BlueJeans vs Zoom: Is Zoom Better Than BlueJeans?

In this digital communication age, businesses and individuals are looking for improved ways to communicate with their clients, employees, and students worldwide. When it comes to cloud-based video conferencing service provider, Zoom and BlueJeans come first in our mind. 

Both these services are feature-rich, easy to use, provide value for money, and offers plenty of quality tools. So if you want to pick the best one among them, then the job will be challenging for you. However, this post aims to solve that issue. 

Both these video conferencing service providers indeed offer plenty of useful features. However, if you review them thoroughly, then you will also find their limitations and cons. 

This post will review both these service providers and take a close look at their features, limits, pros, and cons. Finally, we will reveal our final verdict, where you will come to know the winner. So, let’s compare BlueJeans vs Zoom and help you pick the best one among them. 

Zoom vs. BlueJeans


By the end of 2024, the video conferencing market will reach $20 billion, and Zoom will be the leader of that market. Zoom delivers a wide range of features to all of its users at all price levels. 

If you are a free Zoom user even, then you can conduct HD video calls. Perhaps this is the main reason that makes Zoom far better than other video conferencing apps. 


Zoom is a versatile app. You can use this solution from many of your devices, let it be a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tab. It allows users to join a Zoom meeting from any device they want. Zoom also supports HD audio and video calling. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to know that they are equipped with a built-in screen sharing option. 

Zoom users can conduct Zoom meetings with 1,000 video participants, along with 49 on-screen videos. It also provides great collaborating solutions, equipped with built-in recording and transcript services. 

Finally, we would conclude that Zoom is a feature-rich solution that has made remote working a more straightforward job for all. You can use it to conduct virtual classes and online meetings. Zoom also promotes remote team working. 


Just like any other software solution, Zoom also has some limitations. And if you want to know who is the real winner between BlueJeans vs Zoom, you also have to understand Zoom’s limitations. In this section, we will discuss that. 

Zoom users experience less streamlined compared to the other video conferencing apps available in the market. Inviting or joining a Zoom meeting is also a hectic process because it requires plenty of clicks. 

It can be frustrating even for regular Zoom users. Undoubtedly, Zoom mobile app is highly potential. But if you compare it to its desktop version, you will find that the Zoom mobile app lacks many features. 



  • Zoom’s mobile application is not as functional as the desktop version.
  • UK and US Zoom users don’t get any toll-free dial-in number.  


If you want to know who stands out between BlueJeans vs Zoom, you also have to understand the features, limitations, pros, and cons of BlueJeans


Let’s start this section with the versatility of BlueJeans. Similar to Zoom, BlueJeans is another handy option. It is available for several platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and iPadOS. 

It means you can use BlueJeans on multiple platforms like Windows PC, Mac devices, Android phones and tabs, iPhones, iPads, etc. You can also access BlueJeans meetings from all the major browsers.

BlueJeans provides plenty of stand-out features that are highly useful for both professionals as well as businesses. Take the example of its meeting recording feature. One can easily breakdown a recorded meeting in chapters with segment highlights, smart follow-up, task assignments, and more. 

BlueJeans meetings have no time limits. You can host and create up to 20 breakout sessions inside of a single meeting. It also allows hosts to distribute participants. It is an excellent solution for subtasks collaboration. 

BlueJeans users can easily share their screens. This app is also equipped with whiteboard functions. BlueJeans also supports remote desktop access. However, if you use BlueJeans, then you won’t be able to change the background or make it blur. So in terms of distraction-free meetings or privacy, Zoom is miles ahead than BlueJeans.


Similar to Zoom, BlueJeans also has some limitations. If you check carefully, you will understand that BlueJeans has more limitations than Zoom. Let’s start this point with their ease of use. BlueJeans is not as easy to use as the Zoom. 

If you are not a tech-savvy person, then using BlueJeans can be an overwhelming job for you. Their admin interface is less intuitive, and there’s a lot more learning curve compared to Zoom. Their collaboration features are also limited.


  • BlueJeans is a feature-rich solution.
  • BlueJeans is available for a variety of platforms. 


  • BlueJeans is less intuitive.
  • The UI of BlueJeans is not much user-friendly. 

BlueJeans vs Zoom – Our Verdict

 Both these video conferencing apps are feature-rich. However, there are some areas where Zoom outperforms BlueJeans. Ease of use is one of them. 

The UI of Zoom is very much user-friendly. Anyone can use it without any hassle. Even in terms of privacy, Zoom is better than BlueJeans. By using Zoom, you can easily change your background and put something funny & hilarious, which won’t just protect your privacy but also make you look more unique. 

So finally, we would pick Zoom over BlueJeans. But it won’t make BlueJeans a bad app at all. But compare to Zoom, BlueJeans needs some improvement. 

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