How to set up and use breakout rooms in Zoom?

With the feature of Breakout rooms, you will be able to split any of the zoom meetings in a maximum of 50 sessions. As a meeting host, you can segregate the participants in these various sessions as per your requirement. This segregation can be done both automatically and manually as you feel it convenient. At any point in time, you can switch between various sessions. To create this breakout room, you need to be the host of the meeting. However, at first, you need to go to the account settings and make this feature enabled.

This Breakout room can be considered as a virtual room where a group of participants can have their own discussions, and then they can easily come back to the same session together. However, one thing you should keep in mind that you need to have a desktop version of zoom to create this Zoom Breakout room. If you are a mobile user, then you are allowed to join any breakout room, but you will not be able to create the room or manage it from a mobile device.

Now you will get an idea about how to create breakout rooms in zoom and how you can manage it as a host.

How to create a breakout room for all the participants of the organization:

  1. You have to first sign in to your zoom account. You should be able to do the editing in account settings.
  2. You should next go to Account Management and then choose Account Settings.
  3. You should next select the option of Breakout Room, which you will find in the Meeting tab. You should once verify that you have enabled the settings.
  4. You will also have the option to click on the checkbox for allowing the meeting host for pre-assigning the participant in the breakout rooms.
  5. You will also have the option to use this setting as a mandatory setting. To do this, you need to click on the lock icon. Next, you should click on the lock option to make the setting mandatory.
how to create breakout rooms in zoom
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How to create Breakout Room for all the participants of a particular group?

  1. You need to first sign in to your zoom account first. Go to the navigation menu and then choose the option of User Management. After that, you should go to Group Management.
  2. Write down the group name over there and then go to the Settings Tab.
  3. Next, you need to go to the option of a Breakout Room, which you will get in the Meeting tab.

You can use this option for your own, also following the same procedures. After you complete the setup, you can send the participants into the Breakout Rooms. As a host, you need to manage the Breakout Rooms then.

How to Manage the Breakout Rooms?

While creating the Breakout Room, you will get the option of how many rooms you want to create. Once the rooms are created, the next step will be to manage the rooms.

  1. You will get a dialogue box in which you will be able to see the Breakout Rooms, which you have created.
  2. You can click on any particular room to see the participants you have sent in that room. If you want, you can reassign another room for a particular participant. You can also rename, move, or delete a particular room from this option.
  3. You need to go to the ‘Options’ button for enabling the settings of the various Breakout Rooms you have created.
  4. Over here, you can set up a particular time for which the breakout room will exist, and then it will get automatically closed down. You can set up the time for which the participants will be able to remain in the breakout room for their separate discussions. These participants will be able to see the time set up by the host. Once the time gets over, you, as a host, will have the control to close the breakout rooms.
  5. In the beginning, you will surely want to see all the rooms for managing them perfectly. So, you should choose ‘Open All Rooms’ option. If you want to shuffle the participants of a particular meeting in the desired order, you can go to ‘Recreate Rooms’ option.

You need to know about certain things to manage the Breakout Rooms perfectly.

  • You will be able to manage the Breakout Room if you are a host. Even the Co-host will be able to join and leave the Breakout room at any point of time. But as a host, you need to assign the co-host in a particular room.
  • You need to be a Desktop user for managing the Breakout rooms. Other participants can have a mobile device also to join the breakout rooms.
  • If you are taking the help of the ‘Cloud Recording,’ then you will be able to record the proceedings of the main room only. However, with local recording, you can successfully record all the activities of the different rooms.
  • You can create a maximum of 50 Breakout rooms for a particular meeting. Now, as per the number of total participants in the meeting, you can bifurcate them in the various breakout rooms. You can pre-assign a maximum of two hundred participants in a particular Breakout Room.

With the feature of the Breakout room, you can handle various groups in a meeting easily. Now, in such an adverse situation related Pandemic the requirement of using Zoom for taking various teaching sessions, Group discussions among students is increasing very much. With this new feature of Breakout Rooms, it will be easier for you as a host to handle such sessions.

For using the Breakout Rooms perfectly, you should practice it first before you implement it in a particular live meeting. You will be able to plan better about how many Breakout Rooms you will need and how many participants you are going to assign in a particular room. You will also have the plan in mind whether you will manually assign the room to the participants or allow Zoom to select it automatically.

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