Best Ring Light for Zoom Calls – 5 Ring Lights Reviewed

There is a high chance of Zoom being your primary medium of communication, as a growing number of organizations rely on online meetings and calls. During Zoom meetings, you need to interact with various people. As such, a poorly lit environment is not the most effective for Zoom meetings. Ring lights ensure that presenters’ and audiences’ facial expressions can be read, improving communications during meetings. We have put together some of the best ring light for Zoom calls for your consideration. 

5 Best Ring Light for Zoom Video Conferencing 

  1. Neewer Ring Light Kit – For Hands-Free Usage
  2. ESDDI 18 Inch Ring Light – For Distant Usage
  3. Rotolight Neo 2 LED – For Hands-Free Use
  4. GLOUE Selfie Light Ring – For Near Distances
  5. Meifigno Selfie Ring Light – For Better Illumination

Neewer Ring Light Kit – For Hands-Free Usage

Neewer ring lights come in various sizes and options. You can choose the floor stand kit, tabletop kit, or flexible soft tube kit. Some kits come with a remote control so you can have Zoom calls on your smartphone and other devices without having to adjust lights manually. 

The 18″ Neewer ring light is one of the best ring lights to have. It has 240 LED bulbs that are dimmable in the range of 1 to 100%. The frame is made of strong aluminum, making it tick the box of durability. It also has a smartphone holder that keeps phones steady while taking Zoom calls. 


  • The kit is portable
  • Lights are dimmable in a more flexible range.
  • The kit comes with a fast-charging powder. 


  • Users often have to purchase specific types for varying purposes.

Neewer Ring Light Kit

ESDDI 18 Inch Ring Light – For Distant Usage

There are 432 bulbs on the ESDDI 18 Inch Ring Light. A 48-Watt battery powers the kit. This ring light has more than enough lighting potential for all kinds of environments. Its add-on equipment includes a 6-foot stand, and users can place the ring light on it while rotating it through 180°. 

You can adjust the color temperature and brightness using dials with light dimming control ranging from 1 to 100%. The phone holder is not very strong, so one needs to be careful to avoid damage. If you intend to use a detached camera, you need to use a separate tripod to mount it. The kit bag also helps to keep all the parts secure and portable.


  • More light intensity in darker rooms
  • More flexibility in light dimming control
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Users can rotate lights through 180°.


  • It requires a lot of space because of the stand.

Ring Light, ESDDI 18inch Dimmable Brightness Bicolor 3000K-6500K Led Ring Light

Rotolight Neo 2 LED – For Hands-Free Use

Rotolight Neo 2 produces circular light beams that can diminish shadows, giving off brighter videos and pictures. It is designed for the use of professional photographers. However, you can also use it for Zoom calls. It delivers about 1840 lux at a 3-feet distance. Users can set the light to fit different environments by tweaking the aperture dimming function. 

The kit uses 6 AA batteries, which gives up to 500% in flash mode. You can also use its custom lighting effects such as fire, lightning, TV, and others to add more spice to your Zoom calls. When you need to take high-quality pictures, Rotolight Neo 2 will still serve you better.


  • Comes with filters to adjust color temperature
  • Ergonomic and portable design
  • Offers more power to give high-quality live videos


  • You need to master it to adjust filters.

Rotolight NEO 2 LED Camera Light

GLOUE Selfie Light Ring – For Near Distances

If you need a pocket-size ring light on-the-go, GLOUE Selfie Light Ring is the right choice. It can fit appropriately on laptops and smartphones. This ring light comes with 36 LED bulbs that can be dimmed in three control options (low, medium, and high). 

It uses an in-built Lithium-ion battery. The battery can power the light ring for up to 120 minutes when fully charged. Many smartphone users pick GLOUE as their choice ring light for video conferencing. You can use its USB charging port for continuous and consistent power during extended Zoom calls.


  • The ring light is compatible with multiple devices.
  • It is portable.
  • It hangs easily on devices without adding much weight.


  • Lighting diminishes when the user is far away from the kit.

GLOUE Selfie Light Ring Led Circle Clip-on Selfie Fill Light

Meifigno Selfie Ring Light – For Better Illumination

Enjoy Zoom calls on your devices in bi-color lights (yellow and white). Meifigno Selfie Ring Light comes with 20 yellow and 20 white LED bulbs. Its bicolor lighting gives better ambiance and illumination. You can adjust its light intensity in three modes. 

The kit is rechargeable and can give up to 30 minutes of continuous lighting at maximum brightness. If your Zoom call lasts more than one hour, you may consider powering the ring light with the USB cable. The durable ABS casing material protects the kit from abrasion.


  • The universal attachment ring fits multiple devices.
  • The remote control function can be used to take selfies.
  • Its bi-color LED lights to shine brighter and give a better ambiance.


  • Users must stay close to the light to avoid shadows.

Meifigno Selfie Ring Light [3 Light Modes] [Rechargeable], Clip on Phone Camera LED Light

Why you need a Best Ring Light for Zoom Calls?

Adding a ring light to your Zoom media kit is more than just for fancy. Ring lights can have more impact on your quality of communication when using Zoom. Here are three primary reasons you need a ring light for Zoom.

Better Look

You want to look your best when having Zoom meetings. A poorly-lit environment may make you look somewhat funny, betraying the seriousness of the meeting. Having a ring light handy will help you portray yourself smarter to other people on the call. This is especially important when you are hosting the Zoom call.

Facial Expression

Verbal communication alone does not suffice. Sometimes, your facial expressions matter in deciding how effective you are when communicating. Using a ring light brightens your face and makes your facial expressions contribute to your effective communication.

Keep Meetings Lively

Zoom calls may be utilized to relay important information. Nonetheless, the communication process does not have to be boring. Brightness has its charm and can make a boring call livelier than expected. You can expect valuable contributions from other members as their moods are lifted, spurring them positively to respond to ideas and suggestions.

Conclusion – Which is the best ring light?

The Neewer Ring Light Kit is the best of the five ring lights for Zoom calls from our list. Its tripod stand and numerous light bulbs allow users to relax and stay some distance away from their smartphones while on Zoom calls. The Neewer ring light is also our pick for the best ring light for video conferencing. Our best choice for portable ring light is the GLOUE Selfie Light Ring. It doesn’t come with a stand so that users can carry it around in their purses.


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