Top 10 Zoom competitors you must be aware of

Zoom has snatched the spotlight from other similar web-based video calling services and apps during this time of COVID-19 pandemic. However, if you do not like Zoom for some reason, there are some great alternatives for you. Here are the top 10 Zoom competitors everyone should be aware of. 

Top 10 best Zoom competitors 

Zoom Competitors

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a popular name on this list. It is known to be such a video conferencing app that comes inbuilt in Office 365. You are allowed to sign up for a free version using your personal email id. 

It has various features like guest access, screen sharing, group audio/video, one-on-one calls, etc. It can support up to 300 members at most. The business version of Microsoft Teams has even more features to offer to its users. 

The administrators are there to have proper access to the management, security as well as compliance tools. Each user can share files up to 1 TB. 


Skype is another popular web-based video conferencing app from Microsoft. It can support around 50 participants at most at once. This app is known to be appropriate for individual users and small organizations. 

One noticeable feature is the call recording feature, which is to be used by the users as per their convenience and requirements. You can even save the recording and then keep it for around one month. 

You are just required to download the Skype app and start using it as per your need. It is less complicated and relatively easy to use in comparison with other similar applications. 

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GoToMeeting is a well-known web conferencing service provided by LogMeIn. This app has different kinds of features like video and audio sessions and screen sharing etc. 

The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The standard version is there to allow 150 team members at once. This paid application is to cost you $12 to $14 per month. 

On the other hand, a medium-sized organization is supposed to pay $19 per month to use all its features. In case you are interested in having the enterprise version, you can also get that, but the price will be higher. 

GoToMeeting is one of the best Zoom competitors out there. 

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Join.Me is another great web-based video conferencing app that is mainly used by comparatively smaller businesses and organizations. Although a paid app, its prices are quite affordable and decent to say the least. 

Its free version only offers audio-meeting along with the screen sharing option. The Lite version starts at the price of $10/user a month. It is there to allow a maximum of 5 participants to attend a meeting at once. 

If you decide to go for its higher version, you will get more and better features. 

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Cisco WebEx

It is another good video conferencing app that starts with its free version. Its paid version is likely to have some of the best features and qualities out there. 

Some of its well-known features are screen sharing, call recording, HD video options, etc. The starter plan starts at $13.50 per user a month, where a maximum of 50 participants can attend a meeting at once. 

On the other hand, a Plus plan starts at $17.95 per month for a user where 100 people can join at once. A business plan is available at $26.95 per month, where a maximum of 200 people can join a meeting. 

There is a cloud storage option available in this app. In the Business plan, there is the benefit of Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange. 

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BlueJeans is a comparatively smaller but effective web conferencing service that provides a variety of high-quality features to start with. 

Using this service, you can avail of quite high-quality streaming for the smaller teams. A user is supposed to pay around $20 a month, where a maximum number of 50 people can attend a meeting at a time. 

On the other hand, if you happen to pay more, you should explore some features for the obvious reasons. 

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Intermedia AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is another great web-based video conferencing chat service that lets you enjoy to the fullest. This service is likely to be used by both individuals as well as organizations. 

This cloud-based platform is known to have a VOIP feature along with a very high-level PBX system. AnyMeeting is considered quite safe and secure with the use of end-to-end encryption and HIPPA compliant. 

This is available in different useful versions for the convenience of the users such as Starter pack, Lite as well as Pro. You are allowed to go for any of these versions as per your needs and requirements. The prices and features are going to vary in this regard.

Google Hangouts Meet

This is also a popular name in the field of web-based video conferencing app. The business version of Hangouts is there to allow exciting features for the G Suite subscribers. 

But along with that, the external participants can also enjoy the features. In G Suite Basic, the number of participants who can join a meeting is 100. And this number is 250 in the case of the Business version. 

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RingCentral is one of the top Zoom competitors in the market. In its free version maximum of 100 people are used to join a meeting at a time. 

It is available in both app and desktop format according to the need of the users. If you want to use more features, then you need to go for the paid versions. 

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Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is another great app that can be compared to Zoom for its similar features. There are features of screen sharing, video, and audio, recording, calendar invites available. 

The most basic plan starts at $10 per user a month. To avail more features, you need to go for its higher-paid versions. 


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