How to get Zoom on your Apple TV?

In today’s age, technology is developing at a very fast pace. Almost every day we come to know about a new invention that makes our lives easier. A lot of applications have been developed through which we can stay connected with each other for personal or official purposes. Zoom is a video conferencing and chatting app which has received immense popularity for its flawless video and clear audio features. It is also one of the compatible Apple tv apps, which means you can use zoom for Apple TV as well. In this article, you will come to know about the steps following which you can use this app on your iOS device as well.

What is the Zoom app?

Zoom is said to be one of the best conferencing apps for Apple devices. With this app, it is easy to stay connected from anywhere to anyone. In the commercial sector, this app is widely used as it offers flawless video quality with crystal clear audio. Along with this, an instant messaging option is also available.

Like Zoom, there are many other apps available for video chatting, such as Skype, Microsoft Outlook, etc., which are also used in the business sector. But among all these apps, Zoom is the best, and it is easy to install. You don’t need much technical knowledge for installing zoom in Apple TV. There are few instructions that you need to follow, and your Apple device should be updated with its latest iOS 8.0 versions. Zoom is compatible with all Apple devices.

With this Zoom app, you can stay connected with anyone from anywhere. This video conferencing application is used either for personal purposes or office meetings. With this app, you can invite up to 100 persons in the conference with high-quality sound and video. It is an effective tool to conduct an office meeting. However, this app has not specifically been made for Apple devices only. Rather it is a cross-platform application, and it is run across all devices, be it windows, android, or iOS. The users need to follow different sets of instructions for installing this application.

Zoom for Apple TV can easily be used as a conference hall display, which makes it easy to share your screen from other Apple devices such as Mac OS, iPad OS devices with the help of airplay. Zoom app has been developed by adding another exclusive feature called Zoom meeting, which allows users to host a meeting and invite up to 100 persons at the conference. With this app, you can always stay connected with your office colleagues no matter where you go.

Check Out the Features of Zoom app

  • You can always stay connected with your colleagues by using this Zoom app
  • It is compatible with app types of Apple devices such as Apple TV, Mac OS, iPad, iPad Touch, and so on.
  • Zoom for Apple TV gives you the option to use it as a conference room display.
  • With this app, you can invite up to 100 persons to join the video conference
  • Its meeting features include training, collaboration and technical support
  • Excellent audio and video quality
  • Screen control feature is available with the app
  • With this app, you can host a webinar online
  • This app supports dual-screen and sharing the screen is easy with just one single click
  • Along with video conference, the users can send text, image, audio files, PDF files through its instant messaging option

How to use Zoom for Apple TV?

Here, in this article, you will come to know about the instructions which you should follow for installing the Zoom app on Apple TV. Now let’s check out the steps below.

There are mainly two ways to install Zoom for Apple TV. First, How to get the Zoom app from the Apple app store, and second is how to get the Zoom app for Apple TV using screen mirroring.

Zoom for Apple TV

Now let’s check out the steps below:

Step 1: Switch on the Apple TV

Step 2: Make sure that your Apple TV is connected to a trusted internet connection or your home Wi-Fi to avail this app on your TV

Step 3: By using the remote of your Apple TV, Go to the Apple app store and search for the Zoom meeting app

Step 4: This app is free to install from the store, and it will not ask you to buy this app for installation

Step 5: Now you click on the Zoom app to download and install it on your Apple TV

Step 6: Once the installation is done, now open the app on your TV

Step 7: If you are a new user, to start working on this app, you have to sign up. So, click on the signup option and enter all your details and create a password.

Step 8: If you are already having a password and an ID, then click on the sign-in option and put your ID and password

Step 9: After you sign in, now if you would like to host a meeting, then click on host meeting option and invite up to 100 people to join the video conference

Step 10: If you want to join a meeting, then click on join the meeting option and enter your details

Step 11: You can easily start a webinar by adding up to 100 users and 100,000 visitors

Step 12: By hosting or joining a meeting on Zoom, you can enjoy crystal clear audio and video quality

How to conduct a Zoom meeting on Apple TV?

The steps are quite simple. You just need to follow them one by one –

Step 1: Once you get this app on your Apple TV, open this zoom app

Step 2: Enter your complete login details and sign in

Step 3: On the home page, you will find hosting or join a meeting option

Step 4: if you want to join a meeting, then click on join a meeting tap

Step 5:Enter your screen name and meeting ID

Step 6: Click Join

Step 7: within just a few seconds, it will show connected

Step 8: The video will start, you can change your background by using Zoom virtual background option

If you would like to get crystal clear audio, flawless video, and easy screen sharing and instant messaging option across all devices, then Zoom is the right option. It is the best app for Apple TV.

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  1. The zoom app does not come up as an option on Apple TV. It does on the devices but it doesn’t on the tv. Every time I screen mirror my device to the tv it is good until I connect to zoom and then it kicks off the tv.

    • That’s what I found also — there is no Zoom app in the AppleTV store == it’s on main Mac and iOS but not AppleTV ==


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