How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting for Someone Else?

When it comes to using the zoom, unfortunately, few people still feel hesitant. The reason behind this is that most of them do not know how exactly it can be used. Are you one of them? Do you have queries like, what is Zoom, how it works, and how to set up a Zoom Meeting for someone else? If yes, then you are in the right place. To get the correct answers to your questions, please keep on reading now.

What Exactly Is Zoom?

Zoom, a cloud-based video conferencing software program, is mainly used for audio conferencing, video conferencing meetings, webinars, live chat, and meeting recordings. As per the latest research, Zoom has become the most popular video conferencing platform for companies with more than 500 employees.

Please dive into the below section to know more about this video conferencing platform.

Zoom Meeting

The term “Zoom Meeting” refers to the video conferencing meetings where the participants use this platform. Zoom Meetings allow remote workers to communicate with their team, enabling users to work more productively. To attend Zoom Meetings, you require a Zoom account. This is the best solution for them who want to conduct interviews with job seekers and those who want to meet with clients virtually.

Zoom Room

Zoom Rooms are the hardware setup that allows business organizations to schedule, run and launch Zoom Meetings from the conference rooms. Zoom Rooms are excellent solutions for large companies with more than 500 employees. Those who need to hold online business meetings regularly may choose this platform.

What Do You Need To Set Up a Zoom Room?

You need the following if you want to set up a Zoom Room.

  • A laptop or computer to run Zoom Meetings
  • A tablet for launching the Zoom Meetings
  • A camera, speaker, and microphone for audio input.
  • HDTV monitors for displaying participants
  • An internet cable and HDMI cable

Now that you have understood what Zoom exactly is, it is the right time for you to get the correct answer to the question, how to set up a zoom meeting for someone else.

Select the Right Plan First

When it comes to choosing the plan, you will get several options to pick up. Some of them include Zoom Free, Zoom Business, Zoom Pro, and Zoom enterprise. You need to choose the one, as per your needs.

Download Zoom

After choosing the Zoom Plan, you need to download and sign up Zoom onto your device. Once you perform this task, you will be able to use it. If you want to set up a Zoom Room, you will also have to download “Zoom Rooms for Conference Room” on your laptop or PC. Then download the “Zoom Room Controller” for your tablet.

How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting for Someone Else?

You can Schedule or set up Zoom Meetings for another user when he or she assigns you the scheduling privilege. If you want to know how to perform this job, please check out the following write up.

Set Up the Scheduling Privilege

Here are the steps you need to follow first-

  • Sign in to Zoom
  • From Settings, click on the plus sign that is next to Assign scheduling privilege to.
  • After adding one or more email addresses, you need to click assign.

Setting Up Zoom Meetings for Another User

Before proceeding further, you need to set up the scheduling privilege. Also, you need to install the plugin and add on or add-in.

Outlook Add-in

You may follow the below steps to schedule the meeting for another person in the outlook add-in.

  1. Schedule the meeting by using the Outlook add-in
  2. Click Zoom and then select settings
  3. Select the user for whom you are scheduling the meeting

Outlook Plugin

  1. Schedule a meeting by using outlook plugin
  2. Find change settings and click
  3. Find the schedule for box and add the user for whom you are scheduling the meeting

Firefox or Chrome plugins

G suite add on

If you set up a Zoom Meeting for another user by using another plugin, add on, or add-in, it will be scheduled for yourself. Once you schedule the meeting for the third party platform, you need to follow the below steps for changing the users.

  1. Sign in to Zoom
  2. Click meetings
  3. Select the meeting you set up in the third party platform
  4. Find the schedule for the menu and add the user who assigned you the scheduling privileges

Setting Up the Meeting for Another User (Zoom)

The user who gave you scheduling privilege needs to log out of the Zoom and then log in again So that the scheduling privilege option is displayed. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Sign in to Zoom
  2. Find the schedule icon and click it
  3. Select advanced options
  4. Click schedule for
  5. Select the user for whom you want to set up the meeting
  6. Click schedule

Hopefully, you have found the right answer to the question, how to set up a Zoom Meeting for someone else. If you have further queries, you may do some research. Seeking help from professionals is another convenient option for the beginners.

Researching may take some time, but spending some time is always a better option than following the wrong steps or making mistakes. So, conduct thorough research and then proceed further. Zoom, the video conferencing software, is quite a user friendly. Hopefully, the users will not have to put much effort while learning about it. Just stay focused, do some research, and start using it to get the best benefits out of it.

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