How to use zoom on computer? step by step instructions

About using Zoom app on a Desktop

Well, before we learn how to use Zoom on Computer, let”s agree to the fact that Virtual meetings & conferences are the new trendsetters in the current market. Well! They are not only the assisting tool but the necessity for today’s young population. We have got so much to finish off in less than 24 hours! Subsequently, we need a smart idea like Zoom to boost the virtual meeting movements across the world.

There would hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard about the Zoom meeting app. In recent times it is a well-liked application to unify the video conferencing, virtual meetings, or even the large events, group messaging, virtual interviews & Podcasting, and what not!

How to use the zoom on a computer?

No doubt Zoom is very easy to use and understand. Just follow the rest of the article to get the right deliberation over How to use the zoom on the computer. 

Basically, this article deals with the following heads:

How to use the Zoom on a computer- is an effortless concept to grasp. And, here we have enlisted the step-by-step guide to everything that you need to run the Zoom perfectly on the desktop.

Lets’ start-

Downloading & installing the Zoom app for Windows & Mac

It would be better if you have downloaded and installed the Zoom before joining the meeting. You can join via a web browser but for the finest experience, you should have the app on your PC.

  • First, find the trustable site from where you want to download Zoom.
  • Now, proceed to install the app in the same way you install any other app.
  • Now, this app will start by itself as soon as you join your very first meeting.
  • Singing in the Zoom account!
  • Well! To get the fullest use of Zoom I recommend you sign- into your Zoom account. It can be done as follows:
  • Simply, click the Sign In tab if you have an existing account.
  • Otherwise, you can easily Sign Up by just following the right tab for it. You can use your Google or Facebook accounts to do so.
  • As soon as you have signed- In … you are ready to join the meetings.

Joining the Zoom meetings!

Now, let’s see how you can join the Zoom meeting when you have logged in to your account successfully.

  • Open your Zoom app, first!
  • Now, see that icon saying Join a Meeting, click it to open.
  • A pop- up window will open which will ask you to enter the Meeting ID and the password provided by the host.
  • Now, on the same window, you will see the options to turn off your video & audio when you enter the chat room with everyone. So, in my view, you should tap this option as it will spare time to settle down and finally start with the meeting.
  • Now finally join the meeting by pressing the Join

Hosting the meetings

Hosting the meetings means you are creating a meeting. And you are the one who will be inviting people. It’s very easy you can also try it out! Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Zoom app on your desktop.
  • Now quickly Sign In if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Now, you will see the icon displaying New Meeting. At that same screenyou will see another option saying disabling the video.
  • Now, other window pop-ups that will brief you about everything related to the meeting like the topic, host’s name, password, invite links, and the meeting IDs.
  • Now, invite your participants and let them join the meeting. Convey your meeting.
  • Then, to end the meeting simply acknowledge your meeting members and press theEnd Meeting This tab will close the screen for you only.
  • But if you want, as a host you can close the meeting for everyone! Just press End Meeting for All to do so.

Now there is another option… if you an urgency you can leave the meeting and can make anyone in the meeting a new host. Just press Leave meeting.

Scheduling the meetings with Zoom

When you have more than one meeting to attend or host… it could be tougher to remember which one is on which date! So simple you can make use of the Zoom scheduling feature.

  • First, obviously Sign-In (or Sign- Up for new account) to your Zoom account.
  • Now, on the home screen, you will see the option implying Then it will ask you to enter the topic of the meeting and select the apt date & time.
  • Once, you are done filling the particulars… you will have the option to make the scheduling on your iCal or Google calendar.
  • Finally, enter the Schedule tab and done your meeting is scheduled and will be showing on the lists of your all meetings which you can find under the Meetings

There s another interesting option to add little more ease into all this. For this, you need to have one Google extension that will schedule your meeting with Google calendar.


Here you go!! All set… now you are ready to use the zoom on desktop. It is enough for your general idea about Zoom. But there is some extra tint of facts that you might be willing to know!

Other than this, the zoom has one much cooler feature i.e. of recording the meetings or conference for later use that is very useful for virtual interviews and Podcasts! You can even mute your or other participant’s microphone (if you are the host). Check this post for the best microphone for Zoom meetings.

So first, all mentioned above work on Zoom’s free plan and have more in the Zoom Business Plan which costs around $14.99/month per host. In the free plan, you get limits of 40 minutes meeting with only 100 participants/meetings.


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