How to mute yourself on Zoom Meeting?

How to mute yourself on Zoom Meeting? Millions of people are using the zoom app for many purposes that can be personal or professional both. People are using the app for online meetings through which they can easily connect to their colleagues and discuss important topics easily. Basically, this app is used to connect virtually with others either by audio or video or you can use both also.

When you are new to zoom and start learning about it you will normally hear the terms Zoom room or Zoom meeting. When using zoom a video conferencing is hosted that is called Zoom meeting. Phone or webcam can be used to join this meeting.

A physical hardware setup through which companies from their conference room schedule and launch Zoom Meetings is called a Zoom room. It is ideal for large companies as it requires a Zoom subscription.

Zoom offers a number of features that help people to join and schedule the meeting easily and effectively as everyone is not so used to this type of working. Therefore it is necessary that the app will be easy to use.

How to mute yourself on Zoom Meeting

How to mute yourself on Zoom? Follow this procedure

So if you are wondering about How to mute yourself on Zoom then this a very simple process:

  1. Click the unmute button (microphone) in the bottom – left corner of the meeting window to unmute yourself and begin talking.
  2. Click the mute button after that a red slash will appear on your microphone icon showing the audio off to mute you in the meeting.
  3. Click the up arrow top the right of the microphone icon and select an audio setting to test your computer microphone and speakers.

So one will be thinking that if you are attending the meeting then what the need to mute yourself is. As when people attend the meeting in the office in the meeting room it is well prepared and there will be the sound of the host and when n need you can also talk.

There will be no other disturbance mostly. But when someone attends the meeting from the home there is a chance of lots of disturbance like the sound of traffic, if you have other family members or roommates then they will make noise by chatting.

So that will defiantly create disturbance in the meeting and it will affect not only you but others also. It will result in not understanding the meeting properly and result in lower performance. Therefore it is important to know How to mute yourself on Zoom to make the meeting experience more enjoyable and understanding.

Nowadays because of a lockdown situation, online studies are in trend therefore students are also using it for their study purpose. Teachers are scheduling the meeting of every subject and from home, students are attending the class.

So it the fact that there will be a lot of noise in the home as family members are talking with each other, some are busy watching TV. And one cannot save from the younger brother or sister naughtiness’ and sound.

Therefore for students and their parents, it is essential to know How to mute yourself on Zoom? TO avoid any kind of disturbance while attending the class and will help other students also to learn smoothly and effectively.

It will be a sign of intelligence in front of your teacher and superiors if you mute yourself when you are not in need total. And whenever you want to ask a question or something you can easily unmute yourself.

It will help in maintaining a proper atmosphere of the meeting and save from any kind of nuisance and disturbance to everyone.

Extra Zoom Audio Feature

Also, there is a feature through which when you join the meeting you can auto-enable microphone muting. For this

  • Go to the setting menu
  • Select audio
  • There is an option to mute my microphone when joining a meeting put the checkmark against it.

There are other options also that you can check with it that will help you unmute yourself by only pressing the space bar and then when you release it you will automatically be muted.

If you are the host of the meeting you can also get the option of mute. That will help to unmute others easily and helps in the easy flow of the meeting.

You can mute all of them at once or can also mute one by one to avoid disturbance.

This feature of the Zoom meeting app will help you in smooth working and in having a great experience of the meeting. So follow the steps of How to mute yourself on Zoom and enjoy the meeting for a better future.

3 main Zoom features worth exploring

  1. One-on-one meetings
  2. Group video conference
  3. Screen sharing

Zoom app can be download for both iOS and Android devices. In the zoom app when you log in to it you will find two options one is joining the meeting and the second is host meeting (scheduled meeting).

If you want to host a meeting you can create a meeting id and password to share with the participants. Do not share the meeting id and password on social sites to become more secure.

From the second option, you can join the meeting with the id and password share with you with the host of the meeting. Zoom app provided you with a feature that will help you in hosting and attending the meeting with more confidence.

In which feature like background change option, face filter, video off, or on option is available. Sometimes it is not possible to become always ready for the meetings physically or mentally.

It has also provided you the option of mute or unmutes and adjust audio option

You can access the audio in a zoom meeting through your telephone or through a microphone. There is an option through which the host and participant both can control their audio. There are some icons on the menu bar that will help you in doing this.


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