Logitech Tap for Small, Medium & Large Zoom Rooms

A lot of time and money has been invested on boardroom meetings. Today, industries want something that they can prepare within seconds, in just a few clicks or using voice command. If you wish to upgrade your system with a technology stack, then the Logitech Tap tool is the best option for you.

Experts in the audio and visual landscape have designed the Logitech Tap for Zoom room. It provides everything from- calendar integration, touch-to-join accessibility, rapid-content sharing, and more to your boardroom. The tool is pre-programmed with a room-optimized program from Zoom, Google, Microsoft, etc. Also, Logitech Tap is available as a part of the total Logitech room solution.

Features of Logitech Tap for Zoom Room

Logitech Tap is an innate touch-screen gadget that provides access to all the tools required by business leaders to run a meeting room. It’s created in a way to enhance and clarify the environment of a typical meeting room. In recent days where companies frequently look for collaborations, Logitech Tap comes with frequent-content sharing and many more.

Design the room that’s best suited to you using Logitech Tap for Zoom room. Wonder what’s more? Well, Tap offers full room solutions, i.e., it comes with in-wall rated cabling, Tap controller, Meetup conference cameras, and small form factor computers. The features are-

  • USB input.
  • Compatibility with Zoom Rooms, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Range of several accessories.
  • Easy set-up and operation.
  • Sleek design and smart cabling.
  • Kensington lock slots.
  • Clean installation.
  • Secured connections.
Logitech Tap for Zoom Rooms
Source: PC Magazine

Benefits of Logitech Tap

Logitech Tap is an easy way to amplify meeting rooms for all sorts of businesses. Set-up the screen as a new display and use it to operate the control options for applications. Benefits of Logitech Tap for Zoom room includes-

  • Easy to set up and operate– The tap’s sleek in design and its touch screen mode makes it easier for business leaders to manage a boardroom. It brings readiness and ease to the sessions and has in-built speakers & integrated motion sensors.
  • Compatible with Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts Meet, and Google Meet– Logitech Tap is in collaboration with all your favorite software. That means you’ll never have to miss any collaboration services when you’re in a session with your team.
  • Holder of accessories and tools– Logitech Tap comes with a wide range of choices. There’s no limit to what you can achieve when it comes to modifying the entire conference environment.
  • Logitech room solutions– In search of expert tools for a smart meeting room? Purchase everything you want in a solo package with the Logitech room solutions. These packages come with- Meetup or Rally conference cameras, in-wall rated cabling, Tap control, etc.
  • Smart design– The Tap comes with a sleek and straightforward design. Route all cables from the bottom or back of the gadget to save space. Also, several amounts of options are readily available, which will help you amplify your meeting rooms, whether it’s small, medium, or large.

What Does Logitech Tap Aim to Achieve?

The Logitech tap for Zoom room aims to address-

  • It can integrate or operate with a wide range of systems for interactive whiteboards, room control & video systems.
  • It aims to start sessions with a one-touch control system that’s customizable by the IT sector.

Accessories for Logitech Tap

Logitech Tap Table Mount

The Table mount is designed for boardroom tables with grommet holes. It secures the Tap in a convenient place, thereby maintaining a low profile. The mount keeps a clean tabletop by connecting cables and wires through the grommet hole and swivels 180 degrees cord for smooth operation from opposite sides of the table.

Key features-

  1. It fits and adjusts to tables with 2 inches of thickness and grommet holes of 2 – 3.5 inches.
  2.  It comes with integrated cable management, i.e., it supports down-routing of wires & cables through the grommet hole for an upright appearance.
  3. Table mount preserves the Tap’s appearance, 14-degree screen angle, and 180 – degree swiveling cord for viewing and operating from multiple seats.
  4. Dimensions- Height x Width x Depth: 61 mm x 244 mm x 179 mm.

Logitech Tap Riser Mount

The Riser mount is designed for boardroom tables having centre-placed grommet holes. It secures the Logitech Tap in a place and raises the display angle to 30 – degrees, thereby providing better visibility and swifter operation while seated. This mount keeps the tabletop neat by connecting wires and cables through the grommet hole and swivels 180 – degree cord for effortless operation from opposite sides of the table.

Key features-

  1. It fits and adjusts to tables with 2 inches of thickness and grommet holes of 2 – 3.5 inches.
  2. With integrated cable management, it supports the down-routing of wires and cables through the grommet hole for a neat appearance.
  3. It provides a more comfortable reach through the raised profile, i.e., it increases the tap to a 30-degree display angle and swivels 180-degree cord for swifter operation.
  4. Dimensions- Height X Width X Depth: 102 mm X 244 mm X 174 mm.

Logitech Tap Wall Mount

The Wall Mount is built-up to conserve table space in crowded rooms and stand-up operation in open areas and hallways. It offers convenient access to all touch controls. With the help of a magnetic cable dock, it methodically holds an HDMI cable, for linked content sharing.

Key features-

  1. It supports in-wall cabling i.e., its compatible with Tap’s upper and bottom cable that helps in route wiring within or down the wall.
  2. It provides ease in content sharing as a magnetic cable clip and dock holds the HDMI cable and keeps it within reach but out of the way.
  3. Dimensions- Height X Width X Depth: 58 mm x 244 mm x 179 mm.

Due to the availability of advanced technology, boardrooms have evolved too. The expensive and large meeting room days are gone for good. Business leaders now demand something that they can set-up and operate efficiently without much havoc. So, Logitech Tap solution is here to modify your meeting room, the way you want.

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