Ring Light for Monitor – Try These 5 Ring Light on Computer Monitor

There are numerous lighting solutions for PC and computer monitors on the market today. And it comes down to situational needs. People who have computer monitors would generally move toward light units specific to them. 

Whether it is suction-based, clip-on, or tripod-based, ring light for computer monitors is operated close to the monitor’s vicinity.

An inadequate ring light on computer screens is usually unstable, wouldn’t stay on the monitor surface, and stands too high or low on the table. This article touches upon some excellent ring light for monitor units that you can buy:

Five Best Ring Light for Your Computer Monitor

  1. Amada Webcam Light Stand – Best for tabletop computer monitors
  2. Elegiant 6.3″ Selfie Ring Light – Best for flat screen monitors
  3. Elitehood 8″ Small Ring Light – Most suitable for online teaching
  4. Computer Ring Light for Video Conferencing – Best for on-the-go video streaming
  5. GLORIOUS-LITE 5W LED Clip-on Light – Best for bedside functions

Amada Webcam Light Stand – Best for tabletop computer monitors

Amada Webcam is a Clip-on style lighting unit that works well as a ring light for the monitor unit. It has two arms – one for the ring light and the other for the bracket clip. Also, further comes with a flexible gooseneck design that can take any shape and rotate 360°.

It uses a ring light attached to monitor lighting techniques through three colors and ten brightness settings. With the help of a USB connection, it works well with most modern computer screens, and its brackets can hold peripherals such as smartphones and external webcams.


  • The ring light’s arm stays stationary when positioned.
  • It can work with tripod extensions.
  • The light intensity can go higher than usual.


  • The ring light doesn’t have a diffuser in the box, but a white piece of paper works.
  • The arms have limited space when clipped to a monitor but it isn’t an issue if the unit stays eye level.

Amada Webcam Light Stand for Live Stream

Elegiant 6.3″ Selfie Ring Light – Best for flat screen monitors

The product has a small footprint, with a modern, innovative design. The ring light sits on a ball joint, which in turn sits on a clip-on clamp. This ring light attached to the monitor allows you to fix the unit quickly. Its light output includes three light colors and eleven brightness levels, enabling the ring light’s intensity to get up to 5500K.

The curved polypropylene cover diffuses the light sufficiently, delivering soft, complete, and even lighting. Generally, the ring light is suitable for photography, video conferences and can even act as a bedside table lamp.


  • The unit seamlessly switches between color modes.
  • It is plug-and-play. 
  • It doesn’t require additional batteries.
  • Its clamp doesn’t leave scratches.


  • The clamp can spin in the wrong direction when used, but flipping the ring light 180° fixes it.

ELEGIANT 6.3 Inch Selfie Ring Light with Clamp Mount


Elitehood 8″ Small Ring Light – Most suitable for online teaching

The Elitehood 8″ Small Ring Light measures 8 inches of the operational area. The frame is of high quality and appropriate for use around computer screens. It has a bracket, a stand, and a base.

The lighting component is dimmable, thanks to its three color options and 10-stage brightness levels. Self Portrait enthusiasts, vloggers, and make-up artists would generally find the ring light best fit for their needs.


  • It comes with a rotating phone holder.
  • The base is of solid metal for almost-complete stability on desks.
  • The ring light easily blends with the general lighting in the area.


  • The phone holder part grips a little too tight.
  • The unit is prone to flickering, and occasional restarts could help.

Elitehood 8 Inch Small Ring Light, Desk Ring Light with Weighted Metal Stand

Computer Ring Light for Video Conferencing – Best for on-the-go video streaming

The Computer Ring Light has a great overall design, thanks to a swivel bracket that allows the unit to turn 360° smoothly. It sits on a stand that can get as tall as 23 inches, giving you a fully adjustable light around the computer screen. The ring light attached to the monitor allows for custom usage as the user needs.

For input/output (‘I/O’), the ring light uses a USB connection, which works with computer monitors and any other USB-enabled power source. Generally, the Computer Ring Light would be most suitable for selfies, photography, and video calling perfectly.


  • The unit has a controller button line for hands-free operation.
  • It doesn’t cast random shadows on faces.
  • The product is easy to assemble/disassemble for easy portability.


  • The Computer ring light is a bit fragile, and additional care is necessary.
  • Its USB power cord is weak, requiring careful handling and attention mostly on the power source’s end.

Computer Ring Light for Video Conferencing

GLORIOUS-LITE 5W LED Clip-on Light – Best for bedside functions

The GLORIOUS-LITE clips on to surfaces easily, thanks to its clamp and extensible neck. The neck stretches 40 cm and is flexible for the user’s convenience. Its design also features aluminum for better heat management when in use. The clip-on light’s clamp has a foam pad to avoid scratches and damage to surfaces.

For power, GLORIOUS-LITE uses USB but is compatible with AC adapters as well. It comes with standard buttons for brightness controls and color temperature, making it most suitable for office work and zoom meetings.


  • The product works well in dark areas.
  • Its USB cord is significantly extended.
  • The gooseneck arm stays in shape for a long time.


  • The GLORIOUS-LITE does not work with AC power sources.
  • It fails to transition smoothly from bright to dim.


How to Attach a Ring Light to Your Computer Monitor?

Ring lights are much more convenient lighting attachments for PC/Computer screens. Nonetheless, excellent lighting also depends on the ring light’s positioning and angle. This alone can make a significant difference in the entire experience. Here are some tips for attaching Ring Lights to your Computer Monitor.

Keep it close

Attaching (or placing) the ring light close to the computer screen gives off more light intensity. This helps when you aim for more accurate details of the subject. You can either attach it to the top of the screen or the sides for a better result.

The kind of Attachment

There are two main types of ring light attachments clip-on and mount. The clip-on design has a clamp that can quickly fix onto surfaces with edges (like a computer monitor), while the mount design sets into peripherals such as a tripod stand. The former is more convenient, but the latter isn’t bad, especially when the unit comes pre-installed on a tripod.

Shadow Elimination is essential.

The ultimate way to remove shadows in a lighting setup is to have multiple sources from different angles. However, if you are working with one unit, you can diffuse the light (using the product’s diffusers or a custom one) and position the ring light not too close. This gives almost the same result, and most of the shadows would go away.

Conclusion – Why We Choose Elegiant Ring Light For Monitors?

In this article, we talked about some of the best ring light products for computer monitors. Our recommendations stem from extensive research on individual products and feedback from previous buyers and users.

We also shared some tricks for making the right ring light attachment for computer monitors, including proximity and attachment mechanism.

Although the Elegiant 6.3″ Selfie Ring Light is not the most durable, it is still the best fit for most computer screens, among other reviewed options. It’s got a simple design and provides reliable performance. Its ball mount means the user wouldn’t have to fiddle with a gooseneck arm. 

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