How to get free virtual background videos for Zoom?

Showing a beautiful background while having a zoom meeting will surely be soothing for other participants in the meeting. Especially at the time of this pandemic, when most of us are doing work from home, it has become much more necessary to use the free virtual background videos for zoom so that you can avoid showing the messy background of the house.

If you are thinking about the variety, there are plenty of options waiting for you. You can make your background looking like an office. You can also choose some beautiful sceneries of a hill station or a beach. There are plenty of other attractive options as well.

Different zoom meetings will have different importance. Accordingly, you can set up the background, so if you have an official meeting that you can choose such a background that will suit the professional atmosphere of an office.

On the other hand, if it is a friendly video conference, then you can choose the background accordingly to have fun. You can collect both videos and images as a zoom background.

Now you will also want to know how you can set up a suitable zoom background while having any zoom meeting. In this article, we will show you how you can set up a beautiful background for your next zoom meeting.

How the virtual background is helpful:

With a virtual background, you can show a particular video or image as background while having a zoom meeting. With uniform lighting and a green screen, this will work the best. It will allow then to detect the background and you separately. By using the virtual background, you can make the background look much more official in a meeting.

If you are going to have your next meeting with your client and you are right now working from home, you will not want to show the background of your home. So, this virtual background can help you to avoid showing any plain background to the other participants in the meeting.

Download the free virtual background videos for zoom:

The first step of having a wonderful zoom video background will be to download the best background of your choice. There are plenty of websites available online from where you can download beautiful zoom backgrounds for free. If you are thinking about the availability of the variety, there are plenty of them to choose from.

There are plenty of such backgrounds that will look official, which you can use for any corporate zoom meetings. At the same time, you will get different sceneries available as backgrounds.

There are plenty of other lovely household backgrounds providing a glimpse of a beautiful city from a balcony. So, there are plenty of wonderful options to go for. There are some of the websites from which you need to get the background by paying.

So, you need to check out for the free virtual background videos for zoom. Download both videos and images as the zoom background.

How to upload the background in zoom:

You can download as many zoom backgrounds as you want. The second step will be to upload them in the zoom before you are going to have your next meeting. Firstly you need to sign in to your zoom account.

Then you have to go to the option ‘Meeting Settings’ or ‘My Meeting Settings’ available in different versions of zoom. Over there, you will find the option for the virtual background. You need to enable the option.

Now, once you want to use the background, you need to open up a meeting. After that, you have to stop or start the video. Next, you will choose the virtual background which you have downloaded and decided to set up. In case you face any difficulty, you can always check in the Zoom Help Center.

While uploading any image as a virtual background, you need to keep in mind that the required resolution of the image should be 360p to 1080p to upload it as a virtual background.

You can add a MOV or an MP4 video file as the virtual background, but the resolution should be between 360p to 1080p. If you are using your own image, it will be better to crop it properly.

Customized Zoom Background:

If you are hosting a meeting, you may need to have a customized  the zoom background. Well, there are plenty of online agencies from which you can get customized backgrounds. You can create backgrounds as per your requirement. You can use a particular image.

You can use the necessary animation in the background as well. You can also use the animated text in which you can create a particular sentence you want to show others present in the meeting.

If you are having a zoom conference with your group of friends, you can customize background with your pictures while having the conference. The background will be much more interesting for your meeting.

How you can make your own zoom background for free:

There are plenty of tools available online with the help of which you can make your own zoom background as per your requirement. You will get these tools for free. So, making the zoom background by yourself will also be free of cost.

You can not only create images, but you can show your colleagues a wonderful video prepared by you as a zoom background with the help of these tools. You can create nature videos, abstracts, Happy Birthday videos, and many other options in this way.

These days most of the people are working from home. Due to this reason, the importance of having a free virtual background video for zoom will be extremely crucial. You don’t know when the meeting is going to be scheduled sometimes.

So, you may fall in a situation where your room is messy, and you are going to have a meeting within just a few minutes. With free virtual backgrounds, you can make any such situation easy. While having long training, a good virtual video background will be very much soothing to the eyes of the other participants as well.

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