Best Ring Light For Webcam– 5 Webcam Ring Light Reviews

Most modern laptops have webcams for taking pictures and recording videos. However, a majority of them produce images with low quality. Worse still, utilizing an inferior lighting kit further reduces the image quality your laptop’s webcam produces.

Thankfully, one can correct these with the right lighting kits. Your laptop webcam can perform just as great as an external webcam. This article will show five of the best ring lights you can buy for your laptop webcam. Also, we will give you free tips for buying the best ring light for the webcam.

Five Best Ring Light For Webcam

  1. OURRY Selfie Light for Laptop Video – Best for snazzy setups
  2. Mactrem LED Ring Light – Best For Content Creators
  3. GH Dynamics Selfie Ring Light – Most suited for On-the-go Video Lighting
  4. NexiGo Selfie Ring Light – Best for live streaming
  5. ZEXMTE Clip Light – Best for Desk Reading

Five Best Ring Light For Webcam

OURRY Selfie Light for Laptop Video – Best for snazzy setups

The product is a more colorful ring light for webcam and has a built-in battery. It utilizes a clip-on mechanism and allows the user to tweak between 9 lighting modes, three of which are for temperature, while the other three are for intensity.

Also, the OURRY Selfie Light comes with a USB connection port for charging its battery and interfacing directly with PCs. The user can control the unit with a single button for convenience, and it sits on a rotating ball to achieve the desired fill angle.


  • Delivers soft bright light even at max brightness
  • Has a small footprint
  • Has a substantial standby time on its battery capacity
  • Doesn’t leave marks on the desktop edges


  • Has a short USB cable
  • The charging indicator does not turn off when full

Selfie Light for Laptop Video, Ring Light with 9-Level Adjustable Brightness

Mactrem LED Ring Light – Best For Content Creators

The Mactrem LED Ring Light is a 10-inch LED ring light for webcam peripherals with three lighting modes adjustable to 10 brightness levels. It is USB powered and features a control panel in its cable. Moreover, it comes with a mini tripod on which the light can be mounted and rotated 180° horizontally.

Alternatively, you can clamp it on surfaces, including laptops and poles, with a multi-functional U-shaped bracket. The bracket has a 360° swivel ball head for adjusting the position of the light. Also, there is a 1/4-inch threaded adapter at the bracket head for mounting cameras and light.


  • Two alternative designs
  • Has a flexible phone holder
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Can serve multiple purposes


  • The clamp might be too heavy for some laptops.

10 Inch Ring Light MACTREM LED Light Ring with Tripod, Clamp & Phone Holder

GH Dynamics Selfie Ring Light – Most suited for On-the-go Video Lighting

The Selfie Ring Light has a minimal design with 40 LED bulbs and a 3-stage color temperature setting. Its brightness levels are stageless for a smoother intensity change. The manufacturer built in the clip-on part into the entire back of the product, making it fit nicely around webcams and eliminating the peripherals’ need.

Furthermore, the product connects through USB for a plug and play operations and comes with extra features such as SOS signal lighting.


  • Can sustain maximum brightness for a long time when plugged in
  • Has a silicone grip for its clip-on
  • Gets bright in dark rooms
  • Toggles through brightness with the hold of the power button


  • Drops brightness quickly on battery
  • Its stock cable is short.

Selfie Ring Light with 40 LEDs, Rechargeable Selfie Fill Ring Light with Retaining Clip On

NexiGo Selfie Ring Light – Best for live streaming

The NexiGo Selfie Ring Light uses a clip-on ring light for webcams that produce three color temperatures and ten brightness levels. You can adjust these features using a control that is fixed along a 4.56ft USB cable line, while you can also power it using the USB.

Its kit has two gooseneck stands, one for the light and the other for the webcam or phone. The latter has a 1/4-inch screw thread that enables it to hold devices. With its gooseneck, you can adjust it to any angle. Lastly, it is equipped with an anti-scratching clip, having a maximum width of 2.2 inches.


  • Flexible gooseneck arms
  • Adjustable color temperatures and brightness
  • Portable and professional
  • Anti-scratching clip
  • Sturdy frame


  • Short USB cable

Newest Webcam Lighting Stand for Live Steaming

ZEXMTE Clip Light – Best for Desk Reading

The ZEXMTE Clip Light comes with three lighting modes – Daylight, Warm White, and Cool White- and a 10-stage brightness level. The unit has a gooseneck extending from a clip. The setup makes for better compatibility with external webcams and versatility with standard webcams.

The 24 LED bulbs collectively deliver anti-glare lighting and draw power from any USB compliant source. The product is aluminum, making it durable for prolonged usage involving frequent bends, twists, and turns. Its clip has a wide dimension and can hold fast to surfaces up to 2 inches in thickness.


  • Its gooseneck is stiff
  • The power and options buttons are on the USB cable for convenience
  • Its clip-on has rubber buffers
  • Users can combine temperature and brightness settings


  • Does not have a built-in battery
  • LED bulbs are not replaceable

Clip Light Reading Lights-ZEXMTE LED Clamp Light with 3 Color Modes

How to Choose the Best Ring Light for Webcam?

With so many low-quality products available, choosing an excellent clip-on light to enhance your webcam can be difficult. These are the elements to consider if you must pick the best clip-on ring light with ease.

Easy setup

You should check whether the kit is easy to set up. All the parts should be easy to fix so you can use them at your convenience.


If you want to get a lighting kit that takes up less space, you should look out for its components. Choose a kit with the most compact parts to save space.


You should check whether the product is made of sturdy and quality materials. A vital factor to consider here is where you shop for the light. It is always best to buy from the manufacturers so you can get a return window.


Your budget should be a priority as you select a ring light. There are many good ring lights available at affordable prices.


When buying a ring light, consider all the extra parts you may need, like a light diffuser. However, this means additional costs. Therefore, you should choose a lighting kit that comes with these parts. This saves you the stress of purchasing different aspects at an additional price and, most importantly, acquiring good quality ones.


This article discusses five of the best ring lights that can be used for laptop webcams. Our selections are based on thorough research on each of the products and the testimonials of existing users.

Furthermore, we have listed some features that can help you choose an excellent ring light with ease.

After careful consideration, we have selected the NexiGo Selfie ring light as the best of the five. It can be used for multiple purposes and can take the most convenient angles. Also, lots of users have testified to its stability and durability.

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