Top 10 Useful Tips for Using Zoom for Meetings

Zoom is the most popular video-conferencing app that has caught the maximum eyeballs within few weeks. Everyone is becoming a member of this platform to host meetings, attend classes from home, etc. No wonder it’s the most downloaded app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for April.

Zoom’s accessible to millions and has made video-conferencing an easy task. When people don’t have meetings in a physical room, Zoom brings everyone together to get the work done in a secured and frictionless video-conferencing environment.

 10 Tips for Using Zoom for Meetings

People spend many hours on Zoom. So, time-saving hacks can save a few seconds, thereby making a significant difference in our productivity. If you’re using Zoom for occasional meetings, you’ll also wish to save a few seconds from your busy routine. So, the tips mentioned here will help you to have a smoother experience when using Zoom for meetings.

 In MacBook


  1. Zoom provides a tremendously useful feature, i.e., recording videos. If you wish to re-cap all key points from the previous session, record it. Also, you don’t really want to slow down by taking notes during meetings, so use this feature. For recording any meeting, type- ⌘Cmd+Shift+R (PC: Alt+R). And to pause/resume a recording, type- ⌘Cmd+Shift+P (PC: Alt+P).


  1. Daily sessions mostly consist of 20-25 people at once. Background or unpleasant noise can often disrupt the clear communication. So, if you’re the host and wish to mute everyone at once, hit- ⌘Cmd+Ctrl+M. It can solely save a few minutes of your daily meeting.


  1. For a quick invite when using Zoom for meetings, type- ⌘Cmd+I (PC: Alt+I). The Invite window will appear. After this, copy the URL from the email tab and send it to the person you want to join the meeting. Also, you can click on Contacts to invite someone directly if he/she is in your contact list beforehand.


In Other Devices-

  1. Turning off the video increases the clarity of the call. So, unless it’s essential, one can turn off the video. When you’re on a call, click the arrow next to the camera, and video settings will appear. Click ‘Turn Off My Video When Joining A Meeting.’ You can always turn it on later whenever you wish to do so.


  1. You may often forget about your meetings when you’re on the go or having a busy schedule. And calendar reminders & notes often go unnoticed. So, setting up a Zoom reminder will ensure that you won’t miss an essential scheduled meeting/session.


  1. Even though you’re muted in a session, you can still let the leader know your thoughts with emoticons. Send a clapping or a thumbs-up emoji to communicate with others, without interrupting the meeting. Click on the Reactions tab (it’s in the same body as mute video and audio, to the right) at the bottom of the screen. Choose the emoticon you want. They’ll disappear after 5 seconds. If the host turns on the nonverbal feedback feature, viewers can place icons like a raised hand to communicate with each other. These icons will be present next to their names, and every participant can see each other’s feedback.


  1. Gallery view is a useful feature when using Zoom for meetings as it enables you to see everyone present at once instead of just the individual speaking. To turn it on- click on the “Gallery View” tab in the top right corner. If you’ve less than 50 viewers, all their screens will be displayed on a single page. If there’s more than 50, you’ll be given the option to move between multiple pages. Click on the “Speaker View” for turning it off.


  1. At times, when using Zoom for meetings, your house may not be so tidy to run a conference. But not to worry, you can apply a background. Executives can also upload their firm’s logo when they need to portray a more professional experience when doing calls with clients. This way, they can make it look like an actual conference room. The feature is easy to use, and your finest webcam can apply the background you wish. Follow these steps-
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • From the left menu pane, select the virtual background.
  • After this, choose your favorite one from the number of built-in contexts. A live demo will show you how it’ll look or presented in the background.
  • For choosing your customized background, press the +icon next to Choose Virtual Background. This will help you to upload your custom photo or video as a virtual background.


  1. Your screen can get messed up when participants aren’t using their video. It can also be quite distracting when you are trying to focus on something. Thereby, hide all of those by going to Settings-> Video-> Meetings. Click on ‘Hide Nonvideo Participants.’ Now you won’t be distracted anymore by your participant’s children or pets.


  1. People are lazy enough to get dressed and ready like it’s a regular workday when working from home. If you think you aren’t looking your best, use the Zoom’s Touch Up My Appearance feature. It will smooth over your appearance, making you look well-rested and tidy. You may have an idea of how it works if you’ve used your phone’s beauty mode before. To turn it on, click on the Up Arrow next to the Start Video button. Press Video Settings and under My Video, search for “Touch Up My Appearance.”


This article contains all those keyboard shortcuts and tips that’ll be helpful to all users with different gadgets. We hope that all these tips will be useful and help all our viewers fully leverage the Zoom app to amplify their communication skills. If you’ve any more questions regarding any specific Zoom feature, mail, or call us today. And as Zoom continues to launch new features & upgrades to its software, we’ll keep you all updated with more tips to help you get the most out of your occurrence.

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