Top 10 Best Zoom Alternative You Should Consider For 2019

Looking for a Zoom alternative? Read our post to find out the best zoom alternatives and why they are best.

Zoom Meetings Alternatives

When it comes to online meeting and web conferencing solutions there are several options available online, but not many of them provide the kind of high-level technology or support the number of participants as Zoom Meeting does. Let’s take a look at the alternatives available online for Zoom Meeting:

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a popular video conferencing solution that is being used in many companies to fulfill their meeting and conferencing needs. eZTalks can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Zoom Meeting. The main reason behind that is similar to Zoom Meeting, ezTalk also provides you with an option to conduct online meetings for up to 100 members for free and there is no limit to the number of meetings a user can create or join. There is also option for share your screen with other members and co-annotate with them. Users can also record their meeting like Zoom Meeting. ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers users with an affordable price range and is also easy to use as well.


GoToMeeting another widely used online meeting solution that enables businesses to interact with their clients, employees online in real time and that is being used by more than 18 million users worldwide. With GoToMeeting you can schedule a meeting right away or schedule it for later. Even when you are not near a computer, you can still make join a meeting from the GoToMeeting Mobile app. With GoToMeeting, you can take your meeting wherever you go and can host or join a meeting from anywhere, anytime you want.

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Zoom Chat Alternatives


Skype is a popular chat and video conferencing software that has been around for quite a while now. They have built a solid reputation among users as one of the most trusted and reliable chat software in the market. The chat software provides users with instant messaging, screen sharing, file sharing, free group calls, group chats etc.

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Zoho is a widely used team communication software that helps businesses to communicate, collaborate and interact with their customers. The chat software allows businesses to have real-time messaging and team collaboration is made incredibly simple and easy with Zoho. It also users to hare files and make video/audio calls right from the chat window itself. Zoho allows users to have unlimited video chat even with a free plan.

Zoom Room Alternatives

Skype For Business

When it comes to alternatives for Zoom Rooms, we cannot find the best alternative as Zoom Room is completely a unique and new concept that takes online meetings and video conferencing to the next level. Even though Skype for Business doesn’t offer feature like call scheduling, display signages and the number of participants like Zoom Rooms, still they provided businesses with the best video conferencing solution. It allows users to record meetings, share files and screens, create closed group and instant messaging etc.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a cloud-based conferencing solution that allows businesses to conduct online video conferencing easily. The software provides the host with complete control as they can quickly choose the presenters from the meeting participants. The software also allows users to share files, polling, share screen, whiteboard, chat, record meetings

Zoom Phone Alternatives


CallHippo is a popular cloud-based phone system for small and medium businesses that provides storing all your data in a virtual server and you can access the data anytime you want. The service allows you to make calls, voice mails, and messages and one of the main advantages of a cloud based phone system is that you don’t need any additional cables or hardware setup to make a phone call.


RinCentral is also one of the best alternative to Zoom Phone system as RingCentral provides users with a powerful cloud system that integrates your phone, video and meetings. You can use your own phone number with Ringcentral and the software comes loaded with more than 50 features.

Zoom Webinars Alternatives


WebinarJam is one of the most popular webinar platforms that allows businesses to organize webinar at a very low price. One of the highlights of doing a webinar with WebinarJam is that you can create Call to Action (CTA) pop-ups in between the webinar to allow users to click and purchase when you are explaining the features of the products/services midway through the webinar. It also provides the host with complete control as the hosts can moderate all the comments being posted for the webinar. Hosts also can promote an attendee into a participant anytime.


GotoWebinar is another widely used webinar software that allows businesses to get the most out of the webinars. It provides you with detailed reports and analytics that enables you to identify qualified leads and improve your sales. You can even integrate GoTo Meeting with your existing CRM software to increase your lead generation.


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  1. All the above tools are good. Another very good Zoom alternative which you can add in the above list is R-HUB web video conferencing servers. It works on all platforms and provides 6 real time collaboration applications in one box.


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