Top 10 Best Tips for Using Zoom for a hassle-free experience

Video conferencing software has replaced not only board meetings but also classroom learning, teacher-parent conferences, etc. The software you’re using must create an environment acceptable to teachers, students, employees & parents, and they’ll feel free to communicate with one another. Thereby, Zoom- the popular video conferencing app is here that will enhance your distance learning/meeting experience.

Now that online teaching and meeting are the norms, teachers and employees are getting comfortable with Zoom. But the question is why everyone’s fond of Zoom?

Benefits of Zoom

  • It can break students into minute groups or use the app as a meeting room to communicate with peers.
  • It can connect with students and workers synchronously over the video, screen sharing, audio, text chat, and poll.
  • Using the whiteboard feature, draw written annotations, and be visible to all viewers.
  •  Zoom works with all sorts of gadgets, whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or a cell phone. So even you aren’t a genius, you won’t face any trouble while using Zoom.

Top 10 Tips for Using Zoom

Various tips for using Zoom are available. The ones mentioned below will teach you how to use the app in a better way-

tips for using Zoom

Get a High-Rated Scheduling App

If you’re a teacher or an employer and run a lot of sessions, you might want to connect your Zoom app, scheduling app, and calendar together. So, choose a high-rated scheduling app that’ll create a brand-new Zoom meeting and add it to your calendar. To make this automation more robust, attach a step that shares the meeting info with your team and class via any chat app. This way, you’ll save your precious time

A single URL Will Do the Job

Zoom enables the users to create a recurring meeting for regular meetings, classes, monthly check-ins, and constant calls. There are two benefits available in this setting. Firstly, you can lock all call settings at once and arrange them in place every time you meet. Secondly, the recurring calls can join the session using the same URL. Thus, you don’t have to send a new URL every time.

In addition to this, if you’re meeting with the same group or class regularly, but not on a fixed schedule, you can choose No Fixed Time option. This option will enable you to use the same settings and URL ID over and over with the same group of people, no matter when you start the call.

Know About Zoom Account Management

When you’re using Zoom to conduct a mandatory class or event, you might want to know who attends or not. Well, you can get that information once the session ends. The list of attendees gets stored in Zoom Account Management. Look for Usage Reports and press Meetings. Select your required meeting and press report type-> data range-> generate the report.

Get an Attendance Sheet

In addition to the previous point, you can also get an attendance sheet by asking all students or workers to provide their name, roll-no, company, etc. For this, you need to register from My Meetings Tab in the Zoom web app. Then you can prepare a form that the viewers must fill out before joining the call. Also, if you’re using this app to conduct a webinar, you can ask the attendees to register via a form on your webpage or any event management software.

Recording the Sessions

Many tips for using Zoom are available, but recording the sessions for future use is definitely the best one. Zoom enables us to record all conferences and classes as videos, which is very useful for those who have missed it or want a recap. Go through all the settings of Zoom before recording any call. That’s because some calls might be the type where only the host appears and, in that case, set Zoom to record only the audio and video of the host. Or, other calls might be a collaborative one and, in that case, set Zoom to record each and everyone’s video and audio.

Create a Virtual Waiting Room

At times, small groups might want to chit-chat before the meeting officially starts, or someone arrives before the host. In such situations, Zoom enables us to create a virtual waiting room where students or workers remain on hold until you come and let them in all at once. You can also customize what the attendees will see while waiting for you.

Maintain the Audio Quality

One of the essential tips for using Zoom might be maintaining the quality of audio. It’s the most critical factor in a successful conference. If you host a Zoom meeting regularly, buy a good Microphone with a noise-canceling feature so that all the participants can get crystal clear audio from your end. Also, ask everyone to use earphones with built-in microphones. This will cut down unnecessary noise. You can also ask everyone to mute or mute them when they’re talking. Choose a corner that is quiet and well-lit to avoid backlighting issues. You can also try these best lighting for your Meetings. The internet connection must be fast enough, but if someone faces a problem in connectivity, wait for them to speak up.

Take a test

It will help to ensure that you know how to control Zoom from your laptop, computer, cell phone, etc. Ask your students and guests to practice controlling the app. Share your email IDs, phone numbers, or connect via any social media app if there are any technical issues. Ensure that all details of the call (time, URL, call-in number) are clear to everyone.

Use Visuals

Most tools of the Zoom app allow you to share slides. While sharing lecture slides, use visuals, and bullet points to enhance your content. But make sure members aren’t getting distracted from the main content.

 Know the Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re using Zoom for a long time, you’ll be familiar with manytips for using Zoom. But here are few keyboard shortcuts that’ll help you save heaps of time. ‘I’ is used for Invite- Press Alt+I to open the Invite window.’M’ for Mute- Press Alt+M to mute everyone else online if you’re the host.’ S’ for Share- Press Alt+Shift+S to share the screen.

To use Zoom isn’t a hideous job, but using it with utmost comfort might be one. But not to worry, our blog here has provided the best tips for using Zoom that’ll make your work much more straightforward than before.

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