Best Webex Microphone – 5 Microphones to Conduct a Webex Meeting

How do you know the device you selected is the best Webex microphone? The Webex was developed to provide a solution for numerous online meetings, including webinars and video conferences. 

Still, the software may not work as well as you expect if you don’t have the right setup. If people cannot see and hear you clearly, maybe you should change the devices you’re using. And that’s where we come to rescue you.

We know that choosing the best microphone for Webex can be a challenging task, and that’s why today, we’ve come up with five options you can consider. Still, you should know that our best pick is the Blue Yeti, one of the most popular choices among streamers but can be used ideally for other purposes like online meetings.

Although this microphone excels in fulfilling its purpose, other options are also great and that we believe deserve an opportunity. These are the top five microphones to conduct a Webex meeting.

Top 5 Best Webex Microphones

Blue Yeti

As mentioned above, the Blue Yeti has been a “fan favorite’ since its release date. This mic is hugely versatile and includes several features that easily make it one of the best microphones in the modern day.

The main features of the Blue Yeti include:

  • You can choose between four pickup patterns, according to your needs. This includes cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and stereo. The omnidirectional mode works best when multiple people are present in the same room.
  • The onboard audio controls make it possible to control everything from the device. It’s an easy-to-use microphone.
  • You can adjust it easily for it to adapt to your context. Place it correctly in the room to capture all the sounds you need the other person to hear.
  • The LED light will let you know when the microphone is on mute.


  • It has excellent audio quality and allows you to use it for numerous purposes.
  • You can use it along with the Blue Sherpa app to adjust its settings according to your preferences.
  • It is hugely stable and solid.
  • It is compatible with multiple devices, as long as they have a USB port.


  • This device is heavy. Make sure you place it on a stable surface.
  • It is mostly oriented for professional and not casual use, despite being hugely popular among beginners. 
  • If all you want is a microphone that can capture your voice, it would be best to consider other options.

You can find more information about the Blue Yeti at Amazon.

Blue Yeti USB Mic

ZealSound – Bluetooth Lavalier Microphone

ZealSound is not a renowned brand, but this microphone is among the best microphones for Webex. One of the most important features is that Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible to use it along with smartphones and other mobile devices that support it.

The main features of the Bluetooth Lavalier Microphone include the following:

  • Easy connectivity with numerous devices thanks to the Bluetooth connection.
  • It keeps working within a range of 98 feet.
  • Battery life of up to six hours.
  • Excellent noise reduction feature, which makes it perfect for noisy environments.
  • It is capable of providing audio at 48KHz-16bit AAC.


  • It is hugely lightweight and portable. You can take your video conference anywhere.
  • You can start using it as soon as you connect it to your preferred device.
  • It includes a storage case and bag.
  • It is made of durable material and has a stylish design.
  • Despite being small in size, it excels in noise cancelation.


  • You must stick to use it with the device’s app.
  • You cannot see the current battery life unless it is about to die.
  • It is pricey for all the features it lacks. 

You can find the full specs and more information about the Bluetooth Lavalier Microphone by ZealSound at Amazon.

ZealSound SmartMic Wireless Lapel

MXL AC-404 Condenser Microphone

This microphone is the standard version of a new model. It is mostly made of metal, which makes it hugely durable. It can also capture multiple voices thanks to its omnidirectional nature, making it one of the best Webex microphones.

The main features of the MXL AC-404 are the following:

  • Its noise cancelation aspects will make sure your voice comes out crystal clear.
  • Due to its omnidirectional feature, it is perfect for video conferencing.
  • It is made of metal, making it exceptionally durable.
  • You can connect your headphones or speakers to the microphone.


  • It removes all the background noise, making sure the other person hears you clearly.
  • The company advertises it as a microphone for conferencing software, but it can be used for other purposes excellently. It’s a hugely versatile device.
  • This mic will be your companion for a long time. Its all-metal body will last for a long time.


  • It does not contain a mute button or any other feature that we can say it’s remarkable.

You can find more information and the full specs of the MXL AC-404 at Amazon.

MXL Condenser Microphone, BLACK

Hotec 25 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone

This is easily one of the best Webex microphones for numerous reasons. Not only is it easy-to-use, but it also is affordable and makes sure the user gets the value for the money. It has an excellent sound quality, average battery life, and almost any other feature you would like a conference microphone to have.

These are the main features of the Hotec 25 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone: 

  • It has an average battery life of about four-five hours.
  • It only has one polar pattern available, unidirectional.
  • You can use it for recording on your smartphone.
  • It is compatible with most audio software.


  • It is within an affordable price range.
  • You can start using it as soon as you connect it and synchronize it with your preferred device.
  • It provides a high-sound quality and removes most background noise.
  • If you have any doubts or complaints, Hotec has active, humble, and excellent customer service.


  • After a while, you may be unable to keep charging the device.
  • It is prone to failures often. Many users have complained about it not working after a few weeks.

You can find the full specs and more information about the Hotec 25 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone at Amazon.

Hotec 25 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone Dual Microphone

Movo MC1000 Conference USB Microphone

This microphone has a similar design to the MXL AC-404 mic we reviewed above. However, there are significant differences you should get to know. 

  • It captures audio within a 20′ radius with 180° coverage.
  • The USB cable is long enough (6.5ft) to place it where you find it convenient.
  • You can connect your headphones for further monitoring.
  • Its frequency response ranges from 50Hz to 20KHz.
  • It is compatible with most conference software, such as WebEx, Zoom, and Google Hangouts. 


  • It is stable and perfect for conference use. The long USB cable makes it possible to place it wherever you think it’s convenient.
  • Although it has only one polar pattern super-cardioid, it can capture voices that come from multiple directions precisely. 
  • It is affordable and easy to use.


  • It doesn’t contain a mute button or any other feature that makes it a remarkable product.

You can find all the specs and more information about the Movo MC1000 at Amazon.

Movo MC1000 Conference USB Microphone for Computer Desktop and Laptop

How to Choose the Best Microphone for Conducting a WebEx Meeting?

Choosing the best WebEx microphone can be a hard task, but we’re here to help. A good microphone for video conferencing or webinars should be able to provide you with the following factors:

  • A good noise cancelation and range in case there are multiple people present in the room.
  • It should be easy to use if you intend to use it for video conferencing solely.
  • Some people take into account affordability. If you’re looking for a good budget microphone, there are excellent options on the above list, like the MXL AC-404 or the Movo MC1000.
  • If you intend to use the microphone for video conferencing, you should pick a device that starts working immediately after connecting it.

Moreover, we recommend taking into account the durability. Some microphones mentioned here – such as the two options mentioned in the above list – are hugely durable as they’re made of metal. 


If we consider the different factors described above, the Blue Yeti doesn’t seem like the safest option for this purpose. However, this microphone can provide excellent results, even if you’re a beginner and don’t know anything about microphones.

We highly recommend giving this microphone a chance if you have the opportunity. However, there are other options you should also take into account before deciding on a particular device.

We want to say this is a matter of preference, but some microphones aren’t as good as others for numerous reasons. This list is meant to provide you with enough options to be sure of your next purchase.

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