Top 5 best Zoom Chat features you must try

Zoom is such a popular and effective video-conferencing application that is mostly used for audio and video calls. But on the other hand, there is a Zoom chat option, which is considered to be very useful and beneficial for users. It can be used while you are in the middle of a video call (if you want to spell out a word correctly) or if you want to convey something to a specific person secretly.

Apart from the other features of Zoom, Zoom chat also has some of the best-integrated features and qualities that will be beneficial and advantageous for you. There are two kinds of chat options available out there, such as ‘private chat’ and ‘in-meeting chat.’ The setting for these two chats is likely to be different. Some of the best Zoom chat features are described below for your knowledge and convenience.

1. How to enable the chat option in Zoom chat features?

Only the host of a Zoom meeting is allowed to enable or disable other users or participants to use the Zoom chat feature option as per their needs. Once the host allows for it for others, then only a user is allowed to use this option to talk with other users. The ‘chat’ option is to be seen at the bottom of the screen. One is supposed to select this option and talk to another participant.

Step 1: One is required to sign in to the Zoom portal and then needed to go to the ‘My Account’ section.

Step 2: There will be a ‘chat’ option in the ‘in meeting’ section. You are allowed to toggle the options, either preventing or allowing a participant to use this chat option.

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2. How to alter the chat access in the meeting?

Apart from disabling or enabling the chat option for a participant, the host of a Zoom meeting also holds the authority to restrict with whom the user can chat or send a text. 4 options are there likely to be available for each user.

None: In this option, the users are not allowed to chat or send a text to anyone present in the meeting.

Host-only: In this feature, the users are only allowed to chat with the host.

Everyone publicly: The users can chat with everyone present in the group, but it has to be public. Nobody is allowed to chat with anyone in a private manner.

Everyone privately and publicly: In this option, all the participants are allowed to talk or chat with others either in a public manner or private manner as per their wish and choice.

It is known to be up to the discretion of the meeting of the host as to which option he/she is to enable for the participants present in the Zoom meeting.

Step 1: You need to log into Zoom and then start a new meeting.

Step 2: After that, you are supposed to select the ‘chat’ option at the bottom of the screen. It is likely to bring up a pop-out chat bar.

Step 3: Now, you, as the host, are supposed to click on the ‘more’ option located in the right corner above the chat box option. You have the option of regulating different kinds of permission for the users to use while chatting during a meeting.

3.How to chat privately?

Chatting privately is one of the best Zoom chat features out there. The Zoom application is there to allow its participants to talk or chat with others in a private manner. The participants are allowed to send screenshots, images, files to each other without letting other members know about it. A user is supposed to toggle on the ‘encrypted chats’ option to avail this feature while using Zoom chat.

Step 1: You need to log into the Zoom and then select the ‘chat’ option at the top of the application. It is there to bring you to the chat homepage.

Step 2: Then, you are supposed to click on the ‘+’ option, which is there to be just beside the ‘recent’ option. Then you are required to select the ‘new chat’ option. After creating the chat, you are to be able to add the user to whom you want to talk.

4.How to effectively indicate your status?

The status icon is considered to be an easy and effective way to show whether a participant is in a meeting, busy, or on a call. This status is likely to be there beside the name of a user, which helps to tell the current status of that participant.

There are generally two status icons that can be implemented, such as ‘busy/do not disturbs’ or ‘away’ icons. In case a participant enables ‘busy/do not disturb’ icon, then he/she is not supposed to receive a call or chat notifications at all.

In order to change the status, one is required to click on profile picture, which is to be located in the top right corner and then select the desired status from the drop-down list.

5.How to properly use the chat mentions?

The ‘chat mentions’ option is there to allow participants to direct the conversation to the specific users in the chat or channels. The mentioned participants are to receive notification that they are mentioned. Clicking on the notification is to take them to chat messages where they were mentioned. It is considered to be beneficial in properly creating the flow of the conversation as the participants know that they are addressed.

To mention a participant, one is required to type ‘@’ and then should type the participant’s name. There will be a list of participants that are on the current call, among which you will have to choose one.

On the other hand, the chat mentions are also liked to use for linking to some certain channels. You are allowed to use some of the following chat mentions for notifying other users.

  • @all: This chat mentions are there to send a notification to all the participants present on the channel.


  • @[User’s name]: You are to mention a specific user using this option.

All the above Zoom chat features will really make it easy and efficient for you to use the application in the best way possible.

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