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Zoom cloud meetings app has unified the facilities of cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform, that includes video, audio, and screen-sharing experience across avenues like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and H.323/SIP room systems.

With over a million people vouching to download zoom for mac, it is now the most trusted solution for business enterprises, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations to host and broadcast online meetings that can accommodate up to 100 interactive video participants and 10,000 view-only attendees.

Download Zoom for Mac



How to download zoom for mac?

The boring way……..

Supported Operating Systems: To download zoom for mac, following are the system requirements to facilitate zoom cloud meetings download for mac;

  • Mac OS X with MacOS 10.7 or later
  • MacOS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) with limited functionality (Zoom version 3.6)

To download zoom for macbook pro, you may need to change your Security and Privacy settings and allow for apps downloaded or download zoom app for mac from identified developers. This can be done by following the given basic steps to a successful zoom for mac download:

  • Visit the Zoom download page.
  • Once you are at the “Zoom Software Download Center” page, click Download on Zoom Cloud Meetings for Mac.
  • The installer file, called the pkg, will be downloaded to your Downloads folder or any other location that you have fixed by default.
  • In the Finder, navigate to your Downloads folder and then double-click to open the installer file
  • A pop-up window will appear, click Continue to run the installer program.
  • In the Zoom window set-up box, click Sign In.
  • To login into your account, you can make use of your zoom account email and password, or access it through Google (Gmail), Facebook account, or login using SSO.
  • The Zoom main window will be displayed. This means the process to download zoom for mac is complete and ready to run.


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The easy way………

  • Download it in just one click from the download button at the end.


After you have completed the steps for zoom app download for mac and launched the application, you have two options with you. You can click on a Join a Meeting or Sign In.  If you want to join a meeting-in-progress, click on Join a Meeting.  If you would like to log in and commence or plan out and schedule your own meeting, click on Sign In.

Once you have logged in, you will see the main dialog box with the default tab “Home”. Here, you’ll have the option to:

  • Select Start without video to start a meeting sharing your “desktop” or “application”
  • Select Start with video to start a video meeting.
  • Select Schedule to schedule a future meeting.
  • Select Join to join a meeting that has already been started.
  • Select Share Screen to share your screen in a Zoom Room by entering in the sharing key or meeting ID.



General Settings (For Mac only)

Download Zoom for Mac

Once you’ve finished the process to download zoom for mac, before commencing a meeting, make sure you visit the settings tab to adjust the discrepancies and prepare for the conference. The General settings allow you to select Application, share content and facilitate Instant Message settings:

  1. Under the Meeting tab, you can select the following settings:
  • By accessing you display settings, you can enter full screen mode automatically when viewing the shared screen. Whenever you are having a meeting with a participant and he/she shares a screen, you screen will automatically go into full screen mode.
  • If you download zoom for mac, the display settings permits automatic full screen mode when you’re about to start a video call.
  • Resize the shared screen to fit the window automatically while viewing.
  • Facilitate a dual stream for dual monitor. If you have switched to the “Dual monitor” setup at conference room, ensure that you have your monitors/HDTV properly connected via HDMI cables (preferred) or VGA cables. Navigate to the Apple menu, select System Preferences, go to the View option, choose Displays, click the Arrangement tab, and enable Mirror Displays in the bottom left-corner of the screen.
  • Copy the Invitation URL automatically to Clipboard after the meeting has started. This ensures that the URL is at your disposal to paste.
  • Access options like Check with me when I leave a meeting. This will allow you to send a confirmation when you’re about to leave a meeting and even assign another host.
  1. Under the Instant Message tab, you can activate the following settings:
  • Display offline contacts.
  • Play an alerting tone when you receive a chat message.
  • Activate the Floating notification when you receive a chat message.
  • Bounce the application icon whenever I receive a chat message and choosing between either continuously or Once.
  • Display my status as Offline if I am inactive for XX minutes.
  • Type and fix the number of minutes of meeting from the drop-down menu.



Zoom app has integrated into the companies operational expertise at many different levels and is often the go-to software for hosting online meetings and conferences all around the world. It’s easy to use and possesses a user friendly interface, has an intuitive design for new users, along with support and integration with other software like Slack, which provides us with the utility of some excellent features of all the integrated soft wares.

If you download zoom for mac, or better yet, the paid version, called the Zoom PRO, it offers a large amount of storage space for recording and saving meetings, which has enabled many organizations and employees to download zoom for mac, developing into the most trusted video conferencing solution of all time, giving brutal competitions to applications like Skype, Outlook, Hangouts and Facetime.

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