Top 5 best Zoom Webinar features you must try now

Day by day, more and more people are using zoom as a webinar platform because of the incredible features it is providing. It is easy to use, and you can reach a large audience quickly and easily. People are using it for various purposes related to customer and employee onboarding, providing product demos, product announcements, benefits enrollment, and many more.

To have the zoom webinar access, you have to be registered with zoom pro access. You will get a very flexible experience of registration management, and you can get multiple CRM and integration options. You can get intuitive and, at the same time, simple host controls. Attendees can also remain interactive from any daily usable devices like mobile devices, laptops, or desktops.

Top 5 best Zoom Webinar features

You are already acquainted with some of the basic features which are offered by zoom to most of the users. For Zoom webinar also you are going to have all of them. With the customized registration, you will be able to know about all the attendees available for the session. The screen sharing feature is also available for webinars with the help of which the presenter will be able to show their desktop in between the webinar whenever they feel it necessary to notify something.

You can arrange the zoom webinar for free, and in that, you can add up to one hundred participants. However, there are various packages available for it. If you pay for it, you will be able to increase the number of participants up to 100000 participants who will get the view only access in the webinar. The video and the audio quality zoom offers is playing a key role in making them popular among most of the audiences.

Zoom Webinar Features

To arrange a Zoom webinar, you have to select the topic of the webinar with date and time, and accordingly, you need to invite your panelists. Normally, you should go for the advanced registration for all the attendees, the approval of which you can provide manually, or you can keep it automatic. You can also turn off the registration option in which the attendees will click on a particular link at the time of the webinar to join it. You can make the webinar for one time, or you can make a series of webinars as per your requirement. You can also go for the same session on multiple dates and times as per your necessity.

In this article, you will come to know about the top Zoom webinar features, which will make this app a perfect choice. You will get cleared why more and more people are using zoom for webinars.

HD Audio and Video:

With this platform till 100 panelists can interact with a large number of audiences, up to fifty thousand people in video platforms. They will be able to have virtual backgrounds as well while having a video conference. So, if you are going to present something to your audience through this video chatting platform, you will be able to showcase it clean and clear. Zoom provides a very clear audio quality, also because of which all the attendees will be able to listen to whatever is spoken in the event with desired clarity even if some of their bandwidth is not enough.

Reports and Analysis:

You can get reports and analysis as and when required. You can generate reports on any sort of polling of the attendees, registrants, and attendees’ engagement. You can make a report about the frequently asked questions of the attendees and the answers given to them. You can get various analytical reports of the polling made in any such meeting, which can help you to make a particular decision regarding corporate communication, marketing, or training.

Better host controls:

With zoom, you can always enjoy better controls as a host. You can mute and unmute the panelists as and when required. You can also provide them additional video and audio capabilities so that if required, they can get an enhanced engagement. As a host, you will be able to engage the attendees much more. You can set group and private settings for panelists and attendees. You can allow the hand-raising option in a virtual way so that more participants get engaged in asking questions to make the session much more interactive. You will be able to promote the attendees to a particular panelist easily. You can record the webinar if you want to view the same at any later time.

On-demand viewing:

You can expand the impact you are having on the audience with the help of recurring or on-demand webinars. You can provide them auto-generated transcripts for this reason. You can create a very long-lasting relationship with the audience with the help of great video platforms, amazing CRMs, and the best marketing automation like Panopto, Kaltura, Salesforce, Pardot, Eloqua, and Marketo.

Live Streaming:

You will be able to stream the events you are having across the various social networking channels such as YouTube Live, Facebook, and customized service integration. It will help you to reach more and more people. They will not be able to participate in the session directly. However, they will get at least a view of the event easily. For marketing purposes, this is surely an incredible feature to have.

You will get consultants for online events. For any large online events, you can get the support of the zoom team for making the correct planning, rehearsal, and many other things. In such a scenario, where it looks difficult to arrange any large session with plenty of people at any hall or meeting rooms, virtual rooms can be the best possible option that you can opt for.

Zoom webinar is surely getting its importance more and more. With lucrative features, it has become an option for a lot of corporate companies to host various sessions with their in house people for the purpose of training or internal announcements. At the same time, it is also helping them in large scale marketing.

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