Best Lighting for Zoom Calls – 5 Zoom Meeting Lighting Kits Review

Having the best lighting for Zoom calls is a surefire way for a productive session. Given the current global pandemic situation, people are rightly dependent on Video conferencing software like Zoom as they work from home.

During Zoom meetings, appearance and lighting are considered critical factors for achieving quality video feeds. A good artificial light source complements natural lighting. Not-so-good lighting products would leave your face shaded and can be unstable – fumbling around the place too often. It is always better to go for a stable, single-source light unit. This article highlights the best lighting for Zoom calls that you can purchase.

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Best Lighting for Zoom Calls – Our Top Picks

  1. Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit – Best Selling at Amazon
  2. ULANZI Laptop Light- Best for Laptop Video Conferencing
  3. LituFoto Video Conference Lighting Kit – Multipurpose Zoom Lighting Kit
  4. VIJIM Laptop Light – Best Fit For Short-Term Zoom Calls
  5. Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit – Best for Low-Light

Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit – Best Selling at Amazon

The Lume Cube lighting kit has a minimal design with a professional light setup. It has an in-built frosted lens and an additional diffuser that produces and casts soft, pleasant lighting for zoom meetings. 

Additionally, the unit’s brightness levels go from 1-100% for a smooth stage-less light progression. Its built-in battery ensures a standalone operation and can work off a PC using a USB cable. Generally, the Lighting kit is the best fit for remote workers and long-term streamers.


  • The Lume Cube has intuitive controls.
  • It has a modern USB-C connection cable.
  • The unit has sockets for peripherals’ placement. 


  • It has a suction cup that fails to grip surfaces for long—moistening such surfaces before an application is a way to get around this.


ULANZI Laptop Light- Best for Laptop Video Conferencing

The ULANZI Laptop Light is a suction-based light for zoom calls, suitable for most laptops and desktop surfaces. It comes with a diffuser made of soft silicone and some RGB Color filters for varying scene creations.

Additionally, the unit comes with a built-in 3100mAh battery for extended use, a 360° rotating head, and 3200K-6500K Bi-color output from 120 LED beads. The laptop light for zoom calls has stage-less dimmable settings, which on-the-go video streamers would find pretty useful. 


  • ULANZI has a strong suction out of the box.
  • It utilizes the increasingly common USB-C power connection.
  • The units have several levels of tilt. 
  • Its head is interchangeable with peripherals.


  • Its USB-C cable is a bit too short but isn’t an issue when plugged very close to the computer. 
  • The diffuser box feels unwieldy, and you can conveniently omit it during setup.

ULANZI Notebook Computer Suction Mount Lighting Kits for Remote Working Zoom Calls

LituFoto Video Conference Lighting Kit – Multipurpose Zoom Lighting Kit

The LituFoto Lighting kit is a big-battery unit that can theoretically last almost a day. It can also share its power with other devices, serving as a mini-power bank. The two-color lamp beads are about one hundred and twenty-six with a brightness level that can smoothly transition from 1% to 100%. 

The chassis is of durable metallic material with a small footprint (about less than 11mm thick and 170g heavy). LituFoto Video Conference Lighting Kit is best suitable for Zoom calls, remote working, and photography.


  • It has two USB ports (USB-C and Micro USB).
  • The unit has a hot shoe mount for external peripherals.
  • Notifies users of estimated battery use
  • The lighting kit comes with a storage pouch.


  • Has a relatively tiny display screen
  • The USB-C port only accepts 5V, but you can use the product while plugged in.

Laptop Zoom Meeting Remote Working Photography Bicolor LED Light


VIJIM Laptop Light – Best Fit For Short-Term Zoom Calls

This kit comes with desirable features expected from a portable laptop light for Zoom meetings. It’s got a gentle brightness control between 1-100% with color temperature varying between Orange and White for more concise visual effect customizations.

VIJIM Laptop Light comes with an additional tripod stand, which provides an extensible usage, up to over 10 inches. It is capable of sitting on a desk without the need for add-ons. This design makes the VIJIM Laptop Light best suitable for online meetings, short burst video streaming, and photography.


  • The unit comes with a comprehensive User Manual.
  • The light has a broad brightness index. 
  • Its tripod stays stable at several heights.


  • The charging port is located on the top of the unit.

LED Light with Tripod Stand VIJIM Laptop Light for Video Conferencing for Remote Working

Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit – Best for Low-Light

Emart Lighting Kit is a big package that contains two units of light. You get two full sets of LED lights for Zoom meetings, complete with accessories and filters. Each of them has 15 watts of output (high for most use cases) and an AC/DC adapter for a more secure connection than USB adapters. 

Furthermore, the lighting kit gets very bright. Its 60 LED beads churn out 1400 Lumen continuous light that proves neither too harsh nor unnatural. The lights have a brightness level range of up to 11. These features make Emart Lighting Kit even suitable for product photography, game streaming, and indoor home video conferencing where lighting is an issue.


  • The product works even in backlit areas.
  • It uses a higher-quality gel color filter.
  • The unit is not prone to overheating.


  • It tends to cast shadows when placed on lower surfaces.

Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit

How to Get the Best Lighting for Zoom Calls

After your physical appearance, lighting is the next most crucial thing you need to account for before a Zoom meeting. The following are some of the fundamental lighting guidelines for picking the best lighting for Zoom meetings.

  1. No Sidelight/Backlight.
  2. Daylight bulbs are the more natural options.
  3. Light Diffusers are essential too.

No Sidelight/Backlight

Having the source of light from the back of the subject only gives a silhouette shade that sidelights give off and can distract your video call. Keeping the light source from behind the webcam delivers the best results, and buying a light unit on the same table as the computer works well.

Daylight bulbs are the more natural options

Daylight bulbs /LEDs offer soft and bright light outputs suitable for all but the darkest room setting. However, avoid yellow lights: they make highlights blown-out and less natural on the camera. Unless you think you need it, yellow bulbs/LEDs don’t give a natural look.

Light Diffusers are essential too

Some units give off a bright light, which tends to over-sharpen highlights and cast distracting shadows from the subject. Diffusers help to temper some of the intensity while giving a more pleasing feel and balance.

Conclusion – Which Lighting kit is best for Zoom?

From the above list, the LituFoto Video Conference Lighting Kit is our overall pick for the best lighting you can get for video calls. Its big battery, flexible storage, and hot shoes make it fit for indoor and outdoor situations. Although it can be picky with charge and doesn’t have the best display, it is suitable for many scenarios.

This article has been about tips and fundamentals on some of the best lighting for Zoom meetings. We also mentioned things to consider when buying a lighting product for video meetings, including light diffusers, single light sources, and warm bulb choices. Our review utilizes extensive research on individual products on the list.

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