Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Using Zoom Meeting

The Zoom chat and video conferencing software has gained massive popularity in the past few months. Millions of people use it to host/attend educational or work sessions. It offers HD audio and video to your courses with support for up to 1000 video participants and 49 clips on the screen.

In case you’ve just signed up or using Zoom for years, there are many useful & fun Zoom tips and hidden features you can discover. It’ll help you to enhance your conferencing experience and make your courses a little less weird.

Top 10 Zoom Tips and Tricks

The Zoom tips and trick mentioned below will show you how to operate the app better to learn, communicate, and work with others virtually.

Zoom tips and tricks

Modify the Background

Transport yourself to outer space, beach, or anywhere virtually by just customizing your environment while on Zoom conferences. Everyone’s doing it nowadays. To do so, go to SETTINGS > VIRTUAL BACKGROUND and choose or upload the picture you want from there. But make sure your device meets all of the requirements to do so.

Turn Off the Camera by Default and Mute Your Sound

Going for the mute camera and audio buttons as soon as you set foot in a session can get old. Keep your viewers from seeing your bed top or hearing your child crying by defaulting those off. To do so, go to SETTINGS > AUDIO > MUTE MICROPHONE WHEN JOINING A SESSION. To turn it off, SETTINGS > VIDEO > TURN OFF MY VIDEO WHEN JOINING A SESSION.

Use the Space Bar to Mute & Unmute

When you’re asked to speak up, stop scrabbling to click the microphone button. Press and hold the spacebar to swiftly unmute and mute your mic, right from your keyboard. Among all Zoom tips, this is the most basic one.

Respond with Emoji on Display

Suppose you’re muted in a course, not to worry. You can still let the boss know your opinions with emoji reactions. Send a clapping or thumbs up emoticon to communicate without disturbing the conference (by default, the emoticons have a yellow skin tone, but you can change that on the Zoom computer app).

To respond during a course, press the REACTIONS tab at the bottom of the meeting display (it’s in the row as mute video and audio, to the right) and pick the emoji you wish. The emoticons will disappear after a few seconds.

If the host enables the nonverbal feedback option, viewers can place an icon next to their name like a raised hand to communicate. Everyone will be able to view each other’s responses.

Learn Easy Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom has many useful keyboard shortcuts to help you operate the app on your computer without using your mouse. For those who dislike clicking around the display, these Zoom tips are for them. Find commands to start/stop recording, enter full screen, join a meeting, and share your screen.

Windows shortcuts
Alt + V: Start/Stop video.
Alt + A: Mute/unmute audio.
Alt + N: Switch camera.
Alt + Shift + T: Screenshot.
Alt + Y: Raise/lower hand.
Alt + Shift + R: Gain remote control.

MAC shortcuts
Command + J: Join meeting.
Command + Control + V: Start meeting.
Command + Shift + V: Start/stop video.
Command + Shift + N: Switch camera.
Control + N: View the next 25 participants in the gallery view.
Command + U: Display/hide participants panel.

Switch on The Gallery View

The gallery view lets you see everybody in the session at once, instead of just the host talking. To switch it on, press the GALLERY VIEW TAB from the top right corner. If the conference has 49 or fewer viewers, you’ll see all of their faces on a single page. If there are more people, you’ll get the choice to swap between multiple pages. Change it back by pressing SPEAKER VIEW from the top right corner.

Conceal Non-Video Participants

When the call’s larger, your screen can get messed up with participants, and it cannot be comforting when most of them don’t have their web cameras on. Using this Zoom tips, Hide the viewers who aren’t using Webcam by going to SETTINGS > VIDEO > MEETINGS, and select HIDE NON-VIDEO PARTICIPANTS.

Now you’ll only be interrupted by your co-worker’s children and pets.

Share the Screen

For a Zoom meeting, share your screen with other people by pressing the SHARE SCREEN icon on the toolbar (at the bottom of the meeting’s screen). You’ll get the choice to share your entire display or just one window you have opened. To go back being a typical participant in a course, press the red STOP SHARE button from the screen’s top.

Record Any Session to Your Desktop

Both paid and free Zoom users can record their courses to their desktop or laptop using the Zoom app. To download it, visit here. These recorded files will be uploaded to any file storage space such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or any video streaming platform like Vimeo and YouTube.

To turn on local recording, visit SETTINGS > RECORDING, and enable it. While hosting a Zoom conference, press the RECORD icon from the bottom toolbar.

Enable the Beauty Filter

When working from home, you’ll have to get dressed and ready like a regular workday. But still, thinking that you don’t look your best? Use the Zoom’s TOUCH UP MY APPEARANCE feature. It’s a filter that’ll smoothen your appearance, making you look well-rested and dewy. If you’ve used the beauty mode of your phone’s camera, you know what you’re gaining.

To switch it on, press the up arrow next to START VIDEO. Press Video settings, and under My Video, look over the box for TOUCH UP MY APPEARANCE.

Now, as you know, all the hidden features of Zoom, what are you waiting for? Go and install Zoom right now! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks of Zoom.

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