Best Laptop Light for Video Conferencing – 5 Lighting Kit for Laptop

Video conferencing is the new normal, thanks to the recent pandemic that shook the whole world. Businesses and organizations are learning to adapt by leveraging online video streaming platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Meet, Hangout, and Skype. Some of these meetings extend till the night, and without a good laptop light, colleagues and seniors will find it difficult to see your face. 

To enhance your professional image regardless of when the sessions hold, you need to have the best laptop light for video conferencing. 

Five best laptop light for video conferencing

Laptop Light for Video Conferencing

Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit Review – Perfect For Remote Workers 

One of the most versatile home video conferencing light is the Lume Cube Video Kit. It is the ideal tool for remote workers, students taking online lectures, and content creators. It brightens your environment, projecting your best image at any time. 

Besides, you can quickly put it together and fix it wherever you desire – whether this a flat table, your laptop, or desktop. The bulb diffuser gives you the ability to dampen your light for a daylight glow. Also, depending on the room light, you can adjust the brightness to suit your preferences. 


  • Intuitive interface and buttons
  • Adjustable light levels  
  • Setting up happens in seconds
  • Powered by inbuilt battery and USB
  • It informs you of the remaining battery life.


  • Slips off due to sleek design
  • Quite heavy due to its robust making

Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit

Foxin Broadcast Kit Review – Best for Video Content Creators

The Foxin broadcast kit has an inbuilt battery that can power it without an electrical source. As you charge it, you can keep using it, removing the fear of going off. You can change locations to get the best position without shadow interference. 

As a video content creator, you can do live streaming sessions on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube without any hassle. It comes with a tripod stand that you can adjust based on your height and lighting requirements. 


  • Fast-charging battery.
  • Assembling the parts is easy.
  • It includes a selfie stick.
  • Quickly switch between different light temperatures.
  • Set up anywhere with the tripod.


  • Flimsy plastic clips due to accompanying accessories.
  • Inadequate cord length due to tripod height.

 Foxin Broadcast Lighting Kit

Lume Cube Broadcast Lighting Kit Review – Best For Workspaces

The Lume Cube Broadcast Lighting Kit is a necessary tool for home video conferencing. It comes with several exciting features such as full LED bulbs, simplified suction structure, multiple power sources, and an appropriate temperature range. 

When you use it in the full bright mode, it can last about 80 minutes. Moreover, if you play laptop games or stream video, you will find it an excellent use. The color temperature ranges from 5600K (when cool) to 3200K (when warm). 


  • The battery comes pre-charged.
  • Additional light diffuser.
  • It has an Extensible tripod.
  • Suction cup fits various laptop designs. 


  • The battery drains fast due to full brightness.
  • Tripod needs a lock to prevent falling.
  • It gives off heat due to overuse. 

Lume Cube Broadcast Lighting Kit Review

ATKAN Video Conference Lighting Kit Review – Best For Areas with Inconsistent Lighting  

This best lighting kit for laptop video conferencing is affordable and versatile enough for all online users, from remote working to live streaming. You can have various color temperatures from orange (when warm) to white (when cool). 

When fully charged, you can use it for longer periods while the light is off. You can increase the tripod from 12 inches to 30 inches to suit your needs. Also, you can place on either a flat surface or your laptop using the suction cup. 


  • It warms up gently to prevent overheating.
  • User-friendly interface and controls.
  • Zero interference while shooting video.
  • The remote control simplifies usage.


  • The color change is fast due to the inbuilt setting.
  • It works with a TV remote control.

 Atkan Video Conference Lighting Kit

Viltrox RB-08 Video Light Review – Best For Outdoor Users 

The Viltrox RB-08 video light has a wider range of color temperatures from 2500K to 8500K, with an OLED screen for outdoor purposes. It features a plastic casing to make it both lightweight and easy to move around. 

Also, the light diffuser makes the light more friendly to your eyes. Another feature of this home video conferencing kit is its long-lasting battery. The 720 LM gives you daylight videos, even at night. Moreover, the tripod adds an overhead perspective. 


  • It lasts up to 2 hours after a full charge. 
  • Adjustable intensity and brightness
  • Very portable.
  • Sturdy and rugged design.


  • You cannot use it while charging.
  • It requires dimming due to its brilliant brightness.
  • Charging requires unplugging from the stand.  

VILTROX LED On Camera Video Light

How to Get a Perfect Lighting for Laptop Video Conferencing?

How dimmable are the lights? 

Since the lighting kit for laptop video conferencing faces your eyes, it must be dimmable. Otherwise, the shining bulbs might blind your eyes and make you uncomfortable. Hence, the brightness must be adjustable.  

Flexible Temperature Control 

If you desire to have daylight, real-life video streaming, and online meeting, the home video conferencing tool must have intuitive color control. For example, some kits have a minimum value of 3500K, while others can reach as low as 2500K. 

Extensible Tripod 

When you sit behind a laptop, your height, worktable, and seat contribute to a fulfilling experience. To prevent shadows from interfering with the video, you might need a taller tripod that shines above your head. Otherwise, you might need two bulbs to cancel each other’s shadow effect. 

Power sources 

It would be best if you considered how you would charge the home video conferencing kit. Does it have an inbuilt battery? What is the battery rating, and how long can it last after a full charge? Can you use it while charging? Some devices do not support using while you charge. Others have an extra USB cable so that you can power it with your laptop. 


After extensive research on the different brands and models of lighting kit for laptop video conferencing, the Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit ranks highest in terms of versatility, usefulness, and customer satisfaction. 

It gives you the chance to vary the brightness from 1 to 100%. Moreover, the interactive LCD highlights the color temperature, battery level, and brightness. Besides, you can continue to use it while it is charging. Also, it fits into a tiny space. 


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