What is a Zoom Call? and How to attend the Zoom Video Conference Call?

Video-conferencing is something that’s been consistently growing. Whether you want to communicate with your family, join a call with your colleagues, or teach your faraway students, the Zoom app is the best option by far from a usability standpoint. 

It enables its users to set up a video call with many viewers, and you’ll be virtually present even though you may be miles away. So, if you’re working remotely, Zoom is valuable for you.

This kit-guide explains what a Zoom call is, how to set-it-up, and Zoom tips or tricks.

What Is a Zoom Call?

Zoom is a video-conferencing app, which is cloud-based. One can use this app to meet others virtually, even though they’re not physically present on the spot- either by video or audio, or maybe both. Zoom also allows its users to record those courses and view later. Many people continue to utilize Zoom, despite so many competitors making moves to catch up. That’s because Zoom is easy and free, and has upped the number of people who can join a conference call. 

What is a zoom call

How to set up a Zoom call?

Now you know, what is a Zoom call, let’s check out how to set up a Zoom call:  

Step 1- Initiating a Zoom session is easy enough. Firstly, install the Zoom client on your PC. Visit the Zoom’s official site and sign in to your account. If you don’t have one, select SIGN UP, IT’S FREE button from the screen’s top right corner. Follow the steps and create an account. You can also sign in using your Facebook account. Once you’re signed in, select HOST A MEETING and then choose to generate a meeting with video off / video on, or screen share only.

Step 2- The Zoom client will start downloading once you kick off the first session. Open the launcher and follow the installation steps. In this, example- someone chose to host a course with the video already permitted.

Step 3- Another important thing you need to do is test your video and audio. You’ll get this choice each time you start a session. Select the TEST SPEAKER AND MICROPHONE to smoothen off the procedure.

Step 4- You’ll also get the option to configure and test your microphone and speakers. If either doesn’t operate straight away, select good microphones or speakers. Once it’s assured that your audio is working correctly, you can join the course.

Tips and Tricks for attending a Zoom video conference call

You’ve gained enough knowledge on what is a Zoom call and how to start it. But, to make the session a successful one, follow these tips and tricks:

Stop / Mute a Video in Zoom

The Zoom app’s essential controls are placed in the toolbar- present at the bottom of your screen. Wish to mute your audio? Press MUTE in the bottom-left corner. Next to it, you’ll see a STOP VIDEO option, which will turn off your camera/webcam. If you press the CHAT button, it’ll put up the word chat for the session to type a text to the other meeting participants.

Share Your Screen with Other Participants in Zoom

If you’re the host of a session and giving a presentation and instructions, sharing your screen is a useful feature for you. Start by pressing the SHARE SCREEN button from the bottom toolbar. From there, a menu will appear with various types of sharing you’d like to perform.

Choose to share your screen, a specific app, iPad/iPhone display, under the Basic tab (if that choice is configured), or generate a whiteboard meeting. Making a whiteboard course will allow you to collaborate on drawings and notes. Additionally, choose to share things like a part of your screen or “content from another camera,” under the Advanced tab. Finally, the FILES tab will allow you to share documents from various cloud services, including Dropbox or Google Drive.

Note: If you select to share your screen, it’ll share your full screen. So, make sure your room/workspace is tidy enough to show to the world.

Invite Participants to Your Zoom Session

As you’ve generated a session, you have control over a few things. First, you can invite people to the course. To do so, press the PARTICIPANTS button from the bottom of your screen and then press INVITE from the right side of your screen. Now, you’ll get options to email clients or other services to distribute your invitation. 

After selecting, the email sent out will contain all the session information and how to get access. Just add your chosen recipient(s), and your preferred email service will handle the rest.

Manage Your Participants

Once your session has officially kick-started, and all participants are present, you can manage them. Press MORE to see options for the entire meeting. Click on the PARTICIPANTS, from the bottom of the screen. Look over individual viewers listed in the menu that appears on the screen’s right side. After this, click on MORE for participant-specific options like MAKE HOST or START VIDEO.

Join a Session

You may know what a Zoom call is but don’t know how to join a session. Well, there are two ways to enter a Zoom course. The host will either provide a meeting ID or a link. If it’s the complete loop, copy-paste it in your browser, and your work’s done! But, if you’re having a Meeting ID, head over to the Zoom website. From there, copy-paste the Meeting ID and press JOIN.

Record the Sessions

You can also record your sessions. To do so, press the MORE icon. Select RECORD on the desktop from the menu that pops up. Zoom will start recording the course. A variety of controls will appear on the Zoom interface’s upper left portion. And after the recording has concluded, press the STOP button. The recording will be saved once the session ends.

If you are new to Zoom and wish to become a Zoom-pro, go through this guide carefully. We’ve briefly explained what a Zoom call is, setting up Zoom, and some core Tips and tricks that’ll enhance your video-conferencing experience.


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