YouTube Zoom Tutorials: Top 5 Best Channels for Zoom Tutorials

Nowadays, video-conferencing solely means Zoom! Although many other software like Google Hangouts, Skype, Lifesize, etc are giving a cut-throat competition, it’s nearly impossible to drag down Zoom. But as the number of users keeps increasing, more people are getting concerned about its usage.

But there’s nothing to be tensed about as we’ll be mentioning the five best channels who give excellent YouTube Zoom tutorial. They explain the procedure first to last straightforwardly and even provide a few tips for their subscribers. So, subscribe to their channels ASAP, and get ready to rock your Zoom sessions!

Before getting into YouTube tutorials, let’s take a quick look at what Zoom’s about. Zoom helps all large/small businesses and organizations bring their teams together in a virtual environment to get more things done. It’s an uncomplicated and trustable cloud platform built for audio, video, content sharing, and chat runs across desktops, telephones, room systems, mobile devices. The headquarters of Zoom is at SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, and is publicly traded on NASDAQ.

Top 5 Channels for YouTube Zoom Tutorials

In this section, we’ll mention all those channels who possess some great Zoom tutorials.


Channel Link:

At first, it is the official channel of Zoom. The channel solely deals with Zoom tutorial videos and other clips related to Zoom video-conferencing app. With over 220k subscribers, the ZOOM channel is at the rim of everyone’s bucket. Learn how to navigate security icons, create waiting rooms, join a session, scheduling a meeting or webinar, etc., swiftly from its videos with over 256k views.

Flipped Classroom Tutorials

Channel Playlist link:

The channel possesses many Zoom tutorials with a dedicated playlist that’ll help you to ace any meeting. If you wish to use the Breakout Rooms feature in Zoom, tune to this channel. IT has a tutorial on HOW TO USE BREAKOUT ROOMS IN ZOOM FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING, with over 225 thousand views. Up to 50 Breakout rooms can be generated, so use this fantastic feature without any further delay. 

Dusty Porter

Channel Playlist link:

Dusty Porter is a top-rated channel with over 323 thousand subscribers. The Youtuber posts all tech solutions and mostly Zoom tutorials. In one of his clips, the YouTuber explained how to schedule, set up, or join a Zoom session. That clip has over 829k views, is shorter in duration, and is very popular among beginners. If you wish to hold a conference meeting with your colleagues, go through this channel beforehand.


Channel Playlist link:

With over 352K subscribers, Techboomers is our personal favorite channel. Within a few minutes, the channel provides a solution to every tech problem one faces. A few months ago, the channel posted a video of scheduling a Zoom conference call that received 186k views within a week. If you’re interested in learning: how to plan a Zoom conference call, check out the channel ASAP!

Dex How to Tutorials

Channel Playlist link:

If you’re an Android user and want to launch the Zoom app on your mobile phone, subscribe to this channel. DEX channel possesses a video concerning: How to use the Zoom app on Android, which has over 102k views (that’s huge)! Not only this, but the Youtuber has also made videos related to- Zoom on Mac, zoom on iPad, joining a session, scheduling a meeting, Generating a meeting on iPad, etc. Basically, it’s a kit-guide for each and every beginner out there. So, hurry up and binge-watch the channel’s videos!

Why everyone is eager to learn Zoom app?

The question: Why Zoom is in everyone’s mind. The answer is simple. It’s easy to operate and consists of robust privacy measures.

  • Zoom handles all sort of communications for every organization. Whether you’re using it in a conference room or on your phone, Zoom fits everywhere. It gets everything done within a few clicks. It offers great quality video & audio, works greatly in low-bandwidth situations, and is compatible with all sort of gadgets (desktop, laptop, iPad, iOS, Android).
  • Zoom’s technologically ahead of all apps that currently exist in the platform. Its modality is way more engaging, interactive, and reaches every individual in a way that they need. Use Zoom when you’re on the go! Many organizations depend on the mobile workforce, so they must have the simplest way to go and start sessions. That’s where Zoom enters!
  •  Zoom uses high-tech breakthrough systems that firms can incorporate in their business to make it better. It’s easy to use: just launch it, click, and your work’s done! Zoom’s latest features are high in demand, making the app intensively accessible.
  • Many organizations need to maintain a high-security posture. So, using Zoom ensures their security. It doesn’t forward any vital information to third-party or members outside Zoom unless they have faith in them. So, Zoom’s trusted blindly by many top-rated firms.

List of new Zoom features to learn

Now you know why everyone prefers Zoom, let’s take a look at its brand-new features.

  • Zoom’s desktop client is adjusted into a single window with a clean, modern look and feel. The HOME tab consists of all your Session’s information, bringing things at your fingertips.
  •  The four familiar icons: schedule, start, wirelessly share your display in a Zoom Room, or join a meeting stays the same. Also, get your personal Meeting ID under the NEW MEETING.
  • Get a view of your upcoming session details in this broader view, with just one click to join or start a session.
  • You can also customize your background picture swiftly.
  • Hoisting SEARCH makes it easier for you to find messages, contacts, chat channels, or files.
  • Click on your display image, to set your existence with a status text, manage your settings, or switch between Landscape (full) and Portrait (narrow) view choices.

If you’re a beginner and wish to know the operating Zoom procedure, go through the channels mentioned above. All those five YouTubers are very popular and post quality content. Zoom’s a popular app, and you may wonder why it is? The reason’s stated above. Also, zoom keeps upgrading its software and launches new features once a while. Check out all those features right here! For further in-depth information related to Zoom, stay with us.



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