Clip-on Ring Light for Laptop – Portable, Lightweight and Pocket-Friendly

Light is an essential utility we use in our daily activities. The use of light has become rampant and grown from general uses to technical uses, including taking pictures, making videos, etc. The use of light is vital in these processes, which is why you need a ring light for your laptop webcam.

The Clip-on ring light for laptop helps illuminate and cast an even light on the face, minimizing blemish and eliminating shadows on your face while illuminating the eyes. Ring lights are useful in videography, glamour shots, portrait, and even using your laptop webcam. If you are using your laptop for video conferencing, I recommended you to read about Best Lighting for Video Conferencing.

Best Clip-on Ring Light for Laptop

  1. Criacr 40 LED Clip-on Photography Video Light- Perfect For Dark Room Capturing.
  2. MCHEETA Selfie Ring Light- Perfect For Room Photography Or Videography.
  3. GLOUE Selfie Light Ring LED- Best For Enhanced Beauty Images.
  4. TWING Clip-on Selfie Ring Light- Best For Quick And Enhanced Images And Videos.
  5. XINBAOHONG Rechargeable Clip-on Selfie Ring Light- Perfect Choice For Extended Performance.

Best Clip-on Ring Light for Laptop

Criacr 40 LED Clip-on Photography Video Light- Perfect For Dark Room Capturing

The Criacr 40 LED Clip-on ring light is a suitable ring-light for your laptop webcam. The device uses 20 warm light beads and 20 cold light beads to ensure a perfect and bright illumination to the face. It is a self-timer LED ring light for a laptop that does not dazzle light provides a face beauty effect.

It has a built-in battery with a large capacity that ensures extended working time. The battery is so powerful that you can use it for at least 130 minutes with the brightest settings when charged for only two hours. It has three lighting modes, adjustable brightness, and SOS light feature.


  • Quickly adjustable brightness features.
  • Easy clip feature for several models of laptops and mobile phones.
  • Easily rechargeable.
  • Different lighting modes to suit your needs.
  • Powerful battery for more work time.


  • You might need more than one ring light for more illumination.
  • You might need to position it correctly for better illumination.

Selfie Ring Light, 40 LED Clip-on Photography Video Light

MCHEETA Selfie Ring Light- Perfect For Room Photography Or Videography

The MCHEETA Clip-on ring light for laptop comes with a long-lasting battery that can last for over 120 minutes. The 39-inches USB cord makes it convenient to recharge the battery. The ring light offers three different lights for perfection- daylight, cool, and warm lighting with bright 40 long-lasting LEDs. 

It is the best clip-on ring light for laptop because it offers quality pictures and videos, even in a dimly lit environment. It is very effortless to operate and only requires you to clip it to your laptop and dive into the picture world.


  • Appropriate for a wide range of users.
  • Works perfectly for several laptops.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Effortless to use.
  • Provides top-notch illumination


  • You might be unable to operate it when the battery gets low.
  • You will have to change settings to suit you manually.

Rechargeable Phone Ring Light Clip on for Computer

GLOUE Selfie Light Ring LED- Best For Enhanced Beauty Images

With 36 LED lamp beads, the GLOUE ring light for laptop becomes suitable for various photography and videography use. It is very portable and compact, making it easy to handle and clip to your laptop. It is compatible with different laptops and mobile phones.

This Clip-on ring light for laptop uses fantastic lighting to enhance and brighten your face for the selfie experience. It has an adjustable brightness feature that allows you to dim the brightness when required. The ring light also has a professional feature that brightens your face and darkens the background to provide a beauty enhanced image.


  • It has various photo editing functions.
  • Effortless to operate.
  • Compact, handy, and lightweight.
  • Compatible with various laptops and smartphones.
  • Doesn’t obscure the camera.


  • You can get 3 minutes of straight work.
  • It would be best if you charged it frequently.

GLOUE Selfie Light Ring Led Circle Clip-on Selfie Fill Light

TWING Clip-on Selfie Ring Light- Best For Quick And Enhanced Images And Videos

The TWING Clip-on ring light for laptop has a rechargeable portable design that works with several devices like power banks, AC adapters, USB chargers, laptops, etc. The ring light helps save battery as you do not need an extra battery for its smooth running. It has 36 LED lamp beads that ensure long-lasting illumination.

It is very portable, compact, and lightweight, making it easy to carry for use and operation. The ring light is the perfect fit for you if you want quality video recording and photos.


  • Effortless to clip to your laptop.
  • Provides powerful lighting.
  • Ensures design and effect for various photo editing.
  • Various levels of brightness for the beauty effect.
  • Doesn’t obscure the camera.


  • It can only work for limited hours after charge.
  • You might find it sophisticated to operate.

TWING Clip on Selfie Ring Light with 36 LED Beads USB Rechargeable Ring Light

XINBAOHONG Rechargeable Clip-on Selfie Ring Light- Perfect Choice For Extended Performance 

The XINBAOHONG rechargeable light ring clip for laptop has a humanized design that helps fit into various picture or video recordings for your webcam. It features silicone gel that protects it against scratch and keeps your ring light neat. It also has a powerful battery that ensures a long-lasting operation time.

This ring light is suitable for multiple applications including, makeup, reading, selfie, flash run, cycling, etc. It features three white light brightness modes: high white, normal, and low brightness. This allows brightened and beautiful images for your laptop webcam.


  • It has high, long-lasting battery power.
  • Various lighting modes for enhanced performance.
  • Easily rechargeable.
  • LED multi-source dense distribution.
  • Permeable light mask design.


  • It might not be fit for you if you do not like thick ring light.
  • It might not be suitable for users with eye defects.

XINBAOHONG Rechargeable Portable Clip-on Selfie Fill Light with 36 LED

How to Choose the Best Clip-on Ring Light for your Laptop?

Choosing the right Clip-on ring light for your laptop might be a bit difficult. Here are some factors you need to consider when selecting the best ring light for your laptop:

  • Battery life: Ensure you consider the battery life of the ring light you want to get because it defines the device’s efficiency. Always go for ring lights with high battery life and quality.
  • LED: The LED of the ring light is also very essential to consider. The light’s quality and the number of beads present in the ring are also vital to consider as they determine the ring light’s efficiency and performance. Check the adjustability feature of the light and be sure it is highly adjustable. 
  • Weight and compactness: The level of compactness and portability of the ring light is also very essential. A good ring light should be handy and easy to operate. Ensure you get a lightweight ring light for your use.

What we recommend

The ring light is a useful device that helps in photography and videography and other lighting applications. It is beneficial for your laptop, and if you want to enjoy the use of the ring light, you should get the best one.

The GLOUE ring light is the top pick from the products mentioned above. It has a powerful battery that makes the ring light run for several minutes and ensures efficiency. It also has several beauty and lighting effects that make images and videos appear great.

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