Best Ring Light for YouTube – Top 5 Ring Lights for YT Video Recordings

We have too many social media options in the modern-day, but none of them has been able to beat YouTube as the primary platform for video streaming. People interested in joining YouTube must be aware that using the proper setup is a must, and therefore, it would help if you used the best ring light for YouTube.

Using a ring light for YouTube videos will not only make your videos look more professional and aesthetically pleasing. A good image is essential for acquiring an audience, and a low-quality video is not helpful to retain an audience.

If you intend to stay on YouTube for a while, please consider adding a ring light to your setup. We have some options you can take into account in this list. Our best pick is the 18″ RGB Ring Light from VILTROX, which grants you excellent control over the brightness and temperature, besides having an ideal size and an APP available for mobile devices you can use to control the ring light.

You can consider four other options, and all of them are suitable for multiple budgets and needs. Here you have a list of the best ring lights for YouTube

Top 5 Best Ring Light for YouTube Videos

VILTROX RGB Ring Light – 18” 

This device from VILTROX is the best ring light for YouTube we have for you on this list. It is a Bi-color LED Ring Light with an RGB option, and the package also comes with excellent accessories, including remote control and a Bluetooth wireless remote you can use for your phone. Furthermore, it also includes a pink phone ring light you can use for selfies or stories.

The primary features of this VILTROX RGB Ring Light include the following:

  • You can use the free App “Weeylite” to control the light ring. You will be able to choose the best color settings for your videos.
  • As for the brightness, you can configure it from zero to one hundred percent. Moreover, the color temperature settings vary from 2500 to 8500K.
  • It includes 17 special shooting scenes you can use to enhance the image of your video.
  • It has a high-contrast OLED display where you can see the current settings and modify them with the remote control or the app with precision. 
  • The stand measures 5.6 inches. 

It is an excellent option, and the manufacturer sends you a “special gift” upon purchase of the design. It is a great ring light for YouTube videos, mainly due to the excellent control options you can choose.

You can see the full specs and more information about the VILTROX RGB Ring Light at Amazon.

18 inch RGB Ring Light kit with Stand

Pixel Ring Light – 19″

PIXEL is a renowned brand that has been providing ring lights for some years now. This option explicitly grants the user with excellent control options and has a complete collection of accessories. It quickly becomes one of the best ring lights for YouTube.

The Pixel Ring Light includes accessories like holders for numerous devices (iPads, phones, and cameras) and a wireless remote you can use to control the ring light at a distance. If you’re looking for cheap ring lights for YouTube, this may be your call.

Other features you will enjoy if you pick this ring light for YouTube videos include:

  • Its stand is made of aluminum alloy and has superb durability. It is also adjustable from 48cm to 188cm.
  • The temperature can be configured from 3000K to 5800K.
  • The wireless remote allows you to configure the ring light’s brightness or color temperature, for instance. You can see everything on the LED screen implemented on the ring light.
  • It includes holders for cameras and smartphones.

It is an excellent pick. Its features will make sure your videos look as professional as possible. You can find more information about the PIXEL Ring Light at Amazon.

Pixel Ring Light, 19inch Selfie Ring Light with Wireless Remote Control

INSEESI Ring Light – 19″ 

INSEESI has provided us with one of the best ring lights for YouTube. It is advertised as a “dual-color temperature” ring light, as you can configure the temperature from 3000K to 5800K. As for the brightness, you can set it up from zero to one hundred percent. Color filters are not necessary.

The holder is excellent and hugely stable – you can adjust it for multiple devices, including mobile devices (smartphones and iPhones). You can use the USB socket to charge your devices while you’re using them.

This cheap ring light for YouTube is an excellent option for those just starting in this business. It grants you enough control over the image if you’re not familiar with ring light devices and is also simple enough for you to control it without getting lost.

You can find more information about the INSEESI Ring Light at Amazon.

Ring Light 19 inch LED Outer Adjustable Color Temperature

EMART Ring Light – 18″

This ring light is another good option. The stand is adjustable from 33 to 70 inches and includes an excellent collection of accessories. It has a well-earned place as one of the best ring lights for YouTube.

The accessories include the stand, a Bluetooth shutter remote, an IR Remote control, and a holder for your phone. This device is perfect for those that are just starting, as it is easy to use and grants you enough lighting control even if you’re not familiar with ring lights.

Other features this ring light includes are the following:

  • You can control the color temperature from 3200K to 5500K. As for the brightness, you can configure it from ten to one hundred percent. You can see the current settings on the built-in LCD screen.
  • The remote control allows you to control everything related to the illumination, including the temperature and brightness. You do not have to change color filters all the time.
  • It works excellently either outdoors or indoors. You can use the battery or power adapter as a power supply method.
  • It also includes a Nylon Carrying Case so that you can take it anywhere you’d like.

You can see the full specs and more information about the EMART Ring Light at Amazon.

Emart 18-inch Ring Light with Stand

GLOUE Ring Light – 18″ 

The last option in this list is a ring light from GLOUE. It has similar features we’ve reviewed in previous products. However, something that’s hugely remarkable is that you can change the settings quickly via the remote or with the knobs it has integrated.

The primary features of this cheap ring light for YouTube include:             

  • You can adjust the brightness dimming range from ten to one hundred percent. Furthermore, you can make the color temperature go from 3000K to 6000K within a few moments.
  • It is brighter than most models in the market. The product was designed to last for a long, long time, so you can trust you’ll be able to use it for many years.
  • You can rotate the phone holder within a 360º degree. You can also adjust the said holder to fit numerous devices, including most iPhone models and other brands, like Samsung or Huawei phones.
  • This product is appropriate for professional photography, casual selfies, and even videos. It is one of the best ring lights for YouTube.

This is an excellent budget option for those that need a light ring. You can find the full specs of the GLOUE Ring Light at Amazon.

GLOUE 18 Inch Pro Ring Light Kit with Tripod Stand

How to Choose the Best Ring Light for YT Videos?

Using the best light ring for YouTube becomes a necessity as your viewers will demand high-quality videos. According to experts, bigger devices provide better results than smaller sizes, but it also depends on your budget.

Good lighting will improve your image, your videos will be aesthetically pleasing, and you will retain a higher audience.

The light ring you use should provide you with enough control over the brightness and color temperature. You should also take other factors into account, such as: 

  • Size
  • Control over the brightness and color temperature
  • Adjustable stand
  • Accessories – such as remote control (either for the ring light or Bluetooth to connect with your devices) 

What Size Ring Light is Best for YouTube?

As mentioned above, it would be best if you chose bigger ring lights. We listed here 18 – 19 inches options due to the excellent lighting conditions they can provide.

It depends on your current settings and budget, but you should always keep in mind that bigger light rings offer the best results. You can be a witness of that in numerous YouTube videos, professional photography sessions, and more.


Choosing the best ring light for YouTube can be challenging with so many options in the market. However, not everything that shines is gold, and you should consider different options before completing a purchase.

Our best pick, the VILTROX RGB Ring Light, is an excellent option for starters as it allows you total control over the lighting. It also allows you to use a mobile app for more control over the colors. The package is excellent as it includes fantastic accessories.

Remember that good lighting can make a difference in a YouTube video and any other professional project.

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