Adobe Connect vs Zoom – Is Adobe Connect Better than Zoom?

There are different kinds of video conferencing apps available in the market. Among those apps, Zoom and Adobe Connect have become quite popular among its users. Both of these applications have many perks and benefits that make them the first choice for many people out there. If you are to choose any of these apps for video conferencing, check out this article on Adobe Connect vs Zoom. It contains a fair comparison between these two apps. Once you know the features and functionalities of these services and apps, you can choose any of these.  

There are different segments and aspects of a video-conferencing application that you need to look for before deciding to use it. Read on and explore all the details given below on both Zoom and Adobe Connect.

Adobe Connect vs Zoom: Features and Functionalities

Adobe Connect vs Zoom

An Overview

Adobe Connect is a popular video conferencing app from Adobe Systems. It comes with some standard features and functionalities to start with. It has a large user base around the world for its amazing qualities and benefits. 

Zoom is also a popular web-based video conferencing app that lets you enjoy different kinds of functionalities and features. Zoom has got most popular during this worldwide lockdown due to COVID-19. This is known to be one of the best video conferencing applications with the ultimate features and quality. 


Both of these apps come with its free version with some limited features and functionalities. On the other hand, both of them also have a paid version with more features and functionalities. The cost or pricing of these two apps is known to be quite different. The price of Zoom starts at $14.99 per month per user. This is known to be lower than the average cost of most of the other similar video conferencing applications out there. The starting price of Adobe Connect is $50 per month per user. It can be clearly seen that Adobe Connect is expensive than Zoom. If pricing is your concern, then you should go for Zoom. 

Target Customer

The target customer of both of these applications is known to be quite similar. Zoom can be used for both casual and formal meetings. On the one hand, you can use this application to talk to your friends and family. It can effectively be used in a small, medium, or large business. Adobe Connect can also be utilized for similar purposes. Both of these have a solid customer base, but Zoom has a broader customer range. 

Basic Features

If it is about Adobe Connect vs Zoom discussion, you should know some of these applications’ basic features. In Zoom, some of its most common features and functionalities are Call Recording, 24/7 telephone support, dashboard, chat, video conferencing, email integration, necessary reports, etc. On the other hand, Adobe Connect comes with basic features like VoIP, online customer support, data export/import, chat, basic reports, etc. All of these features are helpful and beneficial for users. Apart from these, both of these applications happen to have some unique and distinct features. 


If it comes to security, then Adobe Connect offers better security and protection for its users. Both of these applications provide end-to-end encryption in its communications, but Adobe’s security is known to be the best in the business. And there have been some issues and mishaps regarding the online security of Zoom. Therefore, many users are entirely agnostic regarding the security and protection of Meetings. Hence, if security is your concern, you should go for Adobe Connect for all the right reasons. 

Joining a Meeting from Computer/Mobile

The process of joining a meeting in both of these apps is known to be slightly different. In the case of Adobe Connect, you are required to click on the meeting link or proceed to copy/paste that link for joining a meeting from your web browser. Moreover, it would help if you also had to install Adobe Connect Add-in to feature screen sharing. The method of joining a meeting is almost the same in Zoom too. Just click on the link created by the host or copy/paste that link from your browser. 

If you want to join a meeting from mobile, then you have to install Adobe Connect. But clicking on the Zoom link is enough to do the job. You do not have to additionally download or install any Zoom app or software from anywhere. This is where Zoom is slightly more comfortable and convenient to operate and use. 


If you are looking for a flexible video-conferencing application, then Zoom is undoubtedly a better option than Adobe Connect for all the right reasons. Using Zoom, you can make a video conference with anyone, be it for casual or formal official purposes. On the other hand, Adobe Connect comes with more robust features and functionalities. 

Ease of Use

Zoom is simple and easy to use and operate. The sole role and responsibilities of arranging a conferencing lie on the host. The host is supposed to create a link and share it with other participants. Therefore, the participants are just required to click on the link to join the meeting. On the other hand, each of the Adobe Connect participants is either supposed to install the app on a mobile device or download some add-on service to avail of all its features. 

Hosting a Meeting

In the Adobe Connect vs. Zoom discussion, hosting a meeting is similar in many ways. There are various steps in both of these apps that one needs to follow while hosting a conference. You need to know all the steps to be able to host a meeting. More research you do, the better for you. Zoom and Adobe Connect, both of these apps are decent in their way. It is up to you as to which of these alternatives you want to choose. 

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