How to change the background on Zoom to spice up your Meeting?

Today millions of people have started giving greater preferences to the zoom video chat application. No doubt they are using it to work from home, to take classes from home, or to have gossips with buddies and family members. And there are many users that have found greater fun in using the zoom by changing the video background from the available choices.

Also, a user of zoom can upload the photo in order to customize the background according to their own taste and preferences. So stay here in this article and learn How to change the background on Zoom.

How to change the Zoom background on Desktop?

Today, the zoom is experiencing a speedy rise in its usage due to the facility of working as a freelancer, will hold onto your background images quite well.  It makes a fun way to express yourself or put out of sight the unorganized room behind you. After all, you always want the other participants to completely put focus only on you instead of the curio collection.

How to change background on Zoom
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When coming to using the zoom app you must see whether your system is having all the right requirements for changing the background of the zoom application or not. Undoubtedly changing the background for the next zoom meeting can be of greater help. Here’s How to change the background on Zoom so that you can make it more exciting and professional of course.

  • In the zoom video calling application, hit on your profile at the top right corner and thump on the setting
  • Hit on “virtual background” on the list of options to the left
  • Now you will see that there are few background choices available, including blades of grass or an outer space scene. You can pick and choose up the one by simply clicking on it. Automatically the background image will get changed. Also, there is an alternative for if having a green screen
  • Also do the uploading of the photo for using the background, on the same “virtual background page”. You simply have to hit on + icon that is next to “choose virtual background”.
  • A box will come up, permitting you to upload the photo from the PC. Thump on the one you like and it is going to appear at the side of the other images as a choice for you to opt for from.
  • In order to get free of any image you upload, hit on X option that is there at the top left corner

How to change the Zoom background on Mobile?

  • After you log into your account and join the meeting, hit on the three dots that you will see there at the bottom right of the screen for opening up “more” option
  • Hit on “virtual background”
  • From the default options choose the background or else you can upload your own image

touch up my appearance

Adding the beauty filter

You possibly may have heard all about work from home advice till now- “wake up on time”, “shower”, “get dressed like it’s a day at your organization”. However, if it is one of the days and you aren’t looking best, the zoom is having the solution in the form of a feature named “touch up my appearance”.

Usually, it is a softening filter that you would find on Instagram (facetune/phone’s selfie camera).  You need to turn it on and hit on the arrow that is next to ‘start video’. Hit on ‘video settings’ and under ‘My Video’. Checkmark the box for ‘touch my appearance’ and you have done with all you want.

If you are using an external webcam, you can use a ring light and adjust the color/brightness settings as per your room lighting.

Try these Zoom virtual backgrounds

Zoom application offers its user a few default images. They can pick up one from those for setting and for changing the zoom background. Also, the zoom app allows its user to upload own image. Here are few best options that are obviously good to select.

1) Office zoom background

While not being into the office, you can easily join the upcoming office meeting from the office by adding the background image of the theme “office zoom background”. All employees can make use of this background image to show that you are at the office.

2) Marvel zoom background

Doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of classic comics or of the new Avenger film, using a marvel zooms background is also going to be a better selection for you. In fact, this will allow you to have a better zoom app user experience.

3) Tiger King zoom background

People after watching the show on Netflix “Tiger King” has got a greater craze towards wild big cats. In fact, millions of people have watched the popular series within a week of its release. If you are really a big fan, you can surely use the tiger king picture to put it as your zoom app background image.

4) Disney Pixar zoom background

Numbers of fantastic Pixar movies available and therefore, it is really difficult to opt one. Fortunately, Pixar Animation Studios has shared the Zoom background of some of the animated films that have earned a good name in the market, such as Up, Toy Story, Nemo, and Ratatouille.

5) Schitt’s Creek zoom background

Though Schitt’s Creek has just wrapped up its final season, you can still hold on the memories by just hosting the upcoming meeting as of the front desk of the Rosebud Model.

6) Fox Animation zoom background

From all available popular animated shows, Fox has come up with loads of amazing zoom background images. You can join the upcoming video call by adding the background image either from ‘the dinner counter from Bob’s burger or from ‘the Simpson’s couch’.

7) Meme zoom background

So you are having any favorite meme, you can turn it into a zoom background image.  In this way, you can be well prepared for having a greater hoot with your colleagues.

Finally, you have got the idea of How to change the background on Zoom. Simply follow the set of instructions described above and get the new background image for zoom. Also, we have shared a few best and trendy zoom background options that will work for you in making zoom using experience bit a better.

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