freeconferencecall vs zoom – A Detailed Comparison

During this pandemic all over the world, many people are mostly dependent on virtual meetings. Work from home has gained utmost importance in this crisis. You might be trying to find the best way possible to interact and communicate with your colleagues, teachers, family, and friends.

Thanks to the emerging trend of interacting with web-based tools, several choices have earned popularity in this time and help communicate with ease.

Two of the most popular online communication applications are Free conference calls and Zoom, which many workplaces use worldwide.

Freeconferencecall Vs Zoom

It is sure to compare between these two to help people to choose the better option. A fair comparison between these applications can help find the solution in the Freeconferencecall vs Zoom discussion. 

Each of these applications has some pros and cons of its own.

The Zoom app is standing at 3rd position in the list provided by ‘Best Webinar Software of 2020’. On the other hand, the Free conference call app stands at 11th position as per the above list.

Zoom has a rating of 3.9/5 stars concerning useful user rating, and Free Conference Call has an average rating of 4/5. It is calculated with the real, verified user data and feedback.

Freeconferencecall Vs Zoom

About Freeconferencecall and Zoom

To understand the device’s services and features of these two applications, you need to understand the vendor comparison of these two. 


Its mission and aim are to completely redefine one-to-many communication by effectively offering quality and fantastic customer service at the most competitive price available. They focus on the targeted customer to gain popularity and increase their users. It was established in the year 2001.

Its parent company is Free Conference Corporation, a leading service provider of collaborative communication solutions with various individuals, organizations, and businesses. Around 3 million registered users avail their services, along with 30 million network associates.

Zoom Video Communications

It is there to unite simple virtual meetings, group messaging and cloud video conferencing in a single and effective platform. Zoom provides excellent services of clear audio, video, and screen-sharing options in all platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC, and Zoom Rooms.

His company was established in the year 2011 by the experienced people of WebEx and Cisco. Zoom’s purpose is to develop a useful and practical user-centric cloud communicative service to transform the real-time collaboration experience. They are also working to improve the effectiveness and quality of the communication application around the world. 


The cost and pricing of a video calling software give the real picture compared to the features and functionalities it comes with. A video calling application price includes subscription fees, software license, customization cost, software training institute, maintenance and support cost, etc. The pricing is critical in Freeconferencecall vs Zoom discussion. 

The effective pricing of the Free Conference call application starts at $14.95 per month per user. Comparing its pricing strategy with the features this app comes with, this software’s rating is 4 /10. This rating is known to be lower than the average cost of the Virtual Video Conference application.

On the other hand, the effective pricing of Zoom starts at $14.99 per month per user. Apart from this, Zoom provides free facilities with a basic version that comes with few features and limited participants at a time.

Moreover, Zoom also has a classic version that can be enjoyed after payment. Its other two versions are available at $19.99 per month per user.

Comparing Zoom to its competitors, it stands at the rate of 2, which is much lower than the average virtual meeting application cost. 

Features And Functionalities

The features and functionalities are the essential viewpoints of any video calling application. An application is to support the workflows, processes, reports, and other requirements of a user. On one side, Free Conference Call video calling app has some inbuilt features like messaging and virtual meeting options.

This app also has some other basic and advanced feature that makes this app interesting and useful. On the other side, Zoom comes with some of the most amazing functionalities and features such as Basic Report, 24/7 telephonic support, Email integration, dashboard, chat, etc.

Therefore, Zoom is undoubtedly a far better option than the Free Conference Call app if it is about parts and functionalities.

Targeted Customer Size

Targeting customers is an integral part of gaining shares and popularity. This factor is useful in developing the video calling application. In this respect, both of these applications are helpful and effective.

Free Conference Call focuses on a typical customer base, and it includes all types of businesses; small, medium, and large. On the other side, Zoom focuses on different customer classes, such as individuals, Schools, Churches, non-profits, and big organizations.

Easy of Use

If you are excited to know about these apps’ features, they are many. Here, in this case, we only talk about the convenience and ease of use. Free Conference Call is handy and easy to use. Everything is so smooth and convenient. You would not find any reason to complain regarding any audio and video issues.

On the other side, the Zoom app is easier to use. This app is famous for its one unique feature: there is no need to log in to join the meeting. You are not even obligated to install the Zoom App.

If you want to attend the meetings, you are only said to click on the host’s link to join the discussion, and you are all set to serve your views with your colleagues.

Freeconferencecall Vs Zoom – The Conclusion

By discussing the Freeconferencecall vs Zoom comparison, both have some special and unique features because of these traits. They have great value for money.

Free Conference Call is known for its pricing structure, reliability/flexibility, and ease of use. They might not have many features, but it has excellent value for money for its unique features. Zoom offers 24/7 customer service, and its state of art elements increase its value for money.


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