Best Ring Light for Laptop – Check these 5 Selfie Lights

The COVID-19 pandemic has indicated the rise in the use of online video calls, video conferencing, and an increase in the usage of social media platforms. Many people worry that their real looks are not portrayed well enough by their phone cameras and laptop webcams. One way to change this narrative is to improve lighting when taking photos or making videos. 

The use of ring lights is helping people take pictures and videos that better reflect their looks. Choose the best ring light for laptop and have a better outlook with handy image enhancers, such as those mentioned below. Choosing the wrong ring light may lead to a waste of cash and frustration with your picture and video quality. 

Five Best Ring Light for Laptop

  1. Gear Light Ring – Best For Video Conferencing/Multipurpose
  2. Meifigno Selfie Ring Light – Best for makeup and selfies
  3. XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Light – Best for selfies
  4. GLOUE Selfie Light Ring – Best for vlogging
  5. Disnadda Selfie Ring Light – Multipurpose

Gear Light Ring – Best For Video Conferencing/Multipurpose

The Gear Light Ring is one of the latest portable and versatile LED products you can find in major online stores. It comes as a rechargeable clip-on kit attached to the top of laptops, mobile phones, cameras, and other multimedia devices. The clip can also be adjusted to give better focus to the light in preferred directions. Its sheer battery capacity helps users stay confident even in zoom meetings that may last for more than one hour.

Users can choose from warm, dimmable daylight or white lighting modes, allowing users to match the light intensity with other settings for optimum quality videos and photos.


  • It has a 600mAh battery capacity that lasts up to an hour of uninterrupted video conferencing.
  • Dimmable lights available in 3 modes to suit users’ environments.
  • It has a sturdy clip that can fit on most devices.
  • Generally portable kit and easy to install


  • The light reflections may distract users who wear lenses.

Radiance Selfie Ring Light for iPhone, Laptop, Zoom, Video Conferencing

Meifigno Selfie Ring Light – Best for makeup and selfies

The Meifigno Selfie Ring Light comes with 40 pieces of LED bulbs. Half of them are yellow and others white, to give brighter backgrounds to videos and photos. You can adjust the ring light on the laptop to 3 modes of lighting – cold, natural, and warm. It has a 0.59 inches clamp that can fit adequately on laptops, mobile phones, cameras, and other devices. Its 200mAh battery can give continuous action of 45 to 60 minutes. 

If meetings take longer than one hour, you can plug the rechargeable kit into a laptop or power bank via a USB cable. Its cover is made of durable ABS material to retain the lustrous look even after several usages. When traveling, you can easily take this kit with you in your purse.


  • It has 3-way adjustable lighting modes.
  • Clips correctly to laptops and mobile phones without bulging.
  • Charge indicators keep users aware of the charge status.


  • Viewers may observe glares on the glasses of users during video conferencing.

Meifigno Selfie Ring Light [3 Light Modes] [Rechargeable], Clip on Phone Camera LED Light

XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Light – Best for selfies

The XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Light is specifically designed for smartphone users who care about their looks. Nevertheless, it’s 15mm clamp thickness can also fit on some laptop Notebooks and tablets. This ring light comes on three variants of LED lights. 

All three LED variants have a 3-way adjustable lighting mode (high-white brightness, average and low). The kit comes with an in-built rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 hours of a selfie or an hour of video calls. When the battery is low, users can use a USB cord to recharge the battery. A user can utilize the ring light on bicycles, reading, camping, and so much more.


  • The ring light is versatile.
  • Produces better lighting in dark environments.
  • It is compatible with lots of mobile devices.
  • The outer cover is wear-resistant.


  • Maximum brightness can only last about 30 minutes per charge.

Selfie Ring Light, XINBAOHONG Rechargeable Portable Clip-on Selfie Fill Light

GLOUE Selfie Light Ring – Best for vlogging

The fancy little GLOUE Selfie Light Ring is easily one of the best choices you will find in being portable. Its lightweight makes it easy for users to carry around on travels and visits. It has 36 energy-saving LED bulbs on the kit. They are bright and dimmable across three levels (low, medium, and high). 

It comes with a clip that is attachable to almost all types of devices, including smartphones, cameras, and laptops. You can also plug the ring light via USB to power it through multiple hours of video calls and zoom meetings. When taking selfies, a single charge can be worth up to 5 hours of a fun time.


  • It is compatible with multiple devices
  • The LED lights are bright and durable.
  • Portable and easy to carry around


  • Maximum brightness dims in less than 10 minutes.

GLOUE Selfie Light Ring Led Circle Clip-on Selfie Fill Light

Disnadda Selfie Ring Light – Multipurpose

The Disnadda Selfie Ring Light comes with 40 durable LED bulbs for maximum brightness. Many users are happy with the color temperature range (3500k-6500k). The lights are also adjustable in three modes, so selfies will appear brighter in whatever condition. 

The universal attachment makes this kit to fit on almost all devices. This ring light can serve multiple functions. Vlogging, video conferencing, selfies, and live streaming are few use-cases of the Disnadda Selfie Ring Light. It also comes with a USB port and charger to keep the in-built battery powered during usage.


  • Bright LED bulbs
  • It can serve multiple functions
  • Universal attachment fits the ring light to various devices.
  • It comes with a remote for taking selfies


  • It has a short charging cord

Disnadda Selfie Ring Light,3 Lighting Modes Rechargeable Clip on Selfie Fill Light

What to look for in a Laptop Ring Light?

As you hunt for the best ring light for your laptop, you need to look out for some critical parameters to determine your ring lights’ quality and choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Light intensity and Control

The brighter the lights in the rings, the clearer your image is expected to be. Also, it is always good to have the choice of controlling the light intensity. Light controls help users adjust the ring lights’ intensity to suit different environments. Rather than choosing ring lights with fixed light intensity, select one that can be tuned high or low.


You cannot use some ring lights for a laptop with other devices. This may be due to the kind of support they have. Opt for those you can use with multiple devices, including laptops, smartphones, tripods, and other gadgets. 


Laptops are becoming more portable. It only makes sense that their accessories are designed the same way. Choose a lightweight ring light, making it easier to use, store, and carry around.

Energy Saving

Some ring lights have higher in-built battery capacity than others. The best ring light should give you a high in-built battery capacity plus more action time. Energy-saving LED bulbs tend to save energy consumption and ensures you stay longer on your zoom meeting even when you are off the grid. A single full charge on your ring light should be able to last you a minimum of one hour before you have to plug it into a power source.

Conclusion – Why do we recommend Gear Ring Light?

Gear Light Ring assumes the first position from our list of the top 5 selfie light for laptops. This is primarily because of its surpassing battery life for video conferencing. The Gear Light Ring can also take selfies and be used for a range of purposes. Its ease of use and ability to adapt to various devices makes it stand out for us. Choose the Gear Light Ring if you need a multipurpose lighting kit for your devices.

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