Startmeeting vs. Zoom: Which One Is Better for HD Online Meeting?

When it comes to naming the two most popular video calling apps, we can’t stop ourselves from uttering ‘Zoom’ and ‘Startmeeting’. Both of these apps are quite progressive in terms of creating a fantastic customer experience. However, if there’s good, there’s always something better. This post works as a detailed comparison between the zoom and Startmeeting. Let’s check it out now and find out who wins the battle of Startmeeting vs. Zoom!!

Startmeeting vs. Zoom – Head-to-head comparison

Startmeeting is an online conferencing and meeting app which allow you to connect with over 1000 participant. It enables screen sharing, video and audio communication. Zoom app is a cloud-based, easy-to-use app. it provides good quality service and allows group chats, video conferencing, and simple online meetings. Zoom offers the best experience of video, audio, and screen sharing across your Zoom rooms. Both of the apps are used to solve the problem of mass communications.

The startmeeting allows us to connect with the web browser, desktop app, and native mobile app. Similarly, you can use a Zoom app through your phone or from your portable Laptop and connect directly through a web browser from the provided link. Both the app was launched a long time ago, but they recently gained popularity, but, as studies say, Zoom ranked 1 in the market share recently. Startmeeting was unable to achieve this much popularity in this tech industry.

 This year when everyone is online, the Tech industry changed itself a lot by introducing different features. They always tried to introduce additional features that can make the app more comfortable to use.

Startmeeting vs. Zoom

Startmeeting vs. Zoom – Features 

In the online world, various apps are moving around us; some are complicated; some are easy to use; few have the best video quality or have the worst audio experience. We need to choose the right app so that we can use the app for the long term. We don’t want to switch app for minor problems. Let’s see some feature of the app mentioned above and decide which one is better: 

Startmeeting or Zoom app? Let’s start with the Zoom app. When we began research on the Zoom app, we got the output to provide several features. It’s vital to know about the app features when it comes to comparing Startmeeting vs. Zoom.

Zoom Features:

  • There is no restriction on the number of meeting you conduct.
  • Users can join the app with the app itself or by calling the phone line.
  • Multi-user can have permission for screen sharing.
  • It avails video quality of 720p and audio service is as fast as it provides the internet connection.
  • You can use it in audio mode when you are driving.
  • It is very easy to invite through phone, email, company contact for joining any meeting.
  • It has a feature of cloud recording but only in paid plans.
  • You can join any meeting or webinar as an enthusiast without logging in.

Startmeeting Features:

  • Startmeeting avails the features of recording and playback the conference call.
  • Share recordings with the participants either privately or publicly.
  • Customize with colors, profile picture, and brand name of your company.
  • Hold an audio meeting and share your screen with the other participants.
  • Join a con call through dialup or VoIP, with local dial-in numbers available for a range of countries.
  • HD quality video can be shared with any web-enabled device with an active speaker.
  • You can have presentation streaming.
  • Have remote access, third party integration, and on-demand webcasting.

Startmeeting vs. Zoom – Pricing

In Zoom, there are four types of plans. Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plan. The basic one is a free trial next minimum plan starts at $14, and the maximum price of the enterprise plan is $19 per host.

At Startmeeting, they offer all the features for a minimum price. There is no lite or gold plan or business plan or pro plan. They provide all the services at a single reasonable price. Premium communication helps you to control costs and improve collaboration. Startmeeting starts from 9.95 dollars.

Pros and Cons

The pros of the Zoom app are mainly for business and educational purposes. While anyone is sharing the screen, you can still see the video. Zooms interface is lightweight and easy to use both on desktops and mobile app. In terms of performance, Zoom relay audio and video impressively fast. This speed comes with a price, though. With every discussion, you can give a reaction in the chatbox. When there are pros, you get some drawbacks also. You get limited time if you are a basic member. The participants are kicked out if the meeting ends. Also, it has some security flaws.

Talking about the pros and cons of Startmeeting, it is easy to install, use, and explain to others who are new to StartMeeting, record sessions, and the options for connecting into the meeting. Still, there is no ability to conduct polls. The best feature of the app is the price. In a single package, you are getting all the features. 

The quality of sound is not that good. You can conduct meeting with an unlimited number of people, the possibility of transmitting your computer screen directly to meeting participants. The owner of the room cannot disconnect the microphone from the other participants of the room. 

Our Final Verdict

We say that Zoom is an easy and very commonly known app to us on a conclusive note. Different age groups can use it. They have all accustomed themselves to this Zoom app. so it may be a problem for them to switch to Startmeeting. Startmeeting has a poor video calling experience compared to Zoom. Most clients prefer Zoom for their meetings and educational purpose. So, in the comparison of Startmeeting vs. Zoom, the Zoom app is the winner!


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