Best Blue Light Filter for Laptop Screen – Which is the Right One for You?

Because of the pandemic, people need to work from home. Thus, it means staring at your computer screen 8 hours a day or even more. Exposing yourself to the laptop screen this long can make your eyes feel dry, itchy, and irritated. 

Some people would try several solutions like increasing the font size, adjusting the monitor brightness, changing the laptop’s angle to prevent glare from light sources, etc. 

But these solutions cannot provide the eye protection that you need from the blue light. You need blue light filter protectors to eliminate a significant amount of UV light reflected from the screen directly in your eyes. 

The blue light filter screen guard for a laptop can effectively reduce computer vision syndrome. Check out these blue light screen protector reviews and find out which is the right one for you. 

Blue Light Filter for Laptop Screen

Five Best Blue Light Filter for Laptop screen

  1. Eyes PC Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel
  2. Liliongth Anti Blue Light Laptop Screen Protector
  3. Antogoo Anti Blue Light Screen Protector 
  4. Forito Eye Protection Laptop Screen Protector 
  5. Promas Anti Blue Light and Anti-Glare Filter Screen Protector

Eyes PC Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel

The Eyes PC Blue screen protector will improve your screen’s viewing visibility without distorting the image. It is an acrylic panel that doesn’t adhere to the screen, but instead, you hang on your laptop monitor. Installing and removing the protector is easy. You don’t need an expert to do this.

The protector can effectively block 100% of harmful UV light and reduces 100% of HEV Bluelight with impressive color transmittance. The acrylic panel has several coating layers that reduce eye strain due to blue light, glare and scratch-resistant. 

Eyes PC Blue Light Protector reduces the bad light as it improves the right light, so the colors become more attractive to your eyes. If you need higher quality viewing without compromising your eyes’ health, you can consider buying this blue light screen protector. 


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Includes a cleaning kit
  • It does not distort the color.


  • The reflective surface creates glare. This can be resolved by having good lighting. 

Eyes PC Blue Light Screen Protector Panel

Liliongth Anti Blue Light Laptop Screen Protector

The Liliongth Laptop Screen Protector is designed to fit a 14-inch laptop having an aspect ratio of 16:9. As compared to others, this laptop screen protector has eight layers of protective film design. It increases not just the anti-blue light feature but also blocks blue light and its anti-static radiation. This will surely help in relieving eye fatigue. 

The most destructive elements that can damage your laptop screen are water and oil. With Liliongth screen protector, you don’t have to deal with annoying water and oil as you can easily wipe them away. This will make your screen clearer and provides a natural viewing experience. 

The film has an automatic adsorption layer, so you don’t have to deal with bubble air, making it easier to install. It does not leave any residue when removed. If a bubble or a section does not stick, you can peel it off, clean the area, and install it again.  


  • Has anti-fingerprint feature
  • Can block 99% UV and 65% harmful blue light
  • Easy to install and remove
  • It comes with the installation tool.


  • The protector does not fit well on the screen. Make sure that you have bought the right size for your monitor.

14 Inch Anti Blue Light Laptop Screen Protector

Antogoo Anti Blue Light Screen Protector 

Antogoo Anti Blue Screen Protector has a seven-layer design with the latest blue light filtering technology. It enhances anti-blue light performance, radiation protection, and UV 400 protection. The anti-static feature helps relieve fatigue in the eyes due to the light emitted from your laptop’s screen. Thus, it enables you to sleep better. 

This blue light screen protector is compatible with Apple MacBook Pro 13 inches and MacBook Air 13. Installing and removing the protector is easy. It has a bubble-free feature making it free from small bubbles upon pressing. This screen protector is best suited for school students, online gamer, short-sighted individuals, office workers, and social media addict. 

It is adhesive-free on the screen but adhered to the screen frame. You will not encounter any issue with residue when removed. 


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Package includes cleaning-cloth 
  • With Lifetime Risk-Free Replacement Warranty
  • Bubble free 


  • It affects the screen clarity. You can always ask for a replacement as it comes with a warranty.

2PC Anti Blue Light Screen Protector

Forito Eye Protection Laptop Screen Protector 

Forito Laptop Screen Protector with anti-glare and anti-blue light filter is one of the bestselling screen protectors in the market for any best selling laptops. The protector aims to relieve eye-strain due to extended exposure to your laptop. It filters, block, and minimize blue light so it will not harm your eyes. 

Since it is made of plastic film, it keeps your screen safe from fingerprints and scratches. It can fit a monitor that measures 15.6 inches and has an aspect ratio of 16:9 – recommended for short-sighted individuals, office workers, fashion lovers, social media, online gamers, social media addicts, and students. 

It has the latest bubble adsorption design that removes all small bubbles by pressing it using a scraping card. Glare is reduced significantly, thanks to its anti-glare, matte feature. 


  • Includes a spare protector in the kit
  • Anti-glare, matte feature
  • Bubble adsorption design


  • It is a bit harder to install since it is made of plastic. But it comes with a spare protector just in case you need one. 

FORITO Eye Protection Blue Light Blocking & Anti Glare Screen Protector

Promas Anti Blue Light and Anti-Glare Filter Screen Protector

If you have a smaller laptop with a smaller screen, the Promas Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector can be the right product for you. It can fit 11.6 inches having an aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen protector size is 10.1 inches. 

The primary purpose of producing a Promas screen protector is to provide eye protection from blue light’s damaging effect. The protective film is water and oil proof. You only need a soft cloth to wipe off any stain on the screen. 

It has an eight-layer design that effectively resists electronic hazards. This anti-blue screen protection film anti-glare feature can reduce visual interference due to the monitor’s intense light. 


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Includes squeeze card, dust removal stickers, guide, and cloth in the package
  • Fits smaller screen 


  • Not as smooth as the other protector

2-Pack Laptop Screen 11.6 Inch Anti Blue Light and Anti Glare Filter Screen Protector

Dangers of Blue Light [Infographics]

Dangers of Blue Light [Infographics]

Do blue light blocking screen protectors work?

Experts and many users believe that blue light blocking screen protectors work. It has a special coating that has the ability to blocks light in the 380-500 nanometer. Users of blue light filter screen guard reduced eye strain when they utilize the screen protector. Just make sure you get the right product for your laptop screen. 


After reviewing the best blue light filter for laptop screen, our top choice is the Forito Eye Protection Laptop Screen Protector. The product provides a more transparent monitor, unlike others. You don’t have to struggle when installing the protector, as it is very easy. No bubbles are produced, thanks to its bubble adsorption feature. Keep in mind protection is better than cure. Do not let the blue light affect your vision and your sleep. Use a blue light filter for your laptop screen now. 

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