How to attend a Zoom Webinar?

Zoom is considered to be the best video conferencing application in the world. Ever since the world wide lockdown started in March 2020, Zoom has become immensely popular around the world for its ease of use and variety of features. Many business organizations, as well as educational institutes, have resorted to zoom to do their necessary video conferencing in the best way possible.

If you want to use Zoom in your own favor, then you can really do it whenever you want. In case you are interested in knowing as to how to attend a Zoom Webinar then you need to read this article properly. This way, you will get to know about the nitty-gritty about attending a Zoom meeting as per your need and requirement.


There are two kinds of users in a Zoom meeting, such as host and attend. In case you happen to join a Zoom webinar that has been hosted by another user, then you are an attendee. On the other hand, the user who happened to schedule the webinar is regarded as host. There are some host controls that normal attendees are not allowed to access. There are also co-hosts and panelists.

How to attend a Zoom Webinar?

It requires you to download the Zoom app in your smartphone (if you are to access it through your phone), or you also have the option of installing the Zoom program on your desktop (installing Zoom desktop client).

Joining Zoom meeting by the invitation

If you join from a mobile

If you want to join the Zoom meeting from your mobile device (iPhone/iPad/Android phone/tablet), then you are required to download the Zoom app from the Play/App Store. The whole process is quite easy and smooth.

If you join from a desktop

If you prefer to join Zoom meeting from your desktop, then you are required to download a very small application file from the internet. You can complete this process using any browser installed on your desktop, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

After downloading the dot exe Zoom file, you are supposed to initiate the installation process. Once the installation is done, then you are ready to go. This is the first step in how to attend a Zoom webinar process.

Joining Zoom Webinar by the invitation

If you want to join a Zoom webinar through using the invitation link, then you need to click on the link provided by the host that you are to receive in the confirmation page after the registration. You are also supposed to get the link in the registration confirmation email.

Manually joining the Zoom webinar

  1. In order to do it, you need to properly locate the 9 digit webinar ID/meeting ID from the registered mail that you got. It might be there at end of the phone dial-in information.
  2. Then you have to sign in to zoom mobile app or desktop client.
  3. Now tap or click on the ‘join a meeting’ option.
  4. You need to enter the 9-digit Zoom meeting ID and then tap on the ‘join meeting’ or ‘join.’
  5. In case you are prompted, then you are supposed to enter your email address and name and click on the ‘join webinar.’

In case the host has not already started the webinar, then you are to be asked to wait for the webinar to get started. If you happen to get a text message showing time and date of Zoom webinar, then check out the tart time of the meeting, not to overlook the time zone. You are then supposed to join the webinar whenever it starts.

Zoom Webinar Controls

There are various webinar controls that you are supposed to be able to use as per your need. As an attendee, you are only allowed to use those controls that are enabled by the host. The controls that are disabled by the host, an attendee will not be able to use them.

There are different kinds of audio settings that one is supposed to change as per their convenience. There will be an upward arrow that can be used to change the speaker.

Mute/Unmute: In case the host of the meeting is there to give you permission; then you will be allowed to mute or unmute your audio while the webinar is going on. Each of the applicants or attendees of the meeting is there to hear you. In case the host enables the feature to let you talk, then you will get a notification, and then you can talk.

Chat: In the chat option, you are allowed to send messages to other users like attendees, panelists, and hosts if permitted.

Raise Hand: You are supposed to use this option in case you need to say something to the host. The host of the meeting is there to properly instruct you as to how to use this feature of the meeting. Most of the meeting hosts enable this feature to know if there is any question or query from any attendee or user. One is also allowed to speak loud if he/she raises the hand.

Question and Answer: This feature is there to allow a user to open the Q&A window to ask any questions they have for the panelists or hosts while the meeting is going on. The hosts and panelists are supposed to respond or reply either through text or may directly answer the question by speaking. It is their choice.

To ask a question:

  1. You are allowed to type your question in the form of a message in the Q&A box and then send it.
  2. If the panelists or hosts reply, then you will get it in your Q&A window.

Other attendees may also comment on the question asked by other attendees on the Q&A box as per their convenience. It is there to choose the host to decide on a popular question and then answer it first.

Leave meeting: Once the meeting is over, then you are allowed to leave the webinar after clicking on the ‘leave meeting’ option. This is the last process of how to attend a Zoom Webinar. If the meeting is still going on, then you re-join the meeting.

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