How to Use Zoom for Podcast?

The feature-rich platform, Zoom is an excellent option for conducting calls over the internet. If you are into the business of making podcasts even, then Zoom will be helpful for you because the app will allow you to record an interview. After applying a few effects and editing a few sections, you can use it as a podcast interview.

If you are an interview podcaster and want to know how to use Zoom for podcasts, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will help you with using Zoom for creating your podcast. But first of all, we will take a look over those exclusive features that you will get from Zoom if you use it for podcasting.

Reasons to Use Zoom for Podcast

Zoom can be considered as the leader of the modern enterprise communication tools. This cloud-based solution is reliable and easy to use. Besides these features, you will also find plenty of other reasons for which you need to consider using Zoom for podcast. In this section, we will discuss a few of them.

Zoom is available for different types of devices, and platforms such as iOS or Android, Windows or Mac, smartphone, or computer. Due to this reason, almost everyone can access Zoom; all they need is a fast internet connection.

The connection quality of Zoom is also excellent. During the call, you won’t experience any drop if you are using a stable internet connection. Meanwhile, it is also essential to know that Zoom comes with an in-built call recording option. So, if you use Zoom, then you won’t need any additional software to record your call. These are the few reasons that make Zoom an excellent solution for podcasting.

There’s one more reason that makes Zoom for podcast an excellent solution. Zoom extracts audio file in .m4a format. It means you can directly import it in almost all the audio processing software such as Audition or Audacity. On the same note, we would also like to mention one more thing. Zoom records video file in .mp4 format. Almost all the video editing software supports this format. So, if you want to record and edit your video call even then, you can do it with Zoom.

Recording a Call with Zoom

The main reason behind the worldwide popularity of Zoom is its rich features. But still, you won’t feel overwhelmed finding and using the different features of Zoom. You can easily record a call in Zoom by following the below steps.

At the bottom of your Zoom window, you will see a record button on the toolbar. After clicking on it, you have to choose the ‘Record on this Computer’ option. After doing this, Zoom will start recording the call. When you think you are done, you have to click on the Stop button.

Here it is important to understand that stopping your record won’t stop your call. At this point, you can also continue your call. However, if you want to access your file, then you have to click on the ‘End Meeting’ option. Once you do that, Zoom will automatically start saving your recording on your computer.

Preserving Original Sound in Zoom

If you search carefully in Zoom, you will also find a hidden setting that will allow you to optimize your audio in Zoom. But before we jump to that, it is essential to understand that by default, Zoom runs a bunch of effects through which it cancels out background noise as well as echoes. However, if you already have quality software for recording audio, then you should consider turning off the default feature of Zoom. It will allow you to get the original voice recording of your sound.

Once you get the original voice recording of your call, you can edit it and apply effects in any sort of audio processing software. In order to preserve your original sound, you have to go to Zoom settings, and after that, you have to click on the Audio option. In the Audio bar, you will see the Advanced option. After that, you have to check the box where it is written, “Enable Original Sound.” In this way, you will be able to get the raw audio file, and after that, you can edit it in any audio processing software in your own way.


In this section, we will discuss that equipment to use Zoom for podcast effectively. The most important thing that you need for podcasting is a good microphone. Without a high-quality mic, your podcast isn’t going to be stand out. You will also need a great pair of headphones, which will improve the conversation’s quality and allow you to monitor the sound while recording the podcast.

Apart from just peripherals, you will also need two more things for using Zoom for podcast. The first thing that comes in this list is a high-speed internet connection. Without high-speed internet, you won’t be able to record audio at its best. Meanwhile, you will also need a feature-rich audio processing and editing software to give your audio a professional sound and feel.

Creating the Podcast

If you choose Zoom for podcast, then you will be able to create interview podcasting. You can record a telephonic interview using Zoom. We have already mentioned how you can record audio using Zoom. Once you have the audio file, you need to remove noise and echo from it. You can use any audio editing software for this job. You can also consider equalizing and add effects in your audio to make it sound more stunning. You can also consider adding some background music in your audio file.

After editing and optimizing the audio file, you need to choose a podcast hosting provider. After the selection process, you need to upload the file, and your podcast is ready for the public. You also need to promote your podcast to boost its reach. In this way, you can use Zoom to create a podcast.

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