What is Zoom Meeting?

You may know that Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing service, but it’s just the beginning – Zoom has many bells & whistles that you will need to learn about. Below, let’s talk about all the stuff associated with Zoom meeting rooms that you should know about.

What Is a Zoom Meeting?

Zoom meeting is a web-based video conference whose participants can share with each other their video and audio feed, as well as make use of a variety of conference tools like screen sharing or whiteboarding to make the subject of the meeting easier to grasp for the participants.

What Is a Zoom Meeting Room?

Zoom Room is a physical setup that makes allows you to use the features of Zoom Meetings seamlessly. Zoom Rooms are more focused on conferences hosted in a physical location – a room or a hall – though it does allow attendees to join remotely via their computer or mobile device.

What Is a Zoom Meeting Invite?

Once you’ve scheduled or created a Zoom Meeting, you may invite others to it. Zoom allows you to send out invites via numerous communication channels, including email, your Zoom contacts, or sending them the meeting’s URL directly.

What Is a Scheduled Zoom Meeting?

Zoom allows you to schedule meetings via multiple methods that can be chosen by the host of the meeting. When setting up a scheduled meeting, hosts can choose the time and day of the meeting, whether it will be recurring, as well as add the meeting to a calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar, or others) to automatically send invites to the participants.

What Is a Zoom Instant Meeting?

Aside from scheduled meetings, Zoom allows you to set up Instant Meetings, which are also called Meet Now.

An Instant Meeting, as the name suggests, is set up as soon as you create a Zoom Meeting session. Once the meeting is going, you can invite others to it at any time by sending them an instant meeting ID.

What Is a Zoom Meeting Address?

Each Zoom meeting session is assigned a URL as well. Others may access the meeting by its web address, just like with the meeting ID. Starting from the Business plan, hosts are allowed to customize their URL.

What Is an Open Zoom Meeting?

Zoom meeting is open as long as its ID isn’t expired. The ID of instant meetings expires after the meeting ends. A non-recurring meeting ID expires 30 days after the scheduled date, but the ID can be restarted within those 30 days and used for another 30 days. Recurring meeting IDs expire if not used for 365 days.

What Is the Time Limit for the Zoom Meeting?

If you have the free Basic plan and host a meeting with three or more total participants, the meeting’s time limit is 40 minutes. 2-people meetings don’t have such limits.

With the Pro plan and up, the meeting duration limit is 24 hours.

What Is the URL for a Zoom Meeting?

Only the host of a meeting will be able to tell you the URL for their Zoom Meeting session. Ask the host of the meeting for the URL of the meeting. If you have the meeting’s ID number, you do not have to know its URL to join.

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