Best Lighting for Webcam – 5 Webcam Lighting Kits Reviewed

There are several OEM options for video conferencing accessories other than the pre-existing ones you might have. These accessories typically aim to improve video quality, appearance, and lighting. However, you might have to buy them separately.

A webcam lighting kit provides added light to the subject during videoconferences, either complementing natural light or providing artificial lighting in dark conditions.

A shabby webcam lighting kit creates the issue of inadequate light, prompting you to spend more than you should on an extra lighting kit. The article below outlines useful guidelines on picking webcam lighting units and some of the best Lighting for webcam you can pick up.

Top Five Best Lighting for Webcam on the Market

HumanCentric ScreenLight Video Conference Light – Best for Video Calls and Remote Working

The product has a standard webcam mount that fits laptops used for video conferencing and flat-screen monitors. It has a flexible light setting, allowing you to dial between warm and cool, as your skin tone demands. There is a diffuser that the manufacturer applied at the factory to generate softer overall lighting.

HumanCentric ScreenLight also comes with a charging cable, convenient as you wouldn’t have to bother about getting a cord separately. Furthermore, it supports the standard USB A and USB C ports on computers and wall adapters. Generally, the unit proffers the best lighting kit for webcam in videoconference and remote working use cases.


  • The webcam stand is sturdy.
  • It is prone to less overheating after long periods.
  • The package includes a USB C-to-A adapter.
  • There are no complicated assembly parts.


  • The hinges are sometimes flimsy.

HumanCentric ScreenLight - Video Conference Light

Cube Laptop Computer Webcam Light – Best for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Live Streaming

The Cube Laptop Computer Webcam Light rides on great portability and functionality. It delivers useable light output for various scenarios, giving you the flexibility to adjust brightness and tone. 

The brightness dial goes from 1% to 100%, and the color temperature has the white and orange range. One thing you’ll appreciate is the built-in battery and cable connection for two-option power. Its adjustable stand is extensible to up to 30 inches.

The unit has a frosted lens finish for a natural glow and soft light output. Overall, it is the best lighting kit for Microsoft Teams Webcams and Zoom Video Conferencing meetings.


  • The included charging cable has a modern USB-C connection.
  • The unit has suction cups and light stands in the box.
  • It gets very dim when the user needs it to.


  • The USB cable is too short for some users.

Cube Laptop Computer Webcam Light for Self Broadcast

Rayfoto Video Conferencing Lighting – Value For Money

Rayfoto Lighting has a beefy 3100mAh, with a pocket-sized RGB lighting filter set. You’ll find 120 light beads on the unit, all certified with the CRI95 index. They output up to 6500K in maximum brightness. Furthermore, the LED beads split into 60 warm beads and 60 white beads.

The light adjustment options live under two dials for smoother value transitions. The manufacturer also threw adjustable mini-tripod for added placement options. Social media streamers and live broadcast hosts would find the Rayfoto Video Conferencing Lighting useful for their needs.


  • The color temperature is customizable.
  • The unit has a robust suction cup.
  • Its battery doesn’t take long to charge.
  • There is an included power cable in the package.


  • Rayfoto lighting sometimes won’t adhere to curved-screen monitors.

Rayfoto Video Conferencing Lighting for Laptop with Tripod and Suction Cup

Jelly Comb Bicolor LED Light – Lightweight, Portable Yet Powerful

The unit has an adjustable color temperature on a 1-100 scale for a smoother lighting transition. The built-in battery allows the user to manage a standalone lighting setup. There is a USB port for charging and plug-and-play uses whenever you need it.

The hot shoe mount and a female screw in the package mean you can attach the lighting unit to professional Zoom cameras and light stands. Its light beads have high lumen counts, with the full-color gamut. Overall, they generate soft and uniform light, bringing natural skin tones. Jelly Comb Bicolor LED Light is suitable for mobile photographers and remote workers.


  • The light output is not reflective on glasses.
  • Its hot shoe has a screw-thread, which is compatible with most camera equipment.
  • The unit lasts long on low light settings.


  • It drains quickly at high brightness.

Jelly Comb Bicolor LED Light for Video Conference

Logitech Brio Webcam Lighting Stand – Multipurpose Kit

Logitech fitted the Brio Webcam Lighting Stand with a 10″ ring light and a 15.7″ gooseneck arm. It also includes a quarter-inch thread head and phone clip for added modularity and function.

The unit’s ring light can toggle through 3 lighting modes and nine adjustable brightness, including cold white, warm white, and natural white. It is most suitable for online teachers and users that rely on video calls.


  • There is a remote control attached to the USB plug.
  • The unit has a small footprint.
  • Logitech Brio’s gooseneck arm firmly stays in shape.


  • The smartphone/webcam clamp is flimsy, but some tape would help.

Webcam Lighting Stand with10” Ring Light and Phone Holder

How to Choose the Best Lighting for Webcam?

Choosing webcam lighting kits is mainly dependent on the purpose the user has in mind. Generally, good video quality resulting from the right lighting conditions is the goal of most webcam lighting units. Here are some fundamental tips in picking out the perfect webcam lighting kit for your scenario:

Standalone or Integrated

You might have to choose between standalone webcam lighting kits or units integrated with camera attachments. The former costs less and has a smaller footprint, while the latter allows for a more flexible experience.

However, integrated webcam lighting units have a 50:50 chance at good light performance, while Standalone units have more elaborate builds, therefore less easy to manage sometimes. It would be best to consider the best lighting for a webcam specific to your use case before deciding.


Webcam lighting kits give off a significant amount of light in an instant, and light is reflective. It means that you can have a situation where the light bounces the surfaces quickly, thereby causing a dazzling effect on your vision.

Some units can sometimes leave reflections of light on glasses (if you are wearing a pair), causing significant distraction. Webcam lighting products with a frosted diffused lens remove the reflections. Also, products with included diffusers are suitable as well.

Lighting Options

There are webcam lighting products that skimp on the light’s customizability, thereby causing a need for extra accessories. Units with adjustable light beads and color intensity options such as warm and cold temperatures are the best lighting for webcam components.

Conclusion – What do we recommend?

We considered picks from the best webcam lighting kit options on the market through comprehensive research on each product and their user reviews. Also, we highlighted some salient aspects to help prospective buyers on webcam lighting purchases, mainly lighting options, reflective tendencies, and unit setup.

HumanCentric ScreenLight Video Conference Light is our very best pick from the list. It has the most balanced output on the list. It includes a USB cable, which comes in handy if you have modern USB-C adapters. 

However, it doesn’t reach high levels, and you might need to supplement if you want extra-bright lighting. Overall, the HumanCentric ScreenLight Video Conference Light offers the most functions for the most use cases on the list, as mentioned above.

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