Using Zoom for Telehealth – What options do we have?

Day by day, technology is touching the new heights, and we are enjoying the benefits of it. Now with Zoom for telehealth, a lot of caregivers, healthcare enterprises, and consumers are getting multiple benefits. If you want to record the meetings or conduct any meeting with too many clients together, then this method will be very much helpful. It will also help you in conducting meetings with any of your potential clients without allowing them access to the portal.

Now by integrating with Epic, the zoom is offering people to launch zoom sessions from Epic video workflow. Thus any of the users will be able to use Epic EHR and zoom at the same time. Physicians will access video appointments in Hyperspace, and they can launch the video visiting directly in zoom. While they will go through their video visit, they can keep the records in Epic.

Zoom for telehealth is also going to produce a lot of benefits for the patients as well because they can also easily access zoom from their patient portal and can connect to their doctors from any of their devices like a laptop or a mobile phone. To use this feature, you will need to have a paid account in zoom in the first place. You need to have the Pro license in the zoom, which you will use as a ‘default host.’

Step-1: At first, you need to login to the zoom account

Step-2: Go to the zoom marketplace.

Step-3: Find Epic App and install it .

Step-4: Provide certain requested permissions to the app.

Step-5: Your Epic account admin will complete the further steps for you.

In this article, we are going to speak about what options you will get in zoom for telehealth.

What options do we have for Telehealth in Zoom?

Zoom for Telehealth
Source: Zoom

As we’ve started depending a lot on the virtual platforms, the utilization of zoom for telehealth is going to be very much necessary. Social distancing, fewer office hours, and making ourselves contained in our rooms have become very much needed, and in such a scenario, video communications can be a very useful solution for healthcare professionals.

Physicians can provide consultation services to patients. They can even diagnose their patients remotely. Through video conferencing, they can complete their patients’ regular health check-ups. A lot of activities like prescription refills, general care, and routine check-ups can be done in this way very safely.

  • With zoom for telehealth, it will be easier to collaborate and communicate with medical specialists, hospitals, labs, physicians, and other healthcare professionals on a real-time basis.
  • In the case of high-risk populations, providing prevention and health education will be easier.
  • Preparedness of any kind of disaster can be checked with immediate communication and coordination.
  • Even with limited internet connectivity, it will be possible to provide healthcare benefits in rural areas.
  • To educate healthcare professionals, less travel will be required. So, it will be a cost-effective method for training purposes as well.

Effective for population wellness:

Zoom for telehealth is always beneficial for providing population wellness for various reasons. Accuracy can be maintained more effectively for the patients because the right treatment can be given to the appropriate patient on a real-time basis. Physicians can use this technology for better detection and diagnosis of the actual disease of the patient and can provide healthcare accordingly.

All the stakeholders in the healthcare industry will be able to communicate with each other easily through zoom meetings. As this is one of the most cost-effective ways of providing healthcare, so, healthcare facilities can be given in more areas. Individuals will be able to handle their actual job, which will bring more accuracy in healthcare facilities.

How Zoom for Telehealth is providing solutions:

Zoom is going to take care of all the necessary aspects of providing a very smooth experience of video conferencing. As per the quality and reliability is a concern, you will get HD audio and video quality in zoom meetings. Even in low-bandwidth, it is going to provide you high-quality video.

You can save a good amount of money by using video technology for your conferences where you can connect healthcare specialists from various parts of the world. For healthcare IT, this will come up as a big solution for user management for those patients who are less tech-savvy. All these video conferences are done in an encrypted way. So, your zoom session is going to be safe and secure.

If you require recording the meetings, you can easily do the same. For clinical applications, you can keep the records locally, and for the non-clinical cases, the records can be stored in the cloud. It is going to provide you correct integration with EMR and EHR systems.

From Epic workflow, anybody can launch video visits and then update the telehealth records and charts on a real-time basis. You will be able to connect those specialists with your organizations through the video calling whom you could not have accessed normally.

What features zoom will provide?

Secure content sharing, audio, and video can be shared across mobile phones, desktops, and devices in the conference rooms. As it is going to provide AES 256 bit encryption, all your video chats are going to be safe and secure. The host can anytime share their screens, annotation, and whiteboard.

You can also avail of some of the best privacy features like ‘Waiting Room.’ You can use various important healthcare applications through this video platform. Diagnostic cameras can be integrated with such a digital stethoscope in this platform.

Many renowned hospitals are now using zoom for telehealth features for performing various healthcare activities. Day by day, as technology is becoming more and more improved, this video conferencing platform is going to provide great results in healthcare in the future.

It will be possible to provide necessary healthcare to more and more patients on a real-time basis through this feature. Especially in rural areas, the healthcare facility can be improved a lot by this advanced technology of video-based healthcare.

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