Why Do We Like Zoom App Marketplace?

The Zoom App Marketplace is a secure and open platform that permits third-party initiators to generate applications that leverage Zoom’s videoconference platform that spans voice, content sharing, video, and chat across mobile, workspaces, and desktop. 

 Launched in 2018, Zoom App Marketplace has continued to heighten month after month, adjoining thousands of new developers generating products that make millions of protected API calls each month.

 Whether you wish to build or integrate into Zoom, connecting with the Zoom App Marketplace introduces your service or item to thousands of users who all regularly interconnect with Marketplace integrations and apps and developers like you who are striving to serve them.

 A team of developers supports the Zoom App Marketplace devoted to helping you build your app, providing sample code, guides, direct support, and technical resources. But firstly, why would Zoom even bother making one? Aren’t they satisfied with a conferencing platform? Let’s dig deeper!

Why Zoom Created an App Marketplace?

Zoom’s an expert in videoconferencing. From webinars to hosting online sessions, their sole aim is to create “One Compatible Enterprise Experience” for virtual communication. Considering they’re a communication solution for Match, Uber, Ticketmaster, and other big names, they provide vital services.

It is just their ambitious vision for “One Compatible Enterprise Experience,” mostly when you leave behind all third-party web services like Google Drive, Slack, YouTube. Rather than providing little-no-connectivity with those extra admired enterprise services, Zoom decided its best bet might be to combine these platforms with their own.

But there’s so much a single team can develop, and indeed Zoom users have their own choices for what combinations they want to view, so Zoom did an excellent thing and created an app marketplace for others to use and build onto. As a result, members can look for anything they want. 

Reasons for Loving the Zoom App Marketplace

Zoom has an incredibly designed app marketplace that makes installing, creating, and using all third-party apps more comfortable. When we take a more in-depth view, three aspects of the Zoom App Marketplace stand out as contributing to this excellent user experience

Zoom App Marketplace

Quick Discovery 

The foremost important reason why people love the Zoom App Marketplace is their deliberate approach to app discovery. There are three components to this- the categorization, the search box, and the primary filter settings- and it’s all you require to find the appropriate apps. The search box will help you find exactly what you want (Example- for Google Drive Integration, search DRIVE). The categories are then there too if you know what you’re trying to attain but forgot the app name. The primary filters guarantee you can discover an application that’ll work for you in the first go. 

Minimum Design

Now, to kick things off, Zoom opted for a simple design- black text, flat logos, and white background. It gives people a sense of satisfaction just by viewing the page. The page’s layout is intuitive with applications placed throughout the center, categories enumerated along the left side, and an encouraging note banner at the top. 

It is a basic design where tools and developers are the main focus. But that’s how it should be, and it’s all you need for an exceptional marketplace. Observe how the first directory doesn’t even comprise app ratings or published dates- there are just the application’s name and publisher. 

Even though there’s nothing too classy about this discovery system, its simplicity is everything. For example- There’s just a dozen categories rather than hundreds. With little overlap in their interpretations, it’s easier to find an app that’s best suited to your needs. Take a look!

Pre-Approval and Permissions

Lastly, Zoom has created a transparent and safe app marketplace, especially concerning their pre-approval feature and permissions disclaimers. When you select an application, there’s no more worrying about what data it’ll utilize and how exactly. Instead, they’ll make crystal clear what permissions an app requires- from access to your user information and recordings. The approval includes- view and manage your records & view user information.

Likewise, the pre-approval characteristics- it’ll enable you to pre-approve an app before anyone installs it. It allows for superior management of the Zoom program, taking into consideration as a team workspace. 

In the era of increasingly stricter data protection regulations and security breaches, everyone can relate to some individuals’ crucial features. Good show, Zoom!

What does Zoom Marketplace offer?

People have noticed an explosion of new apps in the Zoom Marketplace last few months. Everything from combination with HR applicant tracking structures to telehealth apps, the store has become a treasure of applications and inclusions (200 and counting!) with the capacity to place Zoom where you need it most. 

Get to know some of the most popular apps of Zoom Marketplace:

  • Github- Manage all pull requests, promised events, and publish issues in Github’s repository in a single place- Zoom Chat.
  • Jira- Stay up to the minute with your Jira tasks, including comments, assignees, and issues in your brand-new selected messages and channels.
  • HubSpot- Swiftly track marketing activities and sales with HubSpot event notifications conveyed at the correct time.
  • Zendesk- Serve your customers faster by getting immediate support ticket notifications and better-aligned teams.
  • Trello- Organize plans and set-up collaborations after linking to Zoom Chat channels and Trello boards.

The significant part about the Zoom App Store is how these applications help manage Zoom solutions for users and streamline workers, supporting more users in getting satisfied. 

Across verticals, across functions, all these applications support customers to be the most successful at their business across workflows. For example, one can utilize Zoom’s native integration with salesforce to effortlessly encounter customers, manage webinar campaigns, and effectively manage sales calls.

Still, looking for a place to download and launch apps? Visit Zoom App Marketplace straightway to get a view of exciting applications you might require shortly or maybe right now!

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