Best Wireless Headset for Microsoft Teams – Top 5 Wireless Headset

Modern enterprises and corporate offices use several phone applications for remotely working employees. One such application is Microsoft Teams, which you can use for professional video conferences, calls, meetings from different locations at the same time. Professionals need gadgets compatible with Microsoft Teams like Bluetooth headset, webcam, etc. 

You can get the best wireless headset for Microsoft Teams, depending on your requirements. A Microsoft certified wireless headset data-preserver-spaces=”true”> is much preferable as it can use it from a distance away from your phone while you are speaking and listening without any form of distraction.

When it comes to online conferencing, voice calls, chats, and videos, it is important to know the Bluetooth headset offers good sound quality, a long lifespan, and comfort. Getting a cheaper or low-quality headset doesn’t provide a great listening experience. They can easily breakdown, create sound distortion, and don’t come with noise-canceling features. 

That’s why we have made a list of the top five best wireless headsets for Microsoft Teams. Let’s get started:

Top 5 Best Wireless Headset for Microsoft Teams

Jabra Evolve2 65 Series

This headset is comfortable to use and suitable for office use. It has over 32 hours of battery life and offers good sound quality. Jabra headset has 40mm speakers and a memory foam earpad. It supports one or more device pairing, making it easier to stay connected to your work and still listen to music on your phone. Jabra has a light indicator that blinks when on call.

The user can get a wireless range of 15-20 feet, which is excellent. The Digital MEMS microphone offers excellent voice quality, without any noise. The headphone allows you to use it either wired or wireless.


  • Multi-device pairing ability
  • Comfortable to use
  • Long lifespan battery (37 hours on a single charge) 
  • Stable fit into the ear


  • High wire latency
  • Poor noise isolation
  • Mediocre audio leakage performance

Jabra Evolve2 65 MS Wireless Headphones

Plantronics Voyager 5200

This headset is among the best Bluetooth headset you can use in the office and your home. Plantronics Voyager 5200 ensures meetings and calls go on smoothly without any form of discomfort with its 7 hours’ of uptime. The headset has a good voice and sound quality, blocking out distractions and noise from your environment.

Furthermore, the headset allows you to access voice assistant Alexa with a simple tap. You can keep tabs on the latest news or even on your schedule for the day. Furthermore, you can accept or avoid incoming calls with commands “Ignore” or “Answer.”


  • It has a long battery life.
  • Super comfortable to use
  • It has a noise cancellation mic.


  • Overall maximum volume is low.
  • It takes time to connect with other devices

Plantronics 205300-01 Voyager 5200 - Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC-M

This Plantronics Voyager headset is among the best headsets for Microsoft Teams because of its easy connectivity with mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. The headset is a Microsoft certified wireless headset and works best when connected with popular voice platforms like personal speakerphones.

It also provides outstanding audio quality for both ends of the communication, irrespective of the platform used. Plantronics headset has noise-cancellation features and smart sensor technology. One can use it for office and personal use.


  • Block out unwanted noise 
  • Has an excellent sound quality
  • Uses smart control of mute
  • You can customize it to make it suitable for your preferences.
  • Connect to other devices and applications quickly.


  • Quite expensive
  • The plastic part of the headset is not strong.

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth USB B825 202652-01 Headset

Jabra Evolve 75 Series

Jabra Evolve 75 is among the best wireless headset for Microsoft teams, having a super-active noise cancellation combined with a busy light to promote its effectiveness and productivity. It offers dual Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to receive calls and listen to music from the same headset.

The Jabra Evolve 75 is highly compatible with Microsoft Teams and suitable for office use. The headset offers a wireless range of 100ft, allowing flexibility and a dependable connection.


  • A Bluetooth range of 30m 
  • 18 hours fantastic battery life
  • The excellent sound quality in a noisy environment
  • Connect up to two devices


  • Quite expensive

Jabra Evolve 75 UC Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS

This headset connects to your devices without a wire connection and offers Active Noise Cancelling. The wireless headset with earpads offers dual connectivity, three digital microphones for clear sound, and 30 hours of running time. The headset has an ActiveGard technology that restricts the force of sound up to 118dB and provides a clear sound when on calls.


  • Enables voice prompt in about eight different languages
  • Wireless range of about 82m
  • About 30 hours of battery life
  • Comes with a hard-shell carrying case
  • 2-year warranty 


  • The touchpad is technical to use.
  • Expensive

Sennheiser MB 660 MS (507093)

How to use a wireless Bluetooth headset with Microsoft Teams?

If you want to use a wireless Bluetooth headset with Microsoft Teams, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, on your Microsoft Teams profile, click on your profile picture.
  • Then, go to settings, and scroll to devices.
  • You will see audio devices, choose the speaker and microphone you want as default. That’s it.

Microsoft Teams wireless Bluetooth headset not working? Try these steps:

People also complain about their Bluetooth headset not working. These simple steps will help you to resolve this issue:

  • First, you need to remove the headset from the paired list.
  • Click on the Start Menu and open the Device Manager. There, you will find your Bluetooth Device in the Other Peripherals category. 
  • Click on Bluetooth for more details.
  • Right-click on Microsoft Bluetooth LE and disable. Neglect the warning about devices not working and leave the other one enabled.
  • Now pair your headset, and it should start working.


Microsoft has various Microsoft certified wireless headset from its partners combined with the chat applications. There is button support that allows headset users to enable Microsoft Teams to display on their PC, check voicemail, join a meeting, and check missed calls. Other headsets are also being upgraded for this fantastic feature as it enhances good communication and easy accessibility to quick messages.


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