How to enable and start polling in Zoom like a Pro?

Zoom has become a trendy and useful web-based video call application used by many individuals and organizations worldwide. 

This application’s meteoric rise has been especially seen during this worldwide lockdown phase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom certainly has some of the most unique and excellent features that made it such famous and influential. 

Among all the features out there, polling in Zoom has proved to be useful and practical. Using this feature, an organization or individual can put votes on a discussion or even can receive feedback on some opinion. 

Any Zoom user is allowed to enable and create polls if the needs arise. 

Polling in Zoom

How to turn on the feature of polling in Zoom?

Before starting polling in the Zoom meeting, a Zoom user must enable the poling option for himself/herself, his/her teams, and their organization. If you want to do it by yourself, you should do that by using the below-described methods. 

Enable polling for yourself

Step 1: Go to the Zoom Setting page and sign in with the necessary credentials. 

Step 2: Now click on Meeting on top and choose ‘In Meeting’ section from the sidebar.

Step 3: Scroll down and then toggle the switch near the ‘Polling’ to the ON position.

Enable polling for other members of the organization

Step 1: Go to the ‘Zoom Account Setting’ page to sign in with the required Zoom credentials.

Step 2: Now, you should click on the Meeting tab option at the top to choose ‘In Meeting’ section from the sidebar. 

Step 3: In this step, scroll down, toggle, and switch the ‘Polling’ to the ‘ON’ position. Then proceed to click on the ‘Turn ON’ if you are prompted with some confirmation dialogue. 

To make it a default setting and prevent it from being changed by other users, you have the option of clicking on the lock button near to toggle for having enabled for all the members in the organization. 

What are the requirements for polling in Zoom?

In order to enable the polling option in Zoom, there are some requirements that you are supposed to fulfill as a Zoom user. 

  • You need to have a proper license with your account.
  • It would be best to have a Zoom client for the desktop on a platform like Linux, Mac, or Windows. You should know that Zoom users on iOS and Android do not get the option to create polls. 
  • The Zoom meeting is either likely to be already scheduled or created utilizing the personal meeting ID. 

How to create a Poll in Zoom?

If you want to create a poll in Zoom, you need to schedule a Zoom meeting and then add essential questions for the survey. You can do this by just following the below-mentioned steps. 

Step 1: Go to the Zoom Meetings page and click on the meeting topic under the tab named ‘Upcoming Meetings’. If you do not have a scheduled meeting, you will select the option of ‘Schedule a meeting’ option. Planning a Meeting is the first step towards creating polling in Zoom.

Step 2: Now, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the selected meeting page and then click on the ‘Add’ button. 

Step 3: Now, you have to enter some title for the poll you want to create. Then it would be best if you filled up the first question and several answers you are to select from a list. 

On the other hand, you are allowed to set voting as the ‘Anonymous’ for not seeing the voter for a specific answer. You also have the option of choosing a single or even multiple answers for a question. 

Step 4: In this step, you can add many questions to a poll by just clicking on the option ‘Add a question’. After that, you must fill in all the details like as described in step 3. Now you should repeat it until all the questions are added to that poll. 

Step 5: Once you complete filling up all the polling questions, you must add the answers list. After adding the answers, you need to save it. 

All the polling questions are ready, as well as set up for launching in the Zoom meeting. The created poll is likely to appear just inside the scheduled Zoom meeting. 

How to properly start polling in Zoom?

Step 1: You are required to open Zoom and click on the ‘Meetings’ tab on top. Then choose the upcoming tab from the left sidebar. 

Step 2: You are now supposed to choose the scheduled Zoom meeting and click on the start option. 

Step 3: In this step, you need to click on the ‘Polling’ option from the bottom’s meeting controls. 

Step 4: After that, you have to choose a poll that you wish to add to a Zoom meeting. Next, you are required to click on the option ‘Launch Poll at the bottom. 

After this step, the polling session will generally start, and the poll window overlaid on each participant (of the same Zoom meeting). You also can stop the polling in Zoom if all the participants finish answering all the questions. 

Step 5: Now, click on the End Poll option if all the participants are done giving their answers on the poll. 

Step 6 (optional): If you want to re-launch this same poll again for some reason, you can do that by clicking on the ‘Re-launch Poll’ option at the bottom and choosing the ‘Continue’ option. 

If you can follow all the above-described methods step by step, it would be relatively more comfortable for you to enable and start the polling in a Zoom meeting. 

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