Is Zoom Secure? Zoom Security Issues You Must Aware Of

As day by day, Zoom is getting used more and more as a video calling app, and you are arranging more and more office meetings through zoom, you need to know whether you are secure while having a video conference through zoom. Is zoom secure? Well, understanding the necessity of security in a video calling app and taking into consideration about the new security threats a video conferencing app can get now a day, the zoom is also coming up with updated security measures.

Now, Zoom is using GCM encryption of 256 bit, and this new encryption is keeping all the data of your meeting safe and secure. As a user, you can also follow a few tricks which can keep your meeting safe.

Is Zoom Secure? – How zoom is dealing with security issues?

Since the Pandemic Covid-19 started, more and more people are using Zoom to conduct various official meetings. At the same time, a group of friends are also spending some nice happy hours among them in zoom. However, recently people were facing zoom security issues as anonymous people were getting access inside the meeting. Especially when you are having a very confidential office meeting, then this sort of zoom-bombing can be dangerous.

However, now with the new security patch update, zoom has created a security feature ‘report a user’ by which the host will be able to keep all the participants of the meeting in the waiting room. The host will approve the participant, and then only the participant will be able to enter the meeting. All meetings will be kept password protected.

The latest encryption standard provided with Zoom has made it secure. With 256 bit GSM encryption, which can be considered as Gold standard encryption, the zoom is now absolutely secure for transmitting any meeting data. With this encryption layer, there will be no chance that any unauthorized person will be able to hack the meeting, and there will be any sort of security threat.

Zoom Security Issues

Zoom Security tips you need to follow:

However, if you want to keep your meeting safe and secure, it will be better to follow a few tips by yourself.

  1. You should make all your zoom meetings password protected. You can set the password on the account, group, user, and individual meeting level. You can first sign into your zoom portal. Then you need to go to the settings tab and enable the option ‘Require a password when scheduling new meetings.’ Once you do that, you will be able to generate a new meeting id with a password. You need to give the password to the required participants of the meeting, and they will be able to log into the meeting with the help of a password only.
  1. When you are going to create a new event, you should only allow the participants who are signed in.
  2. If you are a host, you should not allow any other users to join the meeting before you. As a host, you will have the right to create these settings in the ‘Account Settings’ option.
  3. You can lock down the meeting as well when you see that all the required participants of the meeting have already joined it. You can go to the ‘Manage Participant’ tab and allow this feature. By this feature, no other unauthorized people will be able to join the meeting even if any participant leaks the meeting id and password.
  4. You can also turn off the screen sharing option for the participants. So, even if a zoom bomber has got access of the meeting, he or she will not be able to share any explicit material through the screen sharing option. From the new tab for ‘Security,’ you can start up this option.
  5. You can go for the auto-generated zoom ids, which come randomly while starting a new event. Apart from this, it will be better if you avoid sharing your personal Meeting ID.
  6. Use of the waiting rooms will be a good idea as well. In this way, you can screen the participants before you allow them in a meeting. By this, you will have much more control as a host on the meeting participants.
  7. If you have found out any participant in between the meeting whom you think is not authorized to be present in the meeting, you can go to ‘Participants’ tab and then can choose ‘More’ options to remove that particular participant from the meeting at any point of time when the meeting is on.
  8. Zoom always comes up with new security patches as they become aware about any new security threat. So, you should update all those patches in your app to keep the app safe. You should always ensure that you are using the latest zoom version.

Is Zoom safe to use?

With the new safety measures provided in the latest zoom version and the encryption method used, Zoom has undoubtedly become one of the safest video calling apps you can use. With features like Report a user, separate ending or leaving meeting option, enhanced information of data center, security related to cloud recording, control on the profile picture, the minimum length of the password and many others Zoom is surely providing a very secure platform for having the most confidential zoom meetings.

From this article, you have already come to know about the zoom security issues, and at the same time, you have come to know about how you can use the latest security features to keep your zoom meeting safe and secure.

Zoom has surely come up with new great security features. However, as a user, you need to careful about using them at the right time. As now a day you are using zoom very frequently for both official and friendly zoom conferences, you have to be very much cautious about using the best security features of this app.

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