How to Conduct a Zoom Test Meeting?

It’s pretty important to test all your equipment and software before a business meeting. You don’t want to have trouble during a conference, do you? Well, how to conduct a Zoom test meeting?

You will find detailed instructions on how to conduct a Zoom test meeting below.

Zoom Test Meeting

How to Conduct a Zoom Test Meeting?

To conduct a Zoom test meeting, do the following:

  1. Go to the test meeting page.
  2. Click Join.
  3. You will be prompted to launch the desktop client. Click Open Zoom Meetings to launch the client.
  4. A pop-up will appear to test your speakers. You will need to hear the ringtone of Zoom to pass this test. If you do hear the ringtone, click Yes to proceed. Otherwise, click No and switch the speakers from the drop-down menu below until you hear the ringtone.
  5. Now comes the microphone test. Speak into your microphone, and you should hear a replay. If you hear it, click Yes. Otherwise, click No and switch your audio input devices until you hear the replay.
  6. Then, click Join with Computer Audio to join the test meeting with your microphone and speakers. You will join a test meeting as a participant. During the test meeting, you will be able to try out the functionality provided by the Zoom Meeting client.

What Features to Test Before Starting Zoom Meeting?

You should test two features before a meeting – your audio and video. Let’s see how to conduct a Zoom test meeting for video & audio below.

How to Test Audio Before Meeting?

You can test your audio with 2 methods.

The first method is as follows.

  1. If you haven’t enabled automatic joining by computer audio, you may test your speaker and microphone before a meeting.
  2. Join a Zoom meeting.
  3. Click Test speaker and microphone. You will now go through the same audio test as you would during a test meeting.
  4. Follow the prompts on the screen to test your speakers and microphone. If you don’t hear anything, remember to cycle through the available sound devices until you get sound. If you don’t get sound, you may have issues with your audio devices or their drivers.

The other method is as follows:

  1. While in the client, click on your profile picture.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Navigate to the Audio
  4. Click Test Speaker to play a test sound. If you can’t hear it, cycle through your speaker devices until you do hear it.
  5. In the Microphone section, click Test Mic to test your microphone. Your audio will start recording.
  6. Click Recording once you are done, and you will hear the recording playback. If you don’t hear anything, adjust the input level or switch to another input device.

How to Test Video Before Meeting?

To test your video input:

  1. In the client, click your profile picture and then Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Video
  3. You will see a preview of your camera. If something’s not right, reinstall the cameras driver’s, restart your PC, or try the camera on another computer to check if the camera has gone bad.


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