Best Ring Light for Product Photography – Our Top 5 Picks!

Using the best ring light for product photography becomes necessary if you want your clients to perceive the high-quality items you’re selling. These lighting devices are prominently used in different areas that require photography, including this niche.

If you’ve started a small business and would like to start with the right feet, it would help if you started using a ring light for product photography.

The better lighting conditions will increase the quality of the images you capture, either for photography or for Tik Tok / YouTube video streaming And that’s why using the best ring light for product photography becomes necessary in any business context.

Our best pick is not exactly a ring light, but a photo studio that works exactly like one and provides the perfect conditions for the photos you take of your products. It is the perfect device for commercial photography. The HAVOX Photo Studio has 24x24x24 inches and allows you to take pictures from different angles.

We have four other options you can consider. After all, using a led ring light for product photography is necessary if you want your clients to perceive a professional image from your business. There are options for everyone, including those that have more adjusted budgets.

Top 5 Best Ring Light for Product Photography

HAVOX Photo Studio – 24x24x24 inches

This photo studio from HAVOX is our top pick for the best-led ring light for product photography. Although it complies with these devices’ essential functions, it has some other enhancements that make it the perfect tool for your business.

This photo studio provides you with the following features:

Various viewing points – You will only have to choose the most convenient angle to take the picture based on the size of the product.

Excellent lighting and color conditions – The color temperature is 5500k. Furthermore, 26,000 lumens compose the luminous flux, which is complemented with a 93+ color rendering index.

Easy-to-Use – This photo studio is perfect for people of all skill levels. As the device provides you with top-notch conditions, you can use it in any environment and acquire the same results.

The package contains all the accessories needed to build the device. You can guide yourself with the user manual. Moreover, it has three colored backgrounds you can use to enhance the atmosphere of the picture.

You can have the photo studio ready in about ten or fifteen minutes. You won’t need any tool except what’s included in the package to assemble it. If you want to take the device somewhere else, it also includes a traveling bag that makes its transportation more comfortable.

You can find more information about the HAVOX Photo Studio at Amazon.

HAVOX - Photo Studio HPB-60XD

Diva Ring Light Super Nova – 18”

As for the first actual led light ring for product photography, we have this option that comes from the brand “Diva Ring Light.” Its illumination and dimming options are perfect for removing the harsh shadows from the image, making sure the pictures you take come out perfectly.

The SuperNova contains the following characteristics:

  • The light is dimmable from twenty to one-hundred percent. It is perfect for those situations where low lighting is needed. You can use this feature with the integrated knob.
  • If you need to “soften” the light, you can use the diffusion cloth.
  • The stand has a measurement of six inches.

Although the Super Nova grants you all the features you’d expect when using a ring light for product photography, the main drawback is that it does not include a tripod.

This light ring may not contain as many features as other devices, but it is perfect for beginners who have never used one of these products before. You can find more information about the Diva Ring Light Super Nova at Amazon.

Diva Ring Light Super Nova 18 inch Dimmable with 6 inch Stand

GVM – LED Ring Light with Detachable LED Light Bars

If you want to make sure the product you’re trying to take pictures of is excellently illuminated, we recommend using this led ring light for product photography. Besides the main device, it also includes six led light bars you can use to enhance the illumination even further.

The package provides you with the following products, besides the ring light and the six light bars:

  • An AC Adapter with a three-meter power cord (two replacements for it are included too)
  • A camera stand
  • A tripod

The light bars are detachable. You can use as many as you want, according to the lighting needs required. The color temperature is configurable from 3200k to 5600k, while the brightness can be modified from ten to one-hundred percent.

You can see your current settings on the digital display screen.

The tripod is adjustable. You can fold and expand it from 32 to 87 inches. It is made of aluminum allow and is hugely sturdy, ensuring durability and stability. These same features apply to the stand. The stand is also compatible with smartphones.

You can find the full specs and more information about the GVM Led Ring Light at Amazon.

GVM 600S LED Ring Light, 90W Dimmable

VILTROX Ring Light with RGB Mode – 18”

This device is one of the best ring lights for product photography for several reasons. It includes an RGB mode and can be used along with an app available for Android and iOS devices, ensuring you have total control over the settings, and therefore, the image itself.

Other features this marvelous ring light includes are the following:

Weeylite App – This app for mobile devices is available for free. You can use it to configure the color settings in RGB mode.

Total control over the lighting – The brightness can be set up from zero to one-hundred percent. It grants you more control over the color temperature than other devices, allowing you to set it up from 2500 to 8500K.

17 Special Shooting Scenes – If you’re not sure of how to set up the atmosphere for your photos, you can use one of these scenes to help you with that task.

OLED Display – This small screen lets you know the current settings used accurately.

The only drawback we could find for this ring light is that the stand is not expandable or foldable but has a good height – 5.6 inches. Moreover, when ordered from Amazon, the manufacturer promises to include a “special” gift.

You can find more information about the Viltrox Ring Light with RGB Mode at Amazon.

18 inch RGB Ring Light kit with Stand

Neewer LED Ring Light – 16”

For the last option, we have a 16-inch led ring light for product photography from Neewer. It includes several accessories that make its use more straightforward, and the holder is compatible with digital cameras and smartphones.

The wireless remote allows you to adjust all the settings related to the color, channel, and control. The brightness can be set up from ten to one-hundred percent, while the color temperature is limited from 3200K to 5600K. You can see the settings on the LCD screen or in the remote control itself.

It has eleven channels available, allowing you more control over the lighting than other models.

This ring light is perfect for numerous purposes, not only product photography. If you want a device that’s an all-rounder, we recommend going for this one. You can find the full specs and more information about the Neewer LED Ring Light at Amazon.

Neewer Advanced 16-inch LED Ring Light Support Manual Touch Control with LCD Screen

How to Choose the Best Ring Light for Product Photography?

There are numerous factors you should take into account when purchasing a led ring light for product photography.

It is essential for all businesses to ensure the images they post of their products have the highest quality possible. According to professionals, bigger ring lights are better for complying with this task.

Remember that good lighting is the key to provide high-quality images. That way, you will make sure your products will look attractive to the public. Besides the size, you should also take into account factors like the control over the brightness, the color temperature, and the accessories included.

Some stands are affordable and still include several accessories to make their use less stressful. You should also take into account whether you’ll need an adjustable stand.

How to Use a Ring Light for Product Photography?

It depends on the products you’re trying to show to the public. For instance, if you own a restaurant and would like to display your dishes on social media, it would be best if you took the pictures from above to ensure all the contents are clearly observable from any distance.

Being familiar with the basics of photography will allow you to know the most convenient use of a ring light.


If you want to make sure your business has a good public image, we recommend making sure the images you take of your products or any other thing you try to display has high quality.

A light ring can help you with that task, and the HAVOX Photo Studio is an excellent choice that can provide you with excellent results.

Using a good setup is necessary when trying to take product photography. Your camera’s flash is not enough.

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