Is Zoom Meeting Free? Zoom Meeting pricing details explored

So you’ve done some in-depth research on Zoom, and it seems like a suitable service for your company’s videoconference needs. A few questions may be worrying you though. Is Zoom Meeting free? What add-ons are available for buyers? What should you expect with each of the options provided by Zoom?

All the good things in the world have their price, and it’s key to understand how much you are ready to pay and how much you need to pay for Zoom. With that being said, let’s find out how much Zoom can really cost you.

Is Zoom Meeting Free?

Zoom offers several membership plans, and the simplest plan called Basic is free. Zoom Meeting thus can be used for free, but you won’t be getting the full functionality out of the service without a paid plan. You will be able to host meetings, but you won’t have access to the advanced bells & whistles of the paid plans.

One thing to keep in mind here is that you do not need to buy any plans or even be registered at Zoom to join a meeting. The functionality of the free and paid plans has much more use for meeting hosts. If you will only use Zoom to participate in meetings, you don’t really need their plans.

Zoom Meeting Pricing & Plans


The Basic plan is completely free and offers the base functionality of the Zoom Meeting service. It’s a good option for smaller teams or companies or those who want to first try out the service before buying any plans.

Here’s what the Basic plan includes for hosts:

  • Up to 100 participants.
  • Unlimited 1-to-1 meetings.
  • An unlimited number of meetings.
  • Online support.
  • 40-minute limit on group meetings (with 3 or more participants).
  • Virtual background.
  • Video Conferencing Features, including HD video & voice, screen sharing, joining by telephone, full screen & gallery view (shows up to 25 feeds per screen), active speaker view (shows the feed of the participant currently speaking).
  • Web Conferencing Features, including a Personal Meeting ID, desktop and app sharing, scheduled meetings, Chrome & Outlook plug-ins, MP4/M4A local recording, private & group chat, host controls of participants, video, audio, or screen sharing, etc.
  • Group Collaboration Features, including Breakout Rooms, group chat, whiteboarding, screen share & co-annotate, keyboard & mouse control, etc.
  • Security features, including SSL encryption and AES 256-bit encryption.


The Pro plan costs $14.99 per month per host, but if you decide to buy this plan for a year, it will cost you $12.49 per month per host and $149.90 for 12 months (versus $179.88 when extended each month).

The Pro plan offers the following:

  • All the features of Basic.
  • 100 participants and the option to buy more places.
  • 24-hour meeting limit.
  • Role assignment.
  • 1GP of MP4/M4A recording of the meeting.
  • Meeting reports.
  • Compatibility with Skype for Business.
  • Custom Personal Meeting ID.
  • Optional add-ons like extra cloud recording storage (from $40/month), H.323/SIP connector (from $49/month), Zoom Rooms (from $49/month), toll-free dialing (from $100/month), video webinars (from $40/month).


The Business plan costs $19.99 per month for each host, but it requires you to buy a minimum of 10 licenses. This means that you will have to pay at least $199.90 to buy the Business plan.

If purchased for a year, this plan costs $166.58 per month, which allows for around $400 annual savings compared to extending the plan each month.

The Business plan includes the following:

  • All the features of Pro.
  • 300 participants and the option to buy additional places.
  • Dedicated phone support.
  • Admin dashboard for meeting management.
  • Customized meeting URLs.
  • Meeting hosting on a private cloud.
  • Adding users to the account via the company email domain.
  • Sign in with company credentials.
  • Company branding.
  • Custom emails.
  • LTI integration.
  • Auto-generated recording transcripts.
  • Toll-free dialing (from $5 per month per user).


The Enterprise plan again costs $19.99 per month per host, but it requires you to buy at least 50 licenses. That is, this plan will cost you at least $999.5 per month for 50 hosts.

The Enterprise plan includes the following:

  • The features of the Business plan.
  • Up to 1,000 participants.
  • Unlimited cloud storage.
  • Dedicated customer success manager.
  • Detailed business analysis tools.
  • Bundle discounts on the Zoom Rooms and Webinar services.

Zoom Meeting Pricing for Education

Zoom also offers a plan tailored for educational use. This plan shares many of its features with the standard Zoom plans, but it offers a few other things to specifically help with learning and education.

At the moment of this posts’ writing, the education plan could be bought for 20-149 hosts. For 20 hosts, the educational plan costs $150 per month, but since you can buy the plan only annually, you will need at least $1,800 to buy this plan. For 149 hosts, the plan costs $13,410 annually.

Among the features offered by the Zoom educational plan are:

  • Student engagement tracking.
  • Seamless integration with LMSs.
  • Collaborative features like one-click sharing, real-time co-annotation, digital whiteboarding, etc.
  • Group chats, Breakout Rooms, polling, and multi-sharing.
  • FERPA/HIPAA security compliance and AES 256-bit encryption.

Zoom Meeting Pricing for Healthcare

Zoom offers a healthcare plan to allow healthcare teams and patients to connect remotely.

You can buy the telehealth plan for 10-49 hosts, with the monthly costs ranging from $199.90 to $979.51 respectively.

You can also buy this plan annually for a discounted monthly cost of around $166.58 for 10 hosts and $816.26 for 49 hosts respectively. The annual cost for 10 and 49 hosts is $1,999 and $9,795.10 respectively.

Among the features offered by the Zoom telehealth plan are:

  • Integration with Epic.
  • Waiting room functionality.
  • HIPAA compliance and AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Medical device integrations.
  • Screen sharing and other collaboration functionality.

Zoom Meeting Pricing for Partners

Finally, Zoom offers a plan for developers called the API Partner Plan. The API Plan allows you to integrate the Zoom collaboration features in your app or web service.

This plan starts at $100 for 4,000 minutes of use, and it is charged per minute per attendee. However, to find out the exact details of the plan, you will have to contact Zoom to see what they offer.

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