10 Best Useful Holiday Out of Office Message Examples

Many companies generously give their employees time off for holidays. Depending on the industry you work in, outside partners you work with regularly may not have the same holidays off.

Because of that, you’ll want to set up an out of office message to let them know your response will be delayed and to send them well wishes when you’re not there in recognition of the holiday.

You will want to include when you’ll be back, who to contact in your absence (if applicable) or if you’re going to include your contact information.

This will help people to understand when to expect a response or whom to contact in an emergency.

Below, we’ll discuss several options of out of office messages that you can use when you are out celebrating a holiday, no matter what type it is. Remember that holidays vary by country, so if you work exclusively in the United States, it’s likely that you will be celebrating the same days off. If you are working with international partners, the days off may vary.

10 Best Useful Holiday Out of Office Message Examples

Out of Office Message Examples for Public Holidays

Public holidays are holidays that most industries have off. They include New Years’, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and more in the United States. Below, we’ll cover a few sample messages that you can use, swapping out the holidays to make sense for you. You can also mix and match to create a message that works for you!

General Holidays – Unreachable

I am currently out of the office in observance of [HOLIDAY NAME]. During this time, I will have no access to emails. I will respond to your message when I am back at work on [MONTH/DATE]. 

Thank you and have a good day,


General Holidays – Connected

Happy [HOLIDAY NAME]! I am enjoying time off, but you can reach me at [CONTACT NUMBER] if you need anything urgent. Otherwise, I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.



General Holiday – Grateful

This [HOLIDAY NAME] season, I am reflecting on all for which I am grateful, and that includes you! I am taking time away from the office to unplug and recharge. [NAME], [CONTACT INFORMATION] can help you in the meantime; otherwise, I will respond to you when I am back on [MONTH/DATE].

All the best to you and yours this holiday season,


Out of Office Message Examples for Private Holidays

Private holidays may be specific to your company or a holiday that you get off, not a federal holiday. These may be holidays that outside partners do not celebrate, so you may need to explain in addition to being out of office.

Private Holiday – Explanation

At [Company name], we celebrate [HOLIDAY], which is [BRIEF EXPLANATION]. The office is closed during this time, and I will get back to you when it opens on [MONTH/DATE]. 

Thank you and have a great day,


Private Holiday – Skeleton Crew

It is [HOLIDAY], and I will be out of the office until [MONTH/DATE] to celebrate. We have a small staff working during this time, and if you need immediate assistance, you can reach [NAME] at [CONTACT INFORMATION].

Other matters will be responded to in the order in which they were received. Thank you for your understanding and have a great day.


Private Holiday – Unplugged 

It’s [HOLIDAY]! We are enjoying time away from the office, which will be closed until [MONTH/DATE]. No one will have access to email during this time, and we look forward to responding to you when we get back. 

Have a great day!


Out of Office Message Examples for Religious Holidays

We’ll explore different types of holiday messages here, recognizing specific holidays by name, as well as an inclusive approach so that all feel welcomed by your message. It’s up to you, which you prefer!

Christmas – Connected 

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I am currently out of the office celebrating the holiday with my family and friends. I look forward to responding to your message when returning to the office on [MONTH DATE]. If you need immediate assistance, please contact me on my cell phone at [NUMBER]. 

All the best this Christmas season,


Christmas – Unplugged

Season’s greetings and Merry Christmas! I am celebrating the Christmas season with my loved ones and have no access to email. For immediate assistance, please contact [NAME] at [CONTACT INFORMATION]. Otherwise, I will respond to your message upon my return on [MONTH/DATE].



General Winter Holidays

Happy Holidays to you and your families! From [MONTH/DATE] to [MONTH/DATE], I will be out of the office, but rest assured you will be in great hands with [NAME], [CONTACT INFORMATION]. Please text me at [NUMBER] for immediate assistance. 

Otherwise, I look forward to responding to your message when I’m back from the holidays, rested and re-energized for the new year!




Happy Easter! I will be out of the office from [MONTH/DATE] to [MONTH/DATE] to observe the Easter Holiday. [NAME], [CONTACT INFORMATION], can help you in my stead.

I look forward to reading your email when I am back in the office.

Thank you so much and have a fantastic day,


Your Holiday Out of Office Message

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, be sure to notify your contacts that you will be out of the office.

It is a common courtesy, so no one is waiting for you to respond to an email if you are away for an extended time.

As you’re considering what kind of message to set, keep a few things in mind. Will you be accessible? Or will there be a point of contact people should direct questions to? What date will you be returning? These are all very important things to keep in mind and to include when you’re setting your message.

If you are using Google Workspace or Gmail for your office communication, this post might be helpful to set up Holiday Out of Office Message –> How to Set up Out of Office Message in Gmail

Don’t forget to take it down when you’re back – though you may want to leave it up for a few extra hours so that you can catch up.

Time off is incredibly restful, but coming back can be overwhelming, especially when you’re out a long time. Out of office messages can help level-set expectations on response times!