Ringcentral vs Zoom – Why Choose Zoom Over Ringcentral?

In this age of the internet, web conferencing software and services have become quite essential for both individuals and organizations. There are many such services and software that exist in the market but among them, Zoom and RingCentral have come on top. Now if you want to know who comes on top from Ringcentral vs Zoom then you need to keep reading this article. Different aspects of these two applications are described below.

About Zoom

Zoom is a great cloud-based video conferencing app that is used by both organizations and individuals. It is used in different sectors like education, government, healthcare, MNC, finance, etc. Many Fortune 500 companies use Zoom for their meeting and conference. This app is completely free with few features to some extent. But in order to avail more features and benefits, you need to buy its higher version.

About RingCentral

Like Zoom, RingCentral is also a web-based video conferencing service that helps people connect from around the world. It may not have as impressive client list as Zoom but it is not far behind. RingCentral is used by Zoom alternatives in many organizations and companies. Unlike Zoom, the attendees in RingCentral need not download this software for attending but they just require clicking on the predetermined meeting link. Only the host is supposed to download the software.

RingCentral vs Zoom – Comparing the Features

When it comes to RingCentral vs Zoom then there are different before-the-meeting features associated with both of these applications. Some of them are described below.

RingCentral vs Zoom

Privacy & Security

Ringcentral and Zoom both provide two-factor authentications, BAA contracts, GDPR, HIPAA compliant video meeting features. Moreover, they also provide a waiting room as well as password-protected meetings. Hosts of both apps can un-mute/ mute a participant, add or remove users or lock a meeting after it starts.

Apart from having these similarities, when it is about encryptions and data privacy, the Ringcentral is clearly a better option. It offers SRTP and TSL security along with end-to-end encryption. Zoom does not provide any kind of end-to-end encryption. This is the very reason why many people tend to go for the Zoom alternative.


Zoom and RingCentral are known to have some robust features. It can integrate other similar software with them. Zoom can API capabilities to integrate with various apps like Skype, GSuite, Slack, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Similarly, RingCentral has similar capabilities to integrate with communication tools like Office 365, Salesforce, GLip, Zendesk, GSuite, etc.

Apparently, these two apps might seem to be equal on this ground but the user experience tells a different story. The integration system in Ringcentral brings various issues and problems as known from its reviews. But Zoom users tell that its integration system is quite great.

Mobile App

RingCentral and Zoom, both of these come in mobile apps in Android and iOS platforms. Zoom app lets you see 4 screens simultaneously along with other features like sending/ receiving invitations, file sharing, etc.

Ringcentral app has features of chat messaging screen sharing, notifications. But according to the user review, its notifications system often does not work smoothly. In this case, Zoom is a clear winner.


Once you are in the meeting, then you are to experience some features and qualities in both of these apps. Some of these features are given below.

Video Calling Quality

RingCentral is known to have dynamic resolution, 30fps HD video, and 99.99% uptime. As a user, you can even test the live streaming for ensuring it has the very best quality. On the other hand, Zoom’s quality is also quite similar to that of RingCentral providing HD audio and video. It also has a 30fps rate. Zoom has disabled the feature of HD video in the case of group conferencing. According to a user review, there are issues of grainy and low-quality video, freezing, and lags. Hence, RingCentral is clearly better here.

Meeting Recording

Ringcentral users are allowed to automatically or manually make recordings of the meeting of VoIP video, audio as well as public chat. As a user, you can even share the meeting recordings with others through a link or share option. The recordings are likely to be stored in local devices.

The Zoom recordings are to be available for mobile and desktop meetings and it can be stored on the cloud. Moreover, there is a recording disclaimer given to the participants and they can enable the recording either automatically or manually. Moreover, a user is even allowed to decide for how long they wise to store recordings and the feature of auto-deletion is also there. In this case, Zoom is known to be a winner.

Screen Sharing

Both of these applications are known to have the best of the screen sharing features. Zoom lets you have the screen sharing feature in both Gallery as well as Active Speaker views. It simply means the users are to be able to see all participants present in the meeting. Moreover, a Zoom user is even allowed to share pre-recorded videos, live videos, Keynote and PowerPoint presentations, etc.

On the other hand, RingCentral allows you to have the feature of complete desktop screen sharing. It also allows you to have the feature of sharing whiteboards, PowerPoint presentations as well as videos. All the users have a great experience in sharing stuff among them. Both of them have good features in this regard but Zoom is slightly better than RingCentral.

Chat Messenger

Ringcentral and Zoom are there to offer the users with a chat messenger for communicating. Both of these apps and services allow you to have one-on-one, public as well as small group chat. It is quite easier for the authorized users to share, upload as well as edit files on both of these platforms.

As per the users’ reviews, both of these applications are known to be having similar features and quality. Hence, the debate on RingCentral vs Zoom is quiet even to say the least. But still, Zoom is known to be having slightly better features in this regard.

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