounts on webinars and zoom rooms.
  • It includes a dedicated customer success manager.
  • It has detailed training adoption analysis, ROI Tracking, and product roadmap discussions.
  • It includes more than 1000 participants.

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