Top 10 Best Zoom Tutorial Videos in YouTube to upgrade your skill

Currently, Zoom’s the talk of the town! From recording sessions to adding a massive number of participants, Zoom’s been topping the chart.

But at times, it becomes difficult for some users to operate Zoom comfortably. Therefore, we’ve updated a few Zoom tutorial videos to start using it like a pro. These short, straightforward, to-do clips are easily accessible and will help:

  • Zoom admins to control the platform and its users effectively.
  • New users to get primary Zoom queries answered rapidly.
  • Seasoned users to learn new things and enhance their skills.

We also listed a few Youtube channels dedicated to Zoom learning.

Top 10 Zoom tutorial videos to upgrade your skill

All these Zoom tutorial videos are an excellent resource for educational institutions and organizations using Zoom for the first time. Feel free to share this article with your teammates and friends who might need a quick guide.

If you’re looking to move your conferences and meetings online, this clip’s the one for you. This video aims at guiding viewers about Zoom: the video conferencing app. It explains how to host a session, join an existing session, and utilize all video-conferencing features. This Zoom tutorial videos a top-rated one and will help you manage your small and local business effectively.

The clip covers-

    • How to host a session- 2:30 seconds.
    • How to operate Zoom- 1:31 seconds.
    • Video conferencing features- 4:06 seconds.
    • The price range of Zoom- 13:06 seconds.
    • How to join a course- 11:15 seconds.


This video’s concern with a complete guide on Zoom from signing up for joining a session. It’s a twelve-minute zoom tutorial video containing all information that a beginner needs. We highly recommend this clip. Below, the timestamps are mentioned so that you can skip the unnecessary parts.

Zoom time stamps:

    • Sign up- 0:13 seconds.
    • Change display picture and navigating dashboard- 1:59 seconds.
    • Launching Zoom- 2:30 seconds.
    • Hosting a session- 3:59 seconds.
    • Get to know all meeting controls- 4:31 seconds.
    • Unmute/mute host- 4:46 seconds.
    • Enable/disable video- 5:01 seconds.
    • Inviting viewers- 5:25 seconds.
    • Managing participants- 6:23 seconds.
    • Raise hands- 8:01 seconds.
    • Sharing screen with others-8:39 seconds.
    • CHAT, RECORD, REACTIONS- 10:10, 10:39, 11:10 seconds.
    • Ending a session- 11:10 seconds.
    • Joining a session- 12:20 seconds.
    • Scheduling a meeting- 11.35 seconds.


If you wish to operate the Zoom app on your phone, check out this video. It will explain to you: how to operate Zoom on both iOS and Android smartphones. There are few limitations when using Zoom on your phone, and this Zoom tutorial video covers it all. For example, you can only have a few faces on the phone’s display, adding up to 25 participants on a desktop. Get to know whether the virtual background feature works on android or not. Wondering whether iOS/Android lets you record sessions, know it all here!

Eager to learn Zoom’s basic controls? Know it all here. The clip covers everything; a beginner must know, including Zoom download and Joining a Zoom session. Invest only four minutes from your busy schedule and become a Zoom pro! We highly recommend this short clip.

Are you nervous that you might screw up a conference as a host or attendee? Well, not to worry, as this tutorial video will show you everything one needs to know about attending or hosting a class. The conference, meeting, call, lecture with Zoom. It will also elaborate on the Zoom plans and, if free, what services are available. For example, you can broadcast a speech to 10,00 or host up to 100 people in a session, and streams can last up to hours. We hope this recommendation will help you better understand using Zoom on your laptop/desktop or mobile phone.

Wondering how to register for the Zoom video conference app, create a session, access the Zoom-created clip on your desktop, and upload Zoom-created clip in mp4 format? Bravo! You’re at the correct place. The video includes registration to recording sessions. Therefore, stop pondering and spend 8 minutes from your time and become a Zoombie.

If you’re a teacher and looking for a Zoom tutorial, then wait, STOP right here! This video tutorial will explain to you how to utilize Zoom for teaching purposes. Zoom allows its users to bring their classrooms quickly online. Teach virtually with Zoom, including attractive features such as screen sharing, video, chat, recording lessons, whiteboard. A thought might strike your mind that whether there’s any limit for trial sessions or not, the time limit on courses, and how much participants can be adjusted. Well, go through the video as it covers that topic too.

English teachers are eager to know about Zoom and thus searching for a tutorial. But your search’s over now! This tutorial video is perfect for English teachers to get started with Zoom. From recording sessions to using the Whiteboard feature, Zoom has it all. Thus, learn how to use them too. This Zoom tutorial will answer all your queries. Get started today!

Learn and teach using Zoom by going through this Zoom tutorial video. With this tutorial, learn to meet your students/teachers face to face. Zoom’s a robust application with several features in it, thus going through them once will ease your session.

Utilize the Zoom Cloud Meetings App comfortably after viewing this clip. As Zoom’s one of the best video conferencing platforms, there’s no need to worry about its operation. The clip includes:

    • How can 100 people join at a time?
    • How to host a session.
    • How to share a screen.
    • How to join a meeting.

This video is in English and will help you step-by-step to understand Zoom.

Zoom is likely the most well-known collaboration software that anyone has seen in 20 years. There’s no other app that has brought individuals closer together than Zoom. Therefore, why all those people will face difficulties in Zoom’s operation? Nothing to worry, we’ve mentioned all top-rated tutorial videos for you. To gain more knowledge on Zoom solutions, keep visiting our page.

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