What is Zoom Chat? and more on Zoom Chat

Zoom has proved to become the most popular and demanding video conferencing application in the world for so many good reasons. Ever since worldwide lockdown started due to COVID-19, thousands of companies and organizations resorted to do their online meeting, conference, and chats using this application. Zoom has been there for few years now, but 2020 has seen the meteoric rise of it.

If you decide to use Zoom, then you are guaranteed to reap several benefits of this application. There is Zoom chat option for you to avail? Now you may want to know as to what is Zoom chat. You need to read this whole article to explore about it in detail. In comparison with other chat applications, zoom chat is there to come with some exciting benefits and perks for you.

What is Zoom chat?

Zoom chat is there to be considered as such a newly created business messaging feature that is used in the worldwide popular Zoom, which is nothing but a great web and video conferencing app.

Ever since its inception, Zoom used to be a well-known video and web conferencing application and program that was supposed to be accessed by anyone online or through its app. One was allowed to send texts to their respective teams out of the meetings. That was all about it. But Zoom did not have any formal business chat feature for speaking up until January 2019.

This is the reason Zoom happened to introduce the chat option in its solution. Some other features were added, too, such as premium virtual background, phone features, etc. This chat option really became popular in no time.

More on Zoom chat

The Zoom application started its journey as a clued based web conferencing application whose purpose is immersive and quick collaboration. The Zoom chat is there to take technology skills and values of this app in order to bring it in enterprise messaging space.

Emails are becoming a less convenient way of chatting. This is why business chat space has scope to become the next big thing. In expectation and exposure of this, Zoom introduced its chat features. If you are interested to know as to what is Zoom chat, you need to understand this aspect of the vision of Zoom. There are different unique features and qualities that you are supposed to get from Zoom that lets you collaborate when video or voice is not required or seems to be an appropriate way of communication.

Since Zoom chat is known to be easily accessible through desktop as well as a mobile app, the chat segment of Zoom is there to add a complete portfolio, which is likely to prove as being a very popular and useful solution for the companies having 500 or less employees.

Unique features of Zoom chat

Zoom chat is there to bring you some of the most unique and popular features that you need to do your daily business with. This provides you with such features that you are only supposed to expect from all dancing, all singing collaboration tools.

All the chat features are there to integrate audio and video conferencing solutions perfectly. With the help of this, you can improve the strong communications between different private and public groups for your various business needs.

While using Zoom chat, a user is there to be allowed to send necessary files, images, messages, and even can capture screenshots. This can be done with 10,000 members together. The premium accounts or private channels are there to access around 5,000 members. On the other hand, free accounts can get access to up to 500.

Some of the most useful and beneficial Zoom chat features are:

  • There is a feature of 1:1 chat or group conversation via private or public channels.
  • There is a starring message option to save for later.
  • The pinned messages.
  • There is a personal space option for sending one the files as well as reminders.
  • You are also allowed to get dark and light themes in the chat panel.
  • One is also supposed to avail customizable channels as per the individual need and preference.
  • The access permissions and privacy features are also there.
  • One is allowed to change the format from GIPHY to GIFs.
  • The option of third-party storage and message archiving are also there.
  • You are also supposed to access the chat message history option along with the manageable time limits.
  • The image uploads, file transfer, as well as screen capture options are also there.
  • The options of presence and status are also there.
  • The delete and edit messages options are to be there.

Security of Zoom chat

If you want to know more on what is Zoom chat, then you need to know its security aspect. Just like the security of other aspects, Zoom has managed to have instilled strong security in its chat section. Zoom is there to seriously consider the security aspect for maintaining the users’ safety and security. This is the very reason as to why Zoom is known to be encrypted from end-to-end.  All the messages and texts are generally sent with the TLS 1.2 along with the AES 256-bit algorithms.

You are supposed to enable the end-to-end encryption for the team members in their Zoom chat section, and they will perfectly be able to do all the activities like sending files, pictures, emojis, and what not. No third party will ever be able to hack into your system through Zoom. This perfect security protection is one of the best reasons as to why it became so popular in such a short amount of time.

To proper enable the end-to-end encryption in Zoom chat, you need to visit Zoom web portal and then click on the Account Management option. Then click on IM Management to go for the settings. On the settings option, you will be able to see the ‘enable end-to-end chat encryption.’ Enabling this option will give you the perfect security and protection through your whole usage of Zoom.

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